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replied the topic Wifi hotspot on pc windows7 created by sk24624


Simply download mhotspot,
it is free and easy to use, it will turn your PC to a hot-spot, read the instructions from their website

Or watch the video tutorial here

4 hours 42 minutes ago
replied the topic What is the best Bitcoin take site?? created by sesku

I'm interested in this topic.....

11 hours 10 minutes ago
replied the topic Privacy issues in red how can I get rid of them? created by Bizzle


Read this


11 hours 41 minutes ago
replied the topic I have a random pop up created by Jordan


You're welcome....

20 hours 15 minutes ago
replied the topic I have a random pop up created by Jordan


It's an adware that has taken over your browser, download adware cleaner from here

Or here

Whichever one suites you should get it solved.
Read the instructions from their respective websites...

1 day ago
replied the topic The inventor of the World Wide Web? created by mazeal


Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist. He was born in London, and his parents were early computer scientists, working on one of the earliest computers.

Growing up, Sir Tim was interested in trains and had a model railway in his bedroom. He recalls:

“I made some electronic gadgets to control the trains. Then I ended up getting more interested in electronics than trains. Later on, when I was in college I made a computer out of an old television set.”

After graduating from Oxford University, Berners-Lee became a software engineer at CERN, the large particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland. Scientists come from all over the world to use its accelerators, but Sir Tim noticed that they were having difficulty sharing information.

“In those days, there was different information on different computers, but you had to log on to different computers to get at it. Also, sometimes you had to learn a different program on each computer. Often it was just easier to go and ask people when they were having coffee…

Read the full information here....

1 day ago
replied the topic Change UPS battery or buy a new one? created by KeThomas91


I will advise you to buy a new one, reasons are:

1. It could be that the UPS is faulty, it may not be charging the battery correctly, so even if you get a new battery, you might still encounter the same challenge, I have seen some cases when people change their batteries and still encounter the same problem only to find out that the problem was from the UPS and not the battery.

2. You could end up buying a fake battery or wrong battery specification, and then you wont get to enjoy the UPS as you ought to.

3. The cost between getting a new battery or a new UPS isn't so much of a difference compared to the risk involved if you get a new battery, it is better to have peace of mind whenever you spend your money, with a new one, you will rest assured that it is gonna work just fine and it might possibly come with a warranty too...

Hope this helps you...

1 day ago
replied the topic Cell phone battery drain out very soon created by waqas786z


1. First try out all the steps written by chakramed and mrownage, if that doesn't help, if you recently changed your charger, ensure you changed to exactly thebtype of charger that came with your phone, if you are using a different charger other than the specified one for your phone, your battery might drain fast, it has happened to me.

2. If step 1 doesn't work either, then your battery might be weak, you might need a replacement...

1 day ago
replied the topic Before launching my intranet. created by selcinor


You need to explain more, is it personal use or for public use? And is it a paid service or a free service, and why are you launching an intranet(what is your purpose for it?) if you can answer these It will be easy to answer your question....

1 day ago
replied the topic Обязательно ли шнур питания системного блока должен быть подключен к 220в? created by ChessKing


нет вам не нужно, чтобы всегда быть подключены к источнику 220В в выключенном состоянии, в любое время вы не используете зарядное устройство или ноутбук, то лучше отключить его от источника 220В из-за случайного напряжения, я когда-то пришлось сменить весь ноутбук из-за чего кабель питания в источнике 220v, был сильный ливень и молнии ударил и взорвал мой ноутбуки зарядное устройство и материнскую плату, я спал, когда это случилось, потому что я не отключайте его от сети 220В перед выходом на постель....

1 day ago
replied the topic Język polski zmiana created by baszka


używać na stronie internetowej, a jeśli trzeba zmienić język oprogramowania, należy skontaktować się z administratorem ~~HEAD=dobj

1 day ago
replied the topic It is harnful to the computer created by Flyshield

A Computer Virus...

2 days ago
replied the topic Internal drive not showing any file created by sarwar123


Like chakramed said, it could be hidden, follow his steps and it should solve it, but if doesn't, it could be a virus, what I suggest you do is create a back up folder, since you have access by typing E:/folder, inside the backup folder, create and name each new folder according to each E:/folder that you can access, to save space select all files in each E:/folder, then cut and paste Into the newly created folders in the back up folder, do that till you're done with the whole files, if you have free space on other drives or an external drive, copy the backup folder into it and format the internal drive if it is not your c:drive, if it your c drive, try update or install your antivirus and scan the drive or the entire system.

2 days ago
replied the topic Pover bank для ноутбука created by ChessKing


да, вы можете использовать банк силы ноутбук, чтобы зарядить батарею ноутбука без 220в из сети электропитания, 220v на самом деле сошел с зарядным устройством для ноутбука до 18.5V, 19V / 19.5V в зависимости от типа ноутбука, банк питания, однако, предназначено для зарядки батарею ноутбука в любом 18.5V, 19v / 19.5V, то 220v здесь не нужно, потому что ваш ноутбук действительно должен получить заряд является 18.5V, 19V / 19.5V. см банк образец ноутбука питания здесь

2 days ago
replied the topic Why euask limit to computer and internet created by selcinor


I think you should forward your request to , that will be best place, you will get a response from the admin...

2 days ago
replied the topic What telecommunicating doing in computer created by mazeal


Communication between two or more computer systems is achieved by setting up a network. The computer systems are linked so that they can ‘talk’ to each other, share computing power and/or storage facilities. You should know the benefits of networking computers and the
main types of networks.

The link may be between computers in one building, or it could be between computers in different parts of the world. The term network includes the individual computer systems, the connections and the hardware that allows communication to happen. Exam questions often ask for the difference
between LANs and WANs.

A network may include a dedicated file server. This is normally one computer in the network that has a much higher specification than the others, with a very large hard disk drive. All data common to the network will be held on the dedicated server. It will also monitor and control the network and while it is performing this very important task, it will not be available for use as an interactive work station.

2 days ago
replied the topic The best cloud to store files forever? created by AAA1992


Google Drive is the best, because it also gives you the option to use and edit most of your files online, I don't think there is any other cloud storage with as much capability like google drive

4 days ago
replied the topic Программа для просмотра и открытия файлов телефона на компьютере через wifi created by ChessKing


да, использовать это программное обеспечение

5 days ago
replied the topic Corrupt user profiles are frustrating problem created by Flyshield

Read this article

If that doesn't work, use this method

And if that doesn't also work use this
(after using this go back and use the 1st method)

5 days ago
replied the topic When the computer not boot. created by Flyshield


It could be a hardware or recent software installation, boot into safemode by tapping f8 key once you switch on the system, select start with safemode, if it boots into windows, then try to figure out the recent hardware or software installation and uninstall it, if you cannot figure it, then do a system restore, read this

If system restore doesn't work, I will advise you reload your operating system, read this

5 days ago
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