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What is the best muscilation proteine ?√ answered5
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thank you !

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replied the topic What to do if If I want readers of my website to be able to download a free pdf report from my site? created by Teresita

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use internet download manager

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replied the topic Have your say on net neutrality. created by nathanq

I think the answer to this essentially comes down to a few different factors.
1. What are subscriber fees paying for?
2. Is all data equal (and therefore should be billed the same)?
3. What is the right way to bill for data?

TL;DR. It depends. I think either position is fine, but the business practices and policies of the ISP should be consistent. Pick one and be fair about the position. Fees should reflect actual costs and a reasonable profit margin and should not allow anyone to get paid twice for the same service (though getting paid once with partial payments from multiple parties is fine).

Subscriber Fees
Based on what I've seen in ISP marketing literature, investor information, and through public FCC filings, the ISP's are claiming subscriber fees are the primary means they claim to fund maintenance and growth of internet service infrastructure.

Based on what I've seen in their public media statements, subscriber fees only cover a portion of internet service infrastructure.

I don't think either is an unreasonable position, but ISP business practices, governmental regulations, and internet-based businesses should consistently reflect one of those positions.

Today, it appears to me that they are trying to have it both ways and hide the fact they are actually getting paid twice. This would be similar to UPS charging the sender $15 and the receiver $10 for a delivery, but not telling either party that the other has paid a fee. Then, telling investors it actually costs $5 to deliver that package and the media that they're being abused by the receiver.

Data Equality
Another question is why video services should be singled out as paying for bandwidth, but not all other service? If the data is treated equally (that is, the data packet gets the same priority in their network as any other), shouldn't the data be billed at roughly equal cost (to whoever pays for it)?

Why is there a difference in the payment demands between downloading 1024 1MB pictures from a social network or photo service versus streaming a single 1024MB episode from a video service? Shouldn't both services be expected to pay the same cost for the same "strain" they put on ISP's?

(Obviously, this is a simplification and you can measure "strain" on a network different ways--MB's is just an example)

This issue becomes even more confusing where a customer is paying per GB. In essence, the ISP has said that a packet of data is the same "cost" regardless of the type of service or time of day. So in that case, shouldn't the fees paid by service providers be the same per GB (if any) regardless of the type of service?

Billing Data
Exactly what is the right way to charge for data? Peak bandwidth? Bytes of data transferred? Number of connections? Latency?

If the cost of infrastructure should be shared between subscribers and video service providers, what's the right way to account for the usage of of infrastructure?

ISP's charge their customers by max theoretical bandwidth (not actual bandwidth delivered) and number of bytes transmitted (up and down).

Transit providers charge by peak bandwidth actually consumed (not theoretical).

Data centers charge by ports and floor space (among other factors).

Peering costs are one of or some combination of the above or completely arbitrary (and usually secret between companies).

These methods of billing are not exactly interchangeable. So which one is the right way to account for the strain on infrastructure? And how do we make sure that ISP's aren't getting paid twice for the same service?

1014 days ago
replied the topic Does anyone know of a proven site to make real money online fast? created by paulstrade

try these ! they are great

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replied the topic What are your hobbies? created by TrevorKith

i love going to the gym and reading !! also i like videogames :v

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replied the topic Website or application for learning a language created by 1633

you can install hellopal app in your can learn languages by speaking to other people with translating.

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replied the topic Do you celebrate April Fools' Day? created by nycc

no i don't.because i am a MUSLIM and proud :)

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KMP is the best ! :)

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replied the topic Take screen-shot of your Desktop? Which is more beautiful?? created by fantasticomid

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replied the topic How to clean kanken backpack? created by edge

mix a little soap with water and put the kanken backpack and immerse it well.then bring Toothbrush and start scrubbing Dirty places . :)

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replied the topic Can't open search box in Windows 10. created by seven

Check and repair corrupt Windows files :)

1675 days ago
replied the topic The reasons why you start deleting some of the friends in Facebook. created by walker16

sometimes because of thier posts !

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replied the topic What is the most beautiful place in the world? created by AbdelMtw

turkey_istanbul :)

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replied the topic Does pure friendship exist between men and women? created by snoopy

only if they are married :)

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