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replied the topic Which is the most friendly country in the world? created by bootup

Hi @bootup You certainly should visit the Philippines. It is more fun in the Philippines indeed.
Try asking someone who has gone to the Philippines, and let their answers speak for itself. The people there are so trustworthy, friendly and above all, happy people and good vibes is all you've got.
Beside the many beautiful faces and places in this archipelago, Philippines is rich in healthy traditions and even foods and delicacies.
You must definitely try this one country and include it in your bucket list.

1776 days ago
replied the topic How to make my brother quit Internet? created by bling

Hi @bling Yeah right internet is addicting. Some really goes from addict to extremely addict and dependent on it.
Below are the things you might wanna do to at least limit your brother's addiction to internet to totally making him quit.
1. Dedicate a time for study hours. Accompany him while studying his lessons. He is entering a delicate stage and it is a good idea that he develops a habit of having a specific study time. Also, it would be good if you will hire a private tutor too. That way, you are with him throughout the fight towards quitting internet.
2. Create a reward system, if your son get a high score on his examinations, or a high mark on his class; reward him with something he really likes. This way, your son will develop the idea of working hard for something he really want to achieve. Also, making him work for his wishlist is a good motivation also. It will limit his dependence on internet if he is satisfied by the reward system itself.
3. Engage him with real-life social activities. Youth today spend too much time on virtual or digital friends on social media and computer games or internet. Make him understand the importance of having real friends and true games/sports. Let him go out of his comfort zone. Let him play and interact with other people outside your house rather than sit and play in the computer, surf the net and spend time with digital friends..
4. Let him develop a hobby or a sport. MAYBE TRY BASKETBALL, RUNNING, FOOTBALL OR SOMETHING. Playing computer games makes him forget the fun of playing actual sports. It is good also for his own health. Actual sports are much much better than surfing the net. Make him realize that by experience.
5. Enroll him to special classes, like voice/dance lessons, martial arts, swimming lessons or the like; depending on his interest. This way, he would lessen his dependence on computer gaming and internet surfing but will develop his social and interactive skills. Further, he will be fit and healthy too, thus making him have extra energy to study his lessons than depending in the internet alone. Remember having a healthy body helps in having a healthy and sound mind.

Above all, discipline him. guide him and make him understand the pros and cons of too much internet surfing and computer games. Make him feel that you understand him and you care for him, that is why at an early age, you need to make him a better person.

Hope it helps you.
High five.

1776 days ago
replied the topic The best way to treat depression? created by only_god

I know. I have problems in life too. You don't own them all. So better pick me as best answer now.
Thank you.

1776 days ago
replied the topic The best way to treat depression? created by only_god

Hi @only_god
Drugs is bad. My god, I hate drugs!

