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Error code with latest Windows 10 upgradeREWARD $2
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replied the topic Dell laptop won't shutdown created by joan1985

Go ahead and pop in your USB. Run a virus checker on it. Then try to format it using File Explorer. I had a format problem with a used USB I had and found a virus on the USB.

551 days ago
replied the topic Americans, do you go to vote? created by glassy

Yes. I voted early last week. There is an unasked question here: Has the fallacious belief that “it’s not like one vote ever made a difference” ever made in the outcome in an election? If you get 10% of your opposition to believe the above, then you’ve raised your candidate’s popularity by 10%, or more, among the only members of the electorate who matter, those who actually turn out to vote.
One other point, many Americans believe the USA is a democracy (the person who gets over ½ the votes wins). It is not. The USA is a representative republic. We vote for people to represent us in voting for a candidate. For example, In the current election, we enter the voting booth and vote for one of 2 candidates. In 48 states, the winning candidate of that state gets the votes equal to the number of congressmen from that state. Each vote is represented by a person at the electoral college. At the electoral college, the votes are given for each candidate. The one with 270 votes (or more) wins the prize. This is extremely over simplified and I didn’t even tell you about the 2 odd states or DC.

768 days ago
replied the topic In what country safer than all to be? created by savram

I guess it depends on how you define “safest”. My definition would include a freedom from fear of being harmed or hurt and not being in danger. My assets would not likely be stolen, taken away or given away.
Given this criterion, I would pick Iceland. Iceland has always scored the lowest points for homicides, number of people in jail, and terror acts. Their economy is (and has been) stable, so my assets would be relatively safe. My greatest fear about living there would be that my home would melt away (lol).

768 days ago
replied the topic How to get alot of followers and friend request on Facebook and Google plus without adding anyone? created by MaxRubin

I have almost 300 people asking me to be my friend. The numbers keep growing but I don't add any of them. I guess I am kind of mysterious and people want to know why. I do have 2 friends on my facebook page.

773 days ago
replied the topic Az én kiskutyám. created by Icuska

Úgy tűnik, van egy szép kiskutya. Biztos vagyok benne, hogy boldog lesz vele.

774 days ago
replied the topic Ways to increase apatite? created by Aravi

Turn off instant translation
Szia Pamela, Yeah !!! Ön nyert. Köszönjük, hogy válaszolt az üzenetemet. Te tényleg nem sokat tud a növény. Azt is tudni valamit a növények. Szeretnék többet tudni a növényeket, ahol élsz. Nagyapám Cherokee (indián) gyógyító, és ő tanított meg sok mindent a gyógyulásról. Kérem, bocsásson meg szegény magyar. Én egy translating programot lefordítani angolról (én 3. nyelven), hogy a magyar és ez néha nagyon nehéz.

774 days ago
replied the topic How do you say wash, and why? created by alienflyer

I am not a native speaker of English. In fact, English is my 3rd language to learn. I started learning it in the 1st grade. So here goes. I say "warsh" due to my mother tongue influence. We have no "aa" sound in my native language. Having said that, "warsh" is in my English dictionary. Would you believe I had to write it in?

775 days ago
replied the topic Ways to increase apatite? created by Aravi

Pamela, wow! Én annyira lenyűgözte a tudás a gyógynövények. Ön egy gyógyító? AniAwa

775 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about the ''Human RFID Implant''? Is it really a good thing to get? created by cutishael

Oh, and ckoch, you should re-read the Book of Revelation (especially Rev. 13:18.). I am just finishing up my PhD dissertation on the Book of Revelation. “666” is a number that signifies something less than perfect. Notice there are 3 sixes. One 6 for each of the anti-triune godhead, each less than perfect. Verses 16 & 17 refer to the sum of the letters of the first beast’s name. So, either the first beast name or the sum of the letters of his name will be the mark embedded on the right hand or forehead of non-believers. That is why verse 18 is a stand-alone paragraph. It was not meant to be a continuation of the thoughts expressed in verses 16 & 17. If you have any other questions, try

775 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about the ''Human RFID Implant''? Is it really a good thing to get? created by cutishael

I suggest that every illegal alien have an RFID chip implanted on them before we deport them. If our drones detect them again, we round them up, put them on a C-130 and fly them to somewhere in the jungles of South America. Word will spread real fast. Either get here legally or find a home in the jungle. That's a harsh stance but have you ever been the victim of a violet crime committed by an illegal alien? You (or your love ones) wind up in the hospital or dead, the illegal gets to go home. That's experience talking.

775 days ago
replied the topic Making money online created by raza49712

I go around my place and look to see what I haven't used in awhile and put it on Ebay. I also go to garage sales and look for items I know I can sell on Ebay. You have to do your home work. Are other people selling the same thing? Can you beat their price? I also use Craig's List. People don't like to pay shipping so I up my asking price by a few dollars to cover it. Sometimes, I like to put things out there for auction just to see the bids.

Here is another way I make some major bucks. I go to craft shops (like Hobby Lobby) this time of year and buy the little (12" high Christmas Tree) ornaments. I also buy some fishhook earring wires. I put these things together, maybe add a couple of fancy beads. Then I sell them to family, friend, at church. I never give them a price. I just say, whatever you think they're worth. They cost me about 20 cents to make and I usually get $5 - $10 for each set. Last year, I made over 2 grand. That's a lot of Christmas presents. Good luck!

775 days ago
replied the topic WiseCleaner, CCleaner or IObit? created by yoursong

I also recommend Wise Cleaner. BUT don't just buy Wise Cleaner. For just a few dollars more you can buy Wise Care 365. It does so much more. Wisecare 365 have PCCleanup, Force Deleter, Auto Shutdown, Data Recovery, Fast Search, Program Uninstaller, privacy Protector, just to name a few of it's programs. I bought mine on Ebay (1 yr, 3 computers) for $22. Recently, I saw 1yr, 1 computer for $21 and a 1 computer/forever license for $46. I have NEVER seen any program work so fast. It's like watching a jet take off a prop planes (other software) trying to catch up).

775 days ago
replied the topic Электронная коммерция created by ChessKing

Я использую Ebay. Это свободно продавать там. Я только что отправил товар на продажу. Они позволят мне отправить его в течение 1 месяца или пока он не продает.

775 days ago
replied the topic Piwo i jego właściwości created by Dorota

Piwo nie jest najlepszy napój alkoholowy dla diabetyków, ponieważ jest dość wysoki w węglowodany. Istnieje piwa nisko węglowodanowe, które obecnie nie są prawdopodobnie lepszym wyborem.

W umiarkowanych ilościach, choć piwo raz na jakiś czas nie jest to nic wielkiego. Alkohol hamuje uwalnianie przez wątrobę glukozy. Diabetycy często piją wino przed snem mają niższe numery rano. Efekt ten jest w pewnym stopniu przeciwdziałać przez wszystkie ziarna w piwie.

776 days ago
replied the topic Az én kiskutyám. created by Icuska

Ha nem kap a képet, csak nézd az interneten. Imádják, hogy járjanak. Ők úgy vélik, hogy olyanok, mint egy nagy kutya.

780 days ago
replied the topic Az én kiskutyám. created by Icuska

Határozottan Pomerians. Itt van egy kép az egyik pórázon.

Ők az én kedvenc kis kutya / kölyök. Ezek súlya általában 3-7 font (1.4-3.2Kg). Nagyon intelligens és könnyen tanult egy nagyon fiatal korban. Plusz, hogy aranyos és jönnek minden színben. Csak győződjön meg róla, hogy fésülje a szőr felé a fejüket (nagyon különbözik a többi kutya).

780 days ago
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