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right away... What should I do?5
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ow can computer games/educational simulations augment existing curricula; inspire new curricula?REWARD $2
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How long after eating possibly contaminated food would one suffer the symptoms of food poisoning5
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Do human beings have free will?5
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Do you think that the world will be a better or worse place 100 years from now?5
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Would you like your spouse REWARD $2
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Android wisecleaner apps√ answered5
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Why does nodding of the head √ answered5
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can you tell me how to get fat fast?√ answeredREWARD $2
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Hydel power plant √ answered5
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tell me But how much of it is important? What are the right things to do?√ answeredREWARD $620
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laptop volume problem√ answeredREWARD $1
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replied the topic I’m trying to delete a folder? created by metab

How to Use Wise Force Deleter to Delete Locked Files

Wise Force Deleter can help you forcedly and permanently get rid of any file that can’t be deleted by Windows. What’s more, it is an easy-to-use tool for Windows’ users and totally free!

Notice! Before deleting any file you must be sure that this file is not needed from Windows system or installed applications.

Step 1: Please download the program and install it on your computer. When launching this program, first to notice its user-friendly interface.

Step 2: You can add file which you want to delete of course it also supports dragging and dropping it directly. If you change your mind to remain it, please select the file and choose “Remove”.

Step 3: Choose the file you want to delete and click “Unlock & Delete” at the bottom right. And then you need to confirm whether to delete it in the pop-up window.

Step 4: After that choose “Yes”, in success operation information box. All added files will be deleted completely and they can’t be found in your recycle bin. In addition, please be noticed that the status of the file becomes “Deleted”.

Step 5: From here you will find more information about Wise Force Deleter like current version, and if you encounter any issue when using this utility, please contact our support team.

1844 days ago
replied the topic How do I change my license key? created by shahab

If you receive an error message (such as "Activation failed") during activation, it is likely because you already used your key when you installed your first computer. After activating your first computer with the activation key, you should receive an email from ESET with your username and password which should then be used to activate your remaining computers (reinstallations of ESET also require that you use your username and password).

When installing and activating on your second and third machines, follow the steps below:
On the second computer, insert your CD into the second machine or select your product from the Download page to begin your second installation.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install your product.
When you reach the Product Activation window, be sure to select Activate using Username and Password and complete the installation using your ESET-issued username and password.

1844 days ago
replied the topic If euthanasia is not acceptable, created by zubair

This term encompasses various initiatives to increase not the "quantity" of life of the patient - since we are here talking about persons in the terminal phase - but the "quality" of their lives.
First of all, it requires doing anything one can to relieve the physical pain. Thanks to specific medication (sedatives), this is possible in 95% of the cases.

It also means that the care of the patient must be regular: the washing of the patient must be done rigorously, to prevent bed sores (as they occur if a patient remains too long in their bed) waterbeds or air mattresses should be used; there should be water pulverizations of the mouth as it tends to become parched in many terminal cases; the use of a complementary source of oxygen should be made possible, and so forth.

But in addition to this physical aspect, palliative care includes all kinds of efforts to accompany the patient in order to spare him too great a moral distress as death draws closer. One must help the relatives and close friends to stay with the person if they so desire: a delicate task where attentiveness and availability are essential. Often it is volunteers, trained and backed by a psychologist, who can make themselves available to the patient and their family. Numerous examples show that, in these emotional moments, communication can be difficult: the presence of a third party might provide an emotional outlet for the patient who might not want to involve his family. Or, they might help the relatives take a break from their duties which can be exhausting.

A volunteer told us he had accompanied an elderly man who fell one day into a semi-comatose state. He went to the patient's bedside with the man's wife. Unaware whether he was conscious or not, the woman wanted to tell her husband, as the last proof of her love for him, what would become of her when he is gone: she would go back home and tend to their grandchildren and so on. The presence of a third party allowed her to keep talking which would not have been possible had she found herself alone with her unconscious husband.

In all cases, the patient who wishes to be informed about the physician's diagnosis should be told the truth: the person has the

1844 days ago
replied the topic I don't want children right away created by shahid

When we got married four years ago, we both wanted lots of children. After waiting a few months to get to know each other better, we started to think about having children. But it took four years, numerous medical exams and a couple of surgical interventions for me to learn on the very day of our fourth anniversary that I was pregnant.

To give an account of the complex and painful journey leading to that birth would take too long: I will merely mention some thoughts and reflections brought about by this ordeal.

To be sterile: what physical and moral torment! I had to learn to fight the guilt-ridden feeling which made me think: "It is my fault!". I had to remain courageous in the face of the doctors who were telling me: "Relax, think about something else...". And the family or friends who, overtly or not, tell you: "It is often psychological...". What a terrible thing to say even if it can be helpful: you are branded a psychological case and that is how people will look upon you from then on.

1844 days ago
replied the topic How do i disable f11 on an lg notebook created by kings60

it is not possible that you want

1844 days ago
replied the topic you want to indulge in at least once in your lifetime?” created by umairkhan

Agreed, except that I've told my SO about it. He is just not into it, which is fine.

