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replied the topic What is the most healthy time to sleep? created by timeis

best time to go to sleep according to nature is when it gets dark. back in prehistoric times we were not there yet but our ancestors where. they lived during the day and slept when it became dark. they would sleep for approximately 4 hours and the wake up again.
in this time (between lets say 0:00 and 02:00) predators would be asleep and we as the small little creatures we were back then used this time to gather the neccasery foods and stuff.
after about 2 hours we would go back to sleep again for another 4 hours after we would wake up around 06:00. this primal sleep pattern still excists within our brain today back when there was no electricity yet people would go to sleep when it started to get dark. they would wake up after 4 hours and do things like reading or other relaxing stuff before going to bed again until day.
so that's the answer according to our brainfunction.

according to our society: get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and get up with the sun so around 6:00 in the summer around 09:00 in the winter

1699 days ago
replied the topic Do electric fans contain radiation? created by smell

without the mean comment: heat radiation yes, electromagnetic radiation yes, other sorts of radiation no. :)

1699 days ago
replied the topic Are you married? if not married why? created by only_god

i'm not married because mariage is basically a contract and i don't like the idea of love being captured inside a contract.

in my opinion a contract makes lazy. you are married and therefor bound to the other by law which in turn means that you don't have to put in any efford to let this person stay with you.

i'd rather like the idea of not getting married and capture her love every single day by my words and actions instead of by a piece of paper and a ring.
the idea of both being free to go anywhere you want but deciding to stay with one person and to be able to make this decision every day to me is more beautiful then marriage.

1699 days ago
replied the topic How long can you run without stopping? created by ross

longest distance ever ran without stopping is 350 miles or 560 km by Dean Karnazes.

1699 days ago
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