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replied the topic How hard is to build your own app? created by Stardust

You need problem solving skills, programming skills, and a litlle bit of math (arithmetic and all the basic stuff).

I started learning programming less than 2 years ago. Specifically, I learned web development. The best resource for learning web development in my opinion is Mozilla Developer Network: I read all the "Learn web development" articles, and then familiarized myself with it by doing some little projects. The projects were mainly small apps that run on the web browser.

Before starting a new project, I always planned what project I'm going to work on, the user interface design of the application, how the app handles user interaction, and.. basically planning and planning. After the planning is done, I started to work on the programming process. This involves, well, a lot of problem solving skills and of course programming skills. After it's done, I tested my app to see if it's working as intended. Whenever I noticed things that aren't good, I came to my code and see what's wrong with it, and fixed it. Finally, when everything works properly, I published the app on the internet.

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replied the topic Which translator translates better created by maybemaybe

Google Translate.

It uses ML (Machine Learning) on its machine. Using ML, a machine can "learn" by themselves. The machine learns by taking the data, and then use it to predict the correct translation. The data is given by users who use Google Translate (basically whenever user uses Google Translate). Using this powerful thing, a machine can improve itself.

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This might be the best web app for downloading YouTube's videos:

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