1844 days ago
replied the topic who benefits the most - the team, the city created by rio1

A stadium subsidy is a type of government subsidy given to professional sports franchises to help finance the construction or renovation of sports stadiums. Most stadiums are made focusing to accomodate only the performing of one sport, which is often the national sport, for instance American football, Canadian football, Australian football, soccer, .... In some cases, the stadiums are multi-purpose, being able to be used for other sports as well, such as athletics, ...

Stadium subsidies can come in the form of cash payments, infrastructure improvements, and operating cost subsidies. The government funding to provide stadium subsidies comes from state or local (often municipal) tax revenues.

1844 days ago
replied the topic Why are left-handers called “southpaws”? created by moniter

The “American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language” cites the conventional wisdom that the word “southpaw” originated “from the practice in baseball of arranging the diamond with the batter facing east to avoid the afternoon sun. A left-handed pitcher facing west would therefore have his pitching arm toward the south of the diamond.” As the third edition of “The Dickson Baseball Dictionary” points out, however, that origin story is a little too simplistic. The earliest baseball mention of a “southpaw”—as found by Tom Shieber, senior curator at the National Baseball Hall of Fame—appeared in the New York Atlas in 1858, but in reference to a left-handed first baseman, not a pitcher. Boston Globe baseball writer and former ballplayer Tim Murnane also recalled in a 1908 edition of Arizona’s Bisbee Daily Review that a St. Louis newspaper had called him a “southpaw” in 1875 because he was a left-handed batter. Murnane adopted the term in describing pitchers “simply because they were left-handed, and not because they pitched the ball towards the sunny south on certain grounds.”

1844 days ago
replied the topic My foundation always looks cakey. What am I doing wrong? created by zubair

Currently, whenever I put foundation on, it always appears cakey, especially on my forehead. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've watched many youtube videos and I still can't seem to do a good job.

I have oily/combination skin. It's pretty oily in the summer and in the winter, my t-zone is dry. Right now, I am using Boscia detoxifying black cleanser twice a day. I use my Clarisonic in the morning with a sensitive brush and in the evening, I just use my fingers. I use the Boscia luminizing black mask once a week. I really love these products and would prefer not to change them. I don't have an issue with acne but I do have enlarged pores which I'm trying to hide.

As for moisturizer, I haven't really found one that works for me. I am currently using Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. When I first put it on, my skin feels so soft and amazing. But a few hours later, my forehead will start to feel greasy. Do I need a different moisturizer if this is happening?

I am currently using Kat Von B lock-it tattoo foundation. I usually use a brush to put it on. I've tried using a primer but I don't think it's really made a difference. I don't usually put on powder.

I really want more of an airbrushed look! Any tips or ideas? I am open to trying new products (although I really love the face wash I'm currently using).

1844 days ago
replied the topic What was your most enjoyable dream? created by khurm

My worst nightmare was reading your profile.

1861 days ago
replied the topic What was your best experience with drugs or alcohol? created by opera

We headed back to the hotel and we ate our muffins while they ate mushrooms. Minutes later I could not stop laughing and smiling. Simultaneously, my cousin was having a bad trip and started to yell for help and cry profusely. This just made the rest of us crack up even more. My cousin then began describing his problems. He yelled "I can't feel my fucking back...

1861 days ago
replied the topic older or younger than you? created by player

since my childhood I found my seniors more friendly and supportive. more than eighty percents of my friends are seniors to my age.

1861 days ago
replied the topic accident and became a paraplegic created by tiger161

You Can't Leave Some One Because Of A Disability .. What If You Were Disabled You Would Want Some One To Love You .. Treat Others How You Would Want To Be Treated .. & If You Would Have To Ask A Question Like This I Do Not Believe You Actually Love This Person

1861 days ago
replied the topic What yours favorite sport and why? created by alexpipa

American Football. Because the players risk their lives and health ---it's more pure than basketball. If you can't play up to NFL level, then they cut you. Very little guaranteed money.

1861 days ago
replied the topic Do you feel that advice from older created by rio1

yes absolutely

1861 days ago
replied the topic my friend were almost always late created by moniter

in my mind you simply allow for it.

1861 days ago
replied the topic He says he has lost his wallet created by metab

give a dollar and say 'may the lord bless ya'

1861 days ago
replied the topic Would you like to be famous? created by gabber

You would never ever get any intelligent person who would answer to question as positive because no body wants to be 'famous'! But you may get millions who would like to be someone. "Famous" is a term used by the 'others', not by the concerned individuals. It's not possible for one to declare oneself as famous! Same way, you can't be a celebrity until others accept you as so.

1861 days ago
replied the topic What do you ost strive for in your life created by doll1

Years ago Zedd or Anton Zaslavski is quite unpopular, but now who will not recognize Zedd especially if you follow Selena Gomez' Instagram. In the recent outings of the duo, who are collaborating for the next album of 22-year old brunette, they were seen dating far from any music studio.

1861 days ago
replied the topic Do you feel your childhood was happier created by mondy

The idea is that mutual vulnerability fosters closeness. To quote the study’s authors, “One key pattern associated with the development of a close relationship among peers is sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personal self-disclosure.”

1861 days ago
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