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replied the topic How to avoid spelling mistakes created by jagadish321

Hi @jagadish321
The problem with today's generation is that we are used to of 'chat' words and we seldom write with proper punctuation and full spelling.

What I would suggest is

1- Never use shortcuts while chatting.

2- While preparing for exams try to take a mock test by yourself, and note down the words where you are getting confused.
Doing this you will know the correct spelling of words which are applicable in your context/syllabus
and you will build up writing speed so that you never miss any question.

Note: You can not learn words without context!

3- Try to link/compare words with each other. The basic example is Where-were, advice-advise, etc.

Hope this helps!

1711 days ago
replied the topic Who will you think of when you feel sad? created by daybyday

When I feel sad, I cut off with people/friends and go to a silent place(mostly roof) or take a long walk alone with earphones, listening random songs. There I think about why I am sad and I try to get to the root of the cause of my sadness. Most of the times I get a satisfying answer to cheer me up :)

If not, I try to keep myself busy by watching movies or doing some work and in a day or two it automatically goes.

1712 days ago
replied the topic Using browser to download youtube created by wuneyes

There are two ways.

1. Type Before youtube

Type 'ss' between 'www.' and ''.


2. Type After youtube

Add '1s' between '' and '.com/watch?v=8tniZrnnxkE'.


1712 days ago
replied the topic Chrome or Firefox? What do you think? created by MianhaeX


Definitely Chrome,

1. You can sign in to Chrome and save all your login id and password automatically at

2. Support maximum HTML5 functions.

3. Chrome extensions are coolest and you have more choice compared to others.

4. Sync all your extensions, history, bookmarks etc on all devices(Login Required). I love this feature the most!

1712 days ago
replied the topic Which browser is best? created by ellie

Google Chrome

1864 days ago
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