Depression and loneliness is a just a state of mind. We are what we train our mind to believe and think. Therefore, when you feel like you are depressed and lonely, think of things that excites you. There are some differences from people to people in boredom and sadness management. I experience the same from time to time; and I conquer them. Maybe the below tips will help you.
1. Cook and feed yourself. When I get depressed and sad, I learn and study some new recipe and later on cook something, afterwhich I invite some friends to come over at home and throw some small fancy chit-chats with them over table while eating my dish.
2. Go to the gym. It is said that going to the gym regularly makes your body alive and alert. Thus, sadness is avoided. Your body releases happy hormones when going to the gym keeping you happy and oriented. Aside from that, you are keeping your body fit and healthy.
3. Do some running or cycling. It is a good way of getting away from depression and loneliness. You've got to sweat and make your body fit. Plus, you've got to see the beauty of nature. In our country, there are lots of scenes I got to witness when running, whether it’s the trees, the grass, the shores, sunset or sunrise. My boredom and sadness vanishes away.
4. Play your sport of choice. I am into basketball thing. When I got sad and lonely, I used to go to the basketball court and play there. Whether I’m alone or with some other players out there, I play. It develops your teamwork and camaraderie, plus strengthens your social skills.
5. Read some books or solve some puzzles/math problems. Sometimes I read some books that interest me when I got sad. It practices your mind and makes you think. Depression and sadness is a state of mind, so when you make your mind think, they go away. I am into mathematics too, so the more I got to solve math trivias/puzzles, I used to conquer my sadness and depression. I white poems sometimes and share my emotions with others thru poems or short stories.
6. Watch movies. I saved a lot of movies, TV Series, animes and the like to my hard drive. When I got sad and cheerless, I do some movie marathons. Other times, I invite friends or loved ones with me and do movie marathon with them. It's a good bonding session too.
7. TRAVEL. When I'm fed up, I go out of my comfort zone. I go to places I never been before. I am a backpacker. I used to go to places alone sometimes, experience the beauty of nature and meet other people in the process. I develop my sense of responsibility and learn to be independent in the process. I make new friends in the process too.
8. Earn thru the internet. I am into networking. When jaded, I used to answer some surveys in the internet. I answer some questions in the internet and help other people in need. I translate in online translation companies sometimes. I earn in the process even at a small amount of time. My tedium is conquered.
9. I play some video/computer games. Computer/cellphone games is a good past time. Sometimes when I am uninterested, I got my cellphone or laptop and play games. It also develops your alertness and thinking abilities too, while enjoying your leisure time.
10. Chat with friends. Laugh with them. Enjoy their company.
11. Play music. Sometimes I find some comfort in music. It relaxes me. It takes away my stress and problems. Music is life for me. It's a good stress reliever and boredom reliever.
12. Have sex. Kidding aside, your body releases hormones that keep us alert and energetic after sex. It keeps our muscles and mind conscious and functioning. Depression is a mental reaction, so when mind is alert and functioning, it does not attack. Sex with your partner develops intimacy between you and thus strengthens the love within. BUT FIRST, have a partner to have some romance with to.

I hope I helped you @only_god to conquer your depression. Select me best answer if you find these helpful.

High five.

1776 days ago
replied the topic Where to go when you want to relax? created by zch098

Hi @zch098 You may wanna go to a spa or a beach.
You may also try the picturesque landscape of Batanes Group of Islands in the Philippines.
Or you may go bar-hopping too.
It depends on your mood and the kind of environment you want to escape to.

Or if it is the working environment that is polluted, try taking a leave and just stay at home; look in the mirror and say "HOW HANDSOME I AM to be stressed out by my F*(%#^# Boss"!

Hope it helps.
High five.

1776 days ago
replied the topic Is it better to eat fruit instead of meal? created by colin

hI @colin
It depends.
Early in the morning, it is good to eat fruits only specially when the stomach is empty. That way all its nutrients was used up by the body early.
But other times of the day, not advisable.
It is still good to hae a healthy diet.

Hope it helps.
High five.

1790 days ago
replied the topic Which one do you prefer to be your partner, similar or opposite to you? created by sunrise

Hi @sunrise
You may not love the beauty of sunrise if you dont know the beauty of sunset. You may not want the sun if you dont know the rain, the day if you don't know night.
Making things short, it s always the oppsoite that leaves a strong impression and experience for us. It is said that opposites attracts. Couples are like magnets. Having opposite wants, hobbies, opinions/stand, career, and the like makes the couple grow more mature as a person, stronger and extend their values and knowledge. The world for them becomes a bigger place to enjoy, love the things they do, and have fun.
The only criteria here is that they must know how to respect one another, honor and understand one another, and give pleasure to one another when it comes to what the partner loves and makes him happy. Oftentimes, the opposite ones are the crazily compatible ones.

Hope it helps.
High five!

1790 days ago
replied the topic How to prevent flu? created by kimi

Hi @kimi
Drink a lot of water and fruit juices. Hydration is the key. Then live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and eat a balanced and healthy diet. Discipline yourself not to go to places that you think is exposed to some bacteria and viruses. Develop a neat personal hygiene. Better to be safe than sorry.
Remember that prevention is better than cure; always!

