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replied the topic Is it Internet cryptocurrency a new world money order? created by selcinor

Hm, it’s too early to say about new world money. Cryptocurrencies are wonderful but they need time to become stable as fiat money. Now they are only beginning to develop even despite enormous hype around. It’s possible that crypto will disappear in a year or two. It’s also possible that it will replace regular currencies. I’d like to see the second way and suggest getting some crypto. Go for hardware mining, cloud mining sites ( here's the list ) or trading/exchanging to get coins.

164 days ago
replied the topic What is bitcoin how to earn bitcoin? created by aqeel23304

Bitcoin – the first and the most expensive cryptocurrency (digital money based on cryptographic and blockchain with P2P principles). You can earn Bitcoin with mining. Buy special equipment (so-called miners – GPU or ASIC chips), set them, get soft, and start your system. You will have to pay increased bills for electricity and deal with heat and noise. Many newcomers choose cloud mining instead of equipment. Cloud sites offer contracts with which you can mine Bitcoin using remote devices. Cloud systems also offer valuable discounts for new users (for example, these ones: ). If both ways are too difficult or unsuitable, you can simply buy Bitcoin. Look for crypto exchanges and brokers.

170 days ago
replied the topic What's some good games for a young child can you recommend? created by termezo

here you are

174 days ago
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