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replied the topic Convert youtube video to mp3 created by IndianoO

There are certain bands I still buy CDs for because well their music is a collection for me now. I buy CDs from Amazon because they give you an mp3 copy as well.

Odd songs that I like I just get off iTunes

207 days ago
replied the topic Which musical instrument is easier for a child to learn? created by Demixl

I think the important thing is not how easy or complicated it is. The important thing is what the child thinks about the instrument, his decision is important. Does he want to play any instument? I can just recommand you a piano ''. But child has to choose.

241 days ago
replied the topic What are ways to fight cybercrime? created by sameta00

I totally agree with you, because casino sites are vulnerable to hackers

294 days ago
replied the topic Best forex analysts. created by pustoi11

Hey. Personally, I don't trust people who give forecasts on Forex. Once I entered into a deal for $1000, as I was confident in the forecast of my trader, but the deal failed and I lost this thousand... Since then, I trust only to software, bots, and artificial intelligence as they provide a more accurate forecast. So I found cheap but reliable software for Binance from these guys , so for six months this software gave me signals, that always turned out true.

356 days ago
replied the topic Is overclocking safe? created by MikuChan

Hey, dude. Maybe there is a problem in the temperature in your room? Once I really had a problem, when my computer were falling down due to high temperature in the room. After this I decided to diminish it and I bought a conditioner. Thank heaven guys from this site helped me to select a small ventilating system, that reduces the temperature comfortably. Now I feel comfortable in my room and my computer doesn't crash ;)

392 days ago
replied the topic What online job boards are the most popular? created by Cezario

IT is the most popular, especially when you are a web designer

392 days ago
replied the topic What online job boards are the most popular? created by Cezario

Today IT is the most progressive one, you can work at home if you know how to code

405 days ago
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