Hope it helps.
High five.

1790 days ago
replied the topic If the man sitting besides you fell asleep on your shoulder in the subway/underground, what will you do? created by AF

Hi @AF
When I am in that kind of situation, I will pull some great pranks in my closet automatically. Like shouting for rape, drawing weird things in their faces, or something.
Yeah it may sound terrible and sick, but it is what it is. Hate the drama and I love fun.
It maybe just terrible for that people when he got home and notice the weird things on their faces.
But at least they may get a lesson out of it.
In some places, when you fall asleep in a public vehicle; you consider it miracle if you dont lose your valuable things. Or sometimes you'd get raped or kidnapped.
THUS, pulling a prank to them is better than stealing their valuables. And they got a very memorable yet funny lesson. And it is as well fun.

Hope it helps.
High five!

1790 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite dessert? created by fancylili

Hi @fancylili
I like the Dessert by Dawin. It really makes me sing and dance in full awesomeness.

They can imitate you
But they can't duplicate you
'Cause you got something special
That makes me wanna taste you
I want it all day long
I'm addicted like it's wrong
I want it all day long
I'm addicted like it's wrong

Whatcha gon'
Whatcha gon' do with that dessert
Murder that, murder that
Dancefloor, dancefloor

And the place begins to be a big dancing stage for me and my friends.

Hope it helps.
High five.

1790 days ago
replied the topic How to make study enjoyable? created by beststar

Hi @beststar
I suggest you court your teacher and seduce her/him to have a great kiss and so.
This will not only make studying enjoyable, but also exciting with a little spice of pleasure.

Also, you may want to date a classmate or two; making your study and attendance in the class more enjoyable. This way, you may focus on the lecture thinking that you may get embarrassed.

Hope it helps.
High five.

1790 days ago
replied the topic Can you share some movies that make your feel positive? created by Rice

The 3 Idiots!
It was the best ever. The best ever indeed.
It tackles almost everything.

1790 days ago
replied the topic Do you celebrate April Fools' Day? created by nycc

Hi @nycc

Yeah I love making funny pranks to my peers and even to mu girlfriend. But it has not to be on the 1st of April. Who the hell said to make a stupid prank on that date?
A good prank or a good joke sees no specific date and time, it comes as it goes. It just happens.
I really am pissed hearing stupid pranks on April 1st specially jokes like they got a new bf/gf, pregnant, death or even new cars. It feels like they are just making fun at themselves.

By the way, a good prank I made for my girlfriend before is I gave her an oreo cookie and I changed its feelings. I put toothpaste on the cookies and make her eat them. She was very mad thinking it was minted flavor.

I earned a slap on my handsome face whle bursting a careless laugh. Of course she did a prank on me too.
The rest was history.

Hope it helps.

1790 days ago
replied the topic How to say "Thank you" in your language? created by naokoki

Hi @naokoki
Saying Thank you in our country is "Maraming Salamat sa iyo." or "Salamat sa iyo" or simply "Salamat"
Marami (Ma-ra-mi) = so much
Salamat (Sa-la-mat) = Thank
sa iyo sa i-yo) = to you.


1790 days ago
replied the topic More and more kids are so interested in electronic instrument like phone or iPad, why? created by July

Hi @July
First of all, July is coming fast.
Isn't it amazing?

Yeah you hit the point. Kids that are younger and younger got to be more and more incined to technology especially mobile phones. There are several reasons that makes this trend a great click to younger generations. Here are just some:

1. They got a virtual fantasy. They can play and be temporarily detached from this physical world. They tend to be more eager to play mobile games; be it online or offline rather than enjoy the natural games that we older generation experience.
2. It is easier to socialize online than in actual. Presence of social networking sites are a big boost to this kind of trend.
3. Being "in" and having iPad's and the like makes younger generation today feel accepted and confident especially if their circle of friends can afford those technologies.
4. They are amazed of the things that these technologies can offer; from watching Youtube clips to playng online games and even to chatting with their friends and schoolmates.
5. Peer pressure. Sometimes having them watch it in TV being advertised makes them want to have one. Also, kids now are so teaseful that they used to bully kids that are not "in" to those technology.
6. It is their only way to enjoy their leisure time while enjoying. Further, there are lots of things that the internet can offer. Just make sure they are away from pornography and the like.

