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Why Google Should Merge Chrome OS and Android?5
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Does using a command line interface help to be a programmer?√ answeredREWARD $2
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MIUI 7 Global Released: How to Download and Install It?5
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Help please, windows 7 professional installed but not validated√ answered5
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Which city was the destination of disappeared Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?√ answeredREWARD $2
1117 days ago
How many hurdles are there in a 400 metres hurdles race?√ answeredREWARD $3
1119 days ago, last commented by Arain
What is the literal latin meaning of trivia?5
1120 days ago, last commented by Haydiyah
What is a qirt.............?√ answered5
1121 days ago
Who was the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia?√ answered5
1122 days ago, last commented by Umar12
Who wrote the original tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?√ answered5
1122 days ago, last commented by Umar12
A palmiped's feet are more commonly called what?5
1122 days ago, last commented by crazyping12
What number did Michael Jordan make famous during his career with the Chicago √ answered5
1124 days ago, last commented by amish
In the 1991 film, what colour were the fried tomatoes made at the Whistle Stop Café?√ answered5
1123 days ago
Whose last words were 'The rest is silence'?√ answered5
1123 days ago, last commented by Umar12
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replied the topic Can I put my computer (tower) on its side, or does it need to stand up? created by Rana

HI@Rana It is likely that your computer will operate normally while laying on its side. However, unless the computer's manual specifically states that it is OK to place the tower on its side, I would keep it an upright position. This is because there are a few components inside the computer that may malfunction if the computer is placed on its side.

While most of the hardware inside the computer -- the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, and memory -- are solid state parts, there are a few components that have moving parts. The hard drive, for example, is spinning at thousands of rotations every second. If the hard drive is not designed to be used at various angles, it may wear down sooner than expected. While most hard drives can be used horizontally or vertically, it is best keep them in the position they came in.

The most common problem with tilting a computer on its side is related to the optical drive. When you put a CD or DVD in your computer, it spins very fast, just like the hard disk. If the drive is not meant to be used vertically, the disc may wobble and the computer will not be able to read it correctly. You may even have problems getting the disc into the computer when it is sideways. Optical drives that can be used vertically often have small levers around the edges of the CD tray that can be pushed over the CD to hold it in place. Some slot-loading optical drives can also be used vertically (i.e. the iMac G5), but many should only be used horizontally.

Whether or not you think your CD/DVD drive supports vertical positioning, it is best to check your computer manual to see if the computer can be placed on its side. The convenience of positioning the tower horizontally certainly isn't worth the hassle of replacing a broken optical drive or hard disk.

1090 days ago
replied the topic Why Taking Risks in M&A Should Pay Off? created by jonetar

The conventional way of thinking is that M&A deals fail to generate shareholder value, based on findings that look at near-term returns from often isolated transactions. In a recent study that the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School conducted in association with Intralinks, we examined approximately 25,000 companies over a 20 year period that involved in over 265,000 transactions, to evaluate the relationship between M&A and shareholder value creation.
Our research took a different approach from the conventional wisdom, looking across a company’s entire portfolio of transactions over a very long period of time, in contrast to most studies that look at individual deals in isolation. What we uncovered is that when a strategic approach is taken to M&A deal portfolio management, companies can significantly outperform the market and their peers.
The results of the research demonstrate that participating in M&A more often and engaging in a set of specific strategic activities will generate greater shareholder returns.
Common Attributes of Successful M&A Strategies
We closely evaluated the M&A strategies of the top performing companies (which we refer to in the report as “Excellent Corporate Portfolio Managers” or ECPMs) from a shareholder value creation perspective. The research revealed the common attributes in ECPMs’ M&A strategies which had a significant influence on their outperformance over other firms and market. Based on the findings, ECPMs:
• Have bolder M&A strategies, with greater execution risk such as going cross border
• Achieve faster deal completion
• Have greater engagement with financial sponsors and public companies
• Employ more all-cash consideration for acquisitions
• Undertake smaller acquisitions, relative to their own size
• Make a greater value of acquisitions than divestments
Being Bold
As highlighted above, the research revealed that ECPMs engage in a higher proportion of riskier business deals than other firms. Interestingly, ECPMs initiate a higher number of both cross-border and hostile deals in relation to their total M&A activity.
• Cross-border transactions account for 37% of total M&A activity deal value for ECPMs, compared to 26% of the value of all acquisitions by other firms.
• ECPMs make nearly 4x as much hostile acquisitions as other firms, accounting for 1% of the value of all acquisitions and divestitures, compared to 0.5% for other firms.
Source: Masters of the Deal: Part II Report
Findings from the study suggest that ECPMs are willing to engage in more risk taking in their M&A strategies, which can lead to higher performance, rather than taking the easy road with deals that are simple to achieve. When conducting interviews with some of the ECPMs, we spoke with one vice president of corporate development at a U.K. engineering firm that agrees with this result: “M&A is now a well-exploited strategy. The opportunities have therefore shrunk and risk-free deals are unlikely to yield the desired results. In the current environment, portfolio managers therefore have to take risks.”
The research suggests that ECPMs are also more strategic with acquisitions and divestments compared to other firms. As the chart above illustrates, ECPMs are highly engaged with private equity firms and public companies in regard to buying and selling assets. Results show that 10% of the value of ECPMs’ acquisitions and divestments are with a private equity firm, compared to 7% of the value of other firms’. Further, 50% of the value of ECPMs’ acquisitions and divestments are with another public firm compared to 43% of the value of other firms’.
So next time you want to play it safe with a deal, think again. A risky deal may just be what your M&A strategy needs. If you’d like to get a copy of the research to help inform your corporate M&A strategy
- See more at:

