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replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong

red or black

645 days ago
replied the topic Is Cortana useful? created by hanabi

mapping & starting any app and any game do you have installed lunching anything staring music opening files all your needs

826 days ago
replied the topic Windows 8.1 or windows 10 ? created by Frach

windows 10 is the best i try all windows versions but no one like win 10 it's really so good for any one ( beginners & normal people & developers & experts .....)
;) try it

826 days ago
replied the topic What's wrong with it? created by luochao

the problem in the router

826 days ago
replied the topic Which US TV series do you like best? created by nanna

fast and furious & dead walking & star wars

826 days ago
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