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replied the topic Where can i find a free text-editor? created by Teresita

you can try Atom Text Editor, its Fast and Has Many Plugin / Adds on to customize your way to use text editor...

for Bracets its really slow down your sistem, SumblimeText its not free, other is not powerfull and customizeable.

its has mac and windows version, hope that help.

984 days ago
replied the topic Hdd error solve it get it created by irfanhakim

The easiest and Safest way to still use HDD with bad sector is just split the partition and dont use it... the step :

1. use partition magic or software similiar with it.... and scan the bad sector
2. as sample if you has 100GB HDD, the bad sector found at 500mb in the beggining partition. just make 1GB partition in begining, dont use or format it.
3. and for the rest, just use and format it as usual, already test it and your HDD will be fine to use daily

hope it helps...

984 days ago
replied the topic Why do people still use Blogger as a blogging platform created by anhot

You Right About That... :D

but i think people use blogger as blogging platform because it :

1. Free, No Cost for begginer
2. Easy To Use
3. Fast to load, since use google server hosting
4. More Advantage to Google Search
5. Easy to Connected to Google Service

maybe something like that, hope that help your curiousity :)

984 days ago
replied the topic Best free course to learn MySQL created by pleaseAnswerMe

for the first basic SQL

use Codecademy, thats interactive, you will be know the basic logic with it ....

and for the rest use mysql tutorial official ....

the best place to learn is the official maker right... ? :)

hope that help

984 days ago
replied the topic Download from Torrent ? how > created by AAA1992

Hi :D

you can do this step :

1. download torrent client, you can use bitcomet, free download manager ( , or utorrent (
2. find torrent or magnet link... usualy we download from web with file use extension .torrent
3. after that double klik that file torrent or drag it with torrent client that we use...
4. waiting your download torrent done..

hope that help :)

984 days ago
replied the topic I want to save a song from youtube. How do I do it? created by Casetes

i suggest you use Youtube GO.

since it legal and safely to download from gogle.
and its fast to..

984 days ago
replied the topic Is Defragging even needed? created by bmadore

Yes You Need it If You use Windows and HardDisk Not SSD, since SSD is random access like RAM, so its really fast and didnt need defrag.

SSD also has life time that decrease as much as you access it.

so better leave SSD Hardisk unDefrag.

but if you didnt use SSD, just defrag it once every month to get some gain performance.

984 days ago
replied the topic Can I open more than one account on Facebook? created by Teresita

Chamine is Right :D
for your real account, you can use one. but just make pages account from your real account as many as you want :D

984 days ago
replied the topic Does anyone know of a proven site to make real money online fast? created by paulstrade

the most easiest and fun to do and get is Youtube :

you can make something you like, you just record it with your smartphone, upload it at youtube use google account.
and dont forget to complete the title, description, and tag and other info diligently.

just diligent and wait the result, result never betray the process ~ :)

984 days ago
replied the topic What are your hobbies? created by TrevorKith

i usually find hobby to enrich and learn something, my hoby is reading news about technology since i have job there... :) , but anyways... hope you have hobby that enrich and make better yourself, since time is the more expensive thing that you have. so hope you have that chance and spend that oportunity wisely :)

984 days ago
replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait

This is hope to answer your question...

if you use mac and ios device, just use "Safari" , its fast really fast, its integrated each other device also bookmark.

if you use mac and windows or android, use chrome, its fast enough and stable enaough, more importantly its sync bookmark between device different os.

if you want to use browser with limited internet bandwith, use opera, opera use chrome engine, so its fast enough. but also have capability to use turbo mode, so it can be use limited bandwith fast.

if you use desktop pc or mac often, you can use Firefox Latest / Quantum , its use all of your cpu core to fast his renderding website. more fast than chrome and microsoft edge.

hope that help :)

984 days ago
replied the topic What is the difference between RAM and ROM? created by larry2

Hello @larry2 ~ :D

RAM is Random Access Memory -> can be use to store memory and use it...
ROM is Read Only Memory -> only can be use to read it...

hope thats help :D

1614 days ago
replied the topic How to gain confidence? created by claire

hello @claire :) , sign from indonesian ~

thast means you still in progress to find your true self...

when you find it ?

