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Is a ping of -28ms good?√ answeredREWARD $1
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replied the topic Best source of courses created by pleaseAnswerMe

Yes, udemy. It contains many free courses and they always have daily offers and sometimes people consider it best source of programming courses If you're a programmer. I used it as a programmer

137 days ago
replied the topic How To Use Wi-Fi If I don't Have A Landline created by pleaseAnswerMe

MiFi is good, use it.
It's the only choice you have. If you don't believe me, check any video on youtube or search it.
However, it might depend a bit on the country you live in if it's bad and it might also sometimes disconnect.

137 days ago
replied the topic My (.pptx) file was damaged created by pleaseAnswerMe

Use this program it helped me a lot before:(
Hope this helps.

260 days ago
replied the topic Best free course to learn MySQL created by pleaseAnswerMe

go to:( and signup then search for "Free MySQL".
You can find many courses for free and for money and you can use udemy later when you need any other course.
Hope this helps.

260 days ago
replied the topic How to remove audio from video created by pleaseAnswerMe

use this site:(
hope this helps

260 days ago
replied the topic I can't find the file that will make me install code::blocks created by pleaseAnswerMe

Redownload the file or check the downloads panel in your browser.
Best way is to use a trusted place to download the program like sourceforge, or the original download site of the program itself.
But if you downloaded it from the codeblocks site search the internet on how to compile it, if you don't want to compile it download it from sourceforge which I highly recommend
Link For SourceForge:(
Link for Code::Blocks:(
Hope this helps you @pleaseAnswerMe

260 days ago
replied the topic Video does not play on instagram created by ChessKing

Maybe your browser isn't supported, so I think the best solution is to download a new browser if possible.
Most compatible browser with all sites: Google Chrome.
Hope this helps you

260 days ago
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