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replied the topic Where do you watch German TV?? created by anhot

I usually watch German TV with the help of . This resources will have you watching German TV in no time and in perfect quality! Enjoy watching!

665 days ago
replied the topic What are the best free website makers? created by Elderwand8 is free, as far as I know

680 days ago
replied the topic Where can I create a simple website? created by Joaquin2001

Agree! WP is my option too!

680 days ago
replied the topic Would you use an artificial neural network for forex trading? created by neuropatch

I've been currently trading by using the forex MT4 trading platform from It enables me to use full charting capabilities.

692 days ago
replied the topic What color do you wish you hair is? created by jackyjacky

I`m in love with all shades of brown.
Ash brown like here is really stunning!

1082 days ago
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