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What are the consequences of a lack of vitamin B1√ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic What would you do if you won the Powerball? created by carlasss

The Powerball jackpot has many Americans practicing their Scrooge McDuck money dive.

Before you perfect your cartoon dive, however, there are several tips that experts suggest you take into account to make the most of the big payday.

1705 days ago
replied the topic "Does anyone know how I can order items from "Amazon" Japan (without knowing anyone who lives there!)?" created by shahab

Amazon Japan, how to buy from or use - 2014 April

1705 days ago
replied the topic Which phone has this function "answer phone"? created by landing

Samsung Galaxy s7

1705 days ago
replied the topic What things do you want to be invented? created by nollore


1705 days ago
replied the topic How do you think about Android and iPhone? created by speed

Hi @speed

10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone

1705 days ago
replied the topic I need a cute name for my puppy! created by DjangoUnchained

Hi @DjangoUnchained Remy

1705 days ago
replied the topic Which kind of smartphone display is best? created by hollis

1707 days ago
replied the topic How to install android apps on PC created by dip27

How to Install Apps to Your Android Tablet from a Computer

Use a computer’s web browser to visit the Google Play store on the Internet.

Bookmark that site!

If necessary, click the Sign In button to log in to your Google account.

Use the same Google account you used when setting up your Android tablet. You need to have access to that account so that Google can remotely update your various Android devices.

Browse for something.

You can hunt down apps, books, music — the whole gamut. It works just like browsing the Play Store on your tablet.

Click the Install button or Buy button.

Choose your Android tablet.

The Choose a Device menu lists all your Android devices, or at least those that are compatible with what you’re getting.

Your Android tablet may be listed using its technical name, not the brand name you’re used to.

For a free app, click the Install button. For a paid app, click the Continue button, choose your payment source, and then click the Buy button.

Installation proceeds.

As if by magic, the app is installed on your Android tablet — even though you used a computer to do it. Heck, the tablet need not even be within sight of you, and the app still remotely installs.

1707 days ago
replied the topic What are the popular Android games for girls? created by nanna

5 Best Android Games for Girls

1707 days ago
replied the topic How to update my BIOS? created by scipio

Step 1: Identify your current BIOS version.
Step 2: Check your PC/motherboard manufacturer's Website for BIOS updates.
Step 3: Read the included documentation.
Step 4: Update your BIOS.

1707 days ago
replied the topic Are there any good apps for sending and receiving SMS? created by nanna

yes dear
SMS Gratuit depuis votre PC

1707 days ago
replied the topic Are there good Japanese movies that you can recommend? created by Rayna

10 Must-See Japanese Films on Netflix Instant Queue
read this

1707 days ago
replied the topic Which celebrity do you admire the most? and why? created by fancylili

Vivien Leigh. She was an amazing actress, I fell in love with movies thanks to her.

1707 days ago
replied the topic Can you recommend some snacks which can't gain weight? created by nicole

1Nuts and Seeds

2. Tuna

3. Whole Fat Dairy Products

4. Crackers and Bagels

5. Cereals

6. Fruits and Vegetables

7. Traditional Snack Foods

1707 days ago
replied the topic Why is 9gag so popular? created by faire32

I think it's because 9gag is easy to use and accessible. All you have to do if you want to read funny stuff is visit the website, scroll down a bit if you want more. Where I'm from, it is by far the most popular visit-to-procrastinate site. It also helps that its commnting system is integrated with Facebook, which is already incredibly popular.

I was one of Digg user who migrated to Reddit a while back. For what it's worth, when I tried to introduce Reddit to my friends, they said that it had too much text and didn't te you straightaway to the fun stuff.

1707 days ago
replied the topic Can you recommend some humor books for me? created by catriona

The 20 Funniest Books Ever Written
15 December 2015
By Will Hersey

A genuinely funny book is one of life's simplest pleasures, but finding the real stand-outs is never as easy. We asked some leading lights of comedy and literature to nominate the books that make them laugh out loud, and here are the results

1707 days ago
replied the topic After I unintall Android APP, are there junk files left in my memory card? created by walcott

Is your SD Card full of junk large files? Do you need more space? SD Card Cleaner can help. You can easily scan your SD Cards and identify and delete large files that you don't need anymore. It's easy, fast and elegant. Just give it a try and enjoy new free space.

Some of the great features:
★ Simplicity
★ Fast scanning in background (you can close the app till it finishes scanning)
★ Files categorization
★ Files preview
★ Largest files on the top of the list
★ And more ...

SDCard is a shared place where applications can save their data. It's often full of big files that are not needed anymore. Please be careful, deleted files can't be restored. Your phone can have more than one SD Card (some new phones have internal and also external SDCards).

This app can be used as:
Memory cleaner, SD card cleaner, large files finder, big files finder, storage optimizer, storage cleaner.

If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know :)

1707 days ago
replied the topic What is your best way to make yourself wake up early in the morning? created by nancy

Hi @nancy

1. Find your reason

2. Wake up with a purpose (create your morning routine centered around your reason)

3. Remind yourself why you’re getting up early just before bed

4. Reward yourself

5. Don’t think you have to wake up every single day

6. Meditate for longer periods of time

7. Place the odds in your favor (develop a night routine)

8. Ease in to rising early (as well as to living your purpose)

1707 days ago
replied the topic Do you wear gloves in winter? created by Rayna

Yes, you can wear gloves and play mobile phone this kind

1707 days ago
replied the topic Does every computer need system cleaner? created by landing

Hi @landing
Windows users see advertisements for all sorts of system tools and optimization utilities. It’s easy for companies to tell you that you absolutely have to run these tools, but you don’t need most of the junk on offer.

Using these system tools just slows downs your computer, wastes your time, and makes your life more complicated. Simplify your life and skip these system tools — you only need the essentials.

1707 days ago
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