1101 days ago
replied the topic Which part of a snake supports its muscles and organs? created by Sanakmaster

Snakes need to support their own weight but unlike other animals don't have limbs to bear the load. It is the ribs that have to support all the muscles and organs of the body. Snakes have a large number of ribs. Some species have as many as 400!

Snakes do not have a breastbone, the ribs are attached at the top of each vertebra. This gives the snake lots of flexibility of movement.

1112 days ago
replied the topic Reptiles are cold-blooded, so how do they get warm? created by Sanakmaster

Snakes are cold-blooded which means they cannot regulate their own body temperature and must rely on the environment to heat and cool their bodies.

Desert snakes will bask on rocks to warm themselves up in the early morning sun. During the day, when it gets too hot, they

will look for shelter in rock crevices or burrows underground.

1112 days ago
replied the topic Need a quick reply about what to bring along with while traveling to a beach created by ZzMrXzZ

Headed to the seashore? Use our essential beach packing list to help you pack everything you'll need for a relaxed beach getaway. Best of all, it can save you money, since packing the right things now will keep you from having to repurchase items once you arrive.

What are your must-pack beach essentials? Share them in the comments!

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1116 days ago
replied the topic What's the connection? created by jerry21

Words that may have HOME in front of them.
(Hometown, homemade, homeowner, homebody, and homeland.)

1117 days ago
replied the topic Where in the world does the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival take place, which culminates in the burning of a Viking long ship? created by asif21

Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland.

1119 days ago
replied the topic In heraldry, what colour is vert? created by defender

Green colour is vert.

1119 days ago
replied the topic Would you like your spouse created by abcman

The smartest one might easily become condescending and let the the other one know who the "smart" one is. One wouldn't think a "smart" person would put their significant other down and take control, but it tends to happen.

1119 days ago
replied the topic What is the SI unit of luminous intensity? created by warrior

The candela is the SI unit of luminous intensity.

1120 days ago
replied the topic Which British Battleship was sunk, in 1941, by The Bismark? created by faisal21

HMS Hood was sunk, in 1941.

1120 days ago
replied the topic What does the Mongolic word 'dalai' mean, as in Dalai Lama? created by Umar12

Ocean the Mongolic word.

1120 days ago
replied the topic At which film festival does the best picture recieve the Golden Bear award? created by mirza

Berlin film.

1120 days ago
replied the topic Which is the world's smallest flightless bird? created by sam18

Kiwi is the world's smallest flightless bird.

1120 days ago
replied the topic Which musical featured the song They Called The Wind Mariah? created by mirza


1122 days ago
replied the topic Which Florentine woman was mother to 3 kings of France, and wife to another? created by Umar12

Catherine De Medici.

1122 days ago
replied the topic How many feet are there in a fathom? created by amish

6 feet are there in a fathom.

1122 days ago
replied the topic What is an otter's home called? created by awais

An otter's home is called HOLT.

1122 days ago
replied the topic Which floor covering is constructed by covering hessian or canvas with linseed oil, powdered cork and rosin? created by Zaaib


1122 days ago
replied the topic Which fiend terrorized the Hall of Hrothgar? created by walker

Grendel Hall of Hrothgar.

1122 days ago
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