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replied the topic How to clean viruses on my computer? created by mocksone

The best way and the only possible way to clean your PC is to reinstall operating system. Antiviruses can remove viruses from your PC, but they can't repair injuries made by them, for example registry edits, etc...then virus effects will remain at all. therefore it's highly recommended to reinstall Operating System. Regards!!!

1574 days ago
replied the topic Who will win UEFA Euro 2016? created by Tadakii

In the form ITALY. Hope they will meet with BELGIUM in the final match!!!

1574 days ago
replied the topic Registration key number created by susanlip

Hello! By using previous computers propeties, which you activated by that product key, you can easily find your lost product key! Regards

1580 days ago
replied the topic Is there life after death? created by akhil_raj001

Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned. [ Sura Al-'Ankabut (29), ayat 11 ]

1580 days ago
replied the topic How to get rid of edema? created by hollis

do not drink before sleeping, check your kidneys!

1580 days ago
replied the topic Is it harmful to charge electronics too long? created by linburger

No, it's OK with factory charger. It's harmful to charge frequently, because all batteries have limited recharging cycle.

1580 days ago
replied the topic google app for the search mode? created by vistaboy

Easily! Go to Settings and set search engine to google. Look at the picture -

1580 days ago
replied the topic How to say "I love you" in your language? created by BTW

in kazakh: Мен сені сүйемін. [men seni suiemin]

1580 days ago
replied the topic How to change my IP address? created by june1st

the best way is to use extensions. You can use tor-browser, it's nice, but flash player and etc. will annoy you in future. My choice is browsec, you just toggle the icon to turn on-off, and no restrictions.

1580 days ago
replied the topic Why does my heart rate increase after eating? created by scipio

The first question is what do you eat for breakfast? The reason is on your diet.

1625 days ago
replied the topic Do you take any vitamins or supplements? created by daydream

1. If you take vitamins in spring it is helpful.
2. It depends your diet, how healthy food you eat. And notice that all vitamins except A,D,E,K can not be stored in your organism, therefore if you take a tablet of Vit. C or 100 tablets of it the benefit is same as one tablet. Organism takes necessary amount of vitamins, other part will be thrown out, except A,D,E,K.

1625 days ago
replied the topic Are these temps too high? created by MikuChan

Temperature in first picture just Awesome numbers!
If second picture taken after stress-test (playing game or smth. else) also awesome!

1625 days ago
replied the topic Can we create a list for our installed programs on windows? created by Lisaly

free download this program. that will show you all installed progs in your PC -
install, open, when you see the list of all progs, click right button and choose "Export to text file". Choose loaction.

1625 days ago
replied the topic USB 3.0 displaying as 2.0 created by MikuChan

The most reason is driver 99%. Look at your device manager, it will show you your usb 3.0 port, if you installed driver.

1625 days ago
replied the topic Chrome becomes slow and can't load pages normally. created by tina01

Just switch off your Wi-fi routher for 10 sec. and then plug in it again. It solve that.

1625 days ago
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