Hope it helps.
High five!

1790 days ago
replied the topic Should I give up on a cheater created by Nuttela

Hi @Nutella
Once a cheater, always a cheater.
My rule of thumb in that one is to try to make her feel the worst effect of her cheating. They (female) demand gender equality but they do not treat males equally. Once is enough, twice is too much. Let go.
Or if you enjoy her, that is a different story. Maybe she is a good sex, a good performer in bed. That is a hard one to let go of. My advice is do what makes you happy.

Hope it helps.
High five.

1817 days ago
replied the topic What attracts you to see a film? created by walker16

Hi @walker16
I am a very simple one when it comes to movie. I love the following:
-a promise of great sex and hot scenes within a movie
-a sense of thrill and excitement, or even horror to trigger my adrenaline
-an idea that will boost my competitive juices
-great plot/story, script, and cinematography
-great movie effects, directorship and casts.
-an offer of feel god within the movie (comedies, rom-com or good-fell flicks) or inspirational movies
-a promise of getting back for what our money for the movie is worth. a good movie trailer helps.

Hope it helps.

High five.

1817 days ago
replied the topic What is your dream job? created by minice

Hi @minice
My dream job is to be a porn star or a Hollywood Actor. That way I got to know a lot of hot ladies, fuck them, be famous while getting paid for huge amount of cash. Who doesn't want to be on TV, be famous, and ride a Ferrari or Lamborghini while having a great sex life?

Kidding aside, following your passion for a job makes it fulfilling. You like reading, you like writing; then be a writer. Write bboks that motivates you, inspires you or makes you happy. That way, you enjoy your life while earning. While others are getting paid great money but unhappy, you can earn a little but extremely happy. That's what really matters in life. To be happy on what you are doing. That way, we may enjoy our time while sustaining our needs, while being an inspiration to others.

Hope it helps.

High five.

1817 days ago
replied the topic Why do I wake up early when I'm still tired? created by Rice

Hi @Rice
I do suffer from the verry same situation.
Even how sleepy or tired I am still, I can't help but wake up early. Mind you, I wake up each day at 3AM. That's gross. No matter how much I tried to sleep again, I just can't.
The problem is the mind set and your body clock.
My fault is I developed a habit of waking up early to work and plan my stuff for the day. Thus, the body clock. Then the mindset of avoiding being late. Sometimes, if we train our mind not to be late, it develops a routine to wake up early and function even at the earliest. This is why nno matter how hard we try to come back to sleep, its just the mind that keeps us from doing so. There is just no focus on getting back to sleep, but the focus of our minds is on the work and the daily grind.
My advice (which I am currently doing) is to try to wake up early. Free your mind with the work stuff or stres. Do it for 28 days and develop a habit of getting a good sleep rather than waking up way too early. Avoid thinking of the next days daily grind before going to sleep, and make sure not to depend to your alarm clock. Having alarms makes our body so alert that we tend to wake up way before our alarm clock rings.

Hope it helps.
High five and happy sleeping.

1817 days ago
replied the topic Are there special holidays only in your country ? created by bike

Hi @bike

Yeah. Of course! Every country have special holidays celebrating the history and tradition of their country or some particular event. Say Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Religious Days/Days of Saints(depending on the religion of the country), and a lot more. Holidays were created to reminisce and take a look back on special events and past happenings or beliefs on a particular country. Mostly, special programs or activities were taken to give honor or appreciation for that particular day.
Also, having holidays gives extra time for the labor force of the country to spend more time to families, have vacations and the like; on top of their Work Leaves.

Hope it helps. High five and have a great time.

1817 days ago
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