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replied the topic What is the best and most expensive type of dress for men created by zizou

Better go to a VanHuesan or Raymond showroom aand buy yourselves a branded suits they are expensive as well as good looking.

1702 days ago
replied the topic How do you deal with your old clothes that you won't wear any more? created by bling

Better give them to the needy , and buy yourselves a new one both helps in refreshing wardrobe and removes boredom from your existing clothes.

1702 days ago
replied the topic Are you shy when talking with strangers? created by realtrain

No, i am never shy if you are try using it helps in removing shyness while talking to strangers.

1702 days ago
replied the topic Do you think that tablets are useless? created by MyWay

No, they are not useless they are easy to carry as compared to laptop's.

1702 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite drink ? created by icecream

fresh fruit juices

1702 days ago
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