- when you accept yourself as you are

and than solution of your question ?

- dont afraid fail, many great people in history fail at first, failed is not looser, looser if we didnt finish our best and good resolution
- keep get knowledge input, more know, more confident
- not everyone can be pleased, so.. be yourself... :) ( the good yourself actualy... :D )

hope thats help :)

1614 days ago
replied the topic How can i choose a best answer? created by Haydiyah

Hallo @Haydiyah

you can choose the best answer is from the answer which the most you like, and most suitable to solve your problem.

many problem, many ways to solve it.. but the most suitable way to solve your problem or question is the best answer ~

hope thats help :)

1623 days ago
replied the topic Is IT engineering suitable for girls? created by beststar

hello @beststar
"Is IT engineering suitable for girls?"

in my opinion, its not rely on gender boy or girls to be IT engineering...
from my experience... its rely on
- how much do you like the MATH lesson... , and
- how much do you like with computer world.

the reason, IT engginer will touch with the code, program, sistem and thats really much have related with logic, and the most lesson in school with logic is math, for example "if today is rainy, then i must bring umbrella. i bring umbrella, so today is not rainy.." or something like that.. :D
if you really love this things, you must be love IT engineering, if you love it and passion with it.. you will be success there ~

the computer world is like news... information, always changes, better... best... more fast...
if you like this kind of environment... than you will be suitable to be IT engineering...

welcome in IT engineering world~ :D

hope thats help :)

1623 days ago
replied the topic How to disable Windows update? created by hanabi

to disable windows update :

1. click windows Button + R , to open Run windows... and type services.msc (microsoft common console document),
or you can type it after you click search button at windows 10

2. search background intelegent services , like the picture below...

3. double klik, and choose disable it.

4. find also windows update services, double klik and disable it too..

5. restart your computer... thats all :)

and is it safe... ?

if you often browsing internet, its better to enable it,
but if you seldom browsing internet, and have limited bandwith internet to spare.. just disable it...

hope that help :)

1645 days ago
replied the topic How to block ads on chrome ? created by otman1989

The fastest way and not too much consumption memory is uBlock Origin ( Micro Block Origin )

1664 days ago
replied the topic We always give the worst temper to the intimate person while leave the tolerance and patience to the strangers. Why? created by au52

Its Simple actually....

because we know everything Good and Bad about the intimate person , than everyone cause we closest ....
we tolerance and patience to the strangers cause we didnt know them well all the Good and Bad.

Trust me... when you know that man that you meet every morning that always smile is really have bad mouth about you at behind, you will never that patience and tollerant again :)

but in the good side about that, that is the true sign that the intimate people is really close to you, to show the good side and bad side as sign that she / he is trust you.

in the end... just always try to be the best person closest to you, they will be give good feedback too... :)

1664 days ago
replied the topic Can't open search box in Windows 10. created by seven

one recomendation that i have tried and works, is make new account user.
if the new account user is good, than just move to there, since the current user have some problem at config (i think... ^^; )

but hope that help.. :)

1671 days ago
replied the topic I'm not good at social communication, so what job is right for me? created by momoko

if you like creativity, boldness and rebellion character ... ( just lil bit.. :P )
maybe you can be author, writers or graphic design

if you like to do something diligently ...
maybe you can be accountants, data entry, or tax counting.

if you are thinker character and see many small detail also note everything ....
maybe you can be analysts and researchers

if you think with logic, like matemathic and like to create something digitally ...
maybe programmers is in your ways ...

and if you have some hidden feeling thats you like to talk with anybody alot, but shy to express it...
be social media admin and wild with it!!

haha... :D

just give you lil bit input to make way yourself...

hope it help.. :)

1671 days ago
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