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replied the topic Your opinion counts created by benchichya

it allows a window of opportunity into others minds, views and just their everyday thoughts. I enjoy reading the really silly request people ask. can you imagine needing to know why it's best to eat with a fork over a spoon. Those who attempt to answer such questions as i, must enjoy and appreciate this site. Keep it coming you different people for your counterparts such as I will attempt to bring some closer or pro idea a simple answer to all those of you who wish for just that.

828 days ago
replied the topic Chrome or Firefox? What do you think? created by MianhaeX

it depends on what you are trying to do. for example Firefox is great for programs that you would like to down load and run right away, games and using Microsoft Office. Browsing, searching, facebook, stuff like that, I would use chrome. Yet, they both work for what ever. You just get better results breaking it up.

833 days ago
replied the topic Why do most people choose dog as pet? created by walker16

dogs for many years have been portrayed as man best friend, their different stature provides for many different needs and serves many purposes. As a society dogs have cotinue to grow as a companion of ours, assisting humans from seeing, protecting and most importantly a companion. Now, it doesn't mean there are not other animals out there that don't or can't serve the same purpose. Yet, having a lion or an elephant running around freely would be a little too much.

835 days ago
replied the topic What makes you happiest ? created by lechihuy

to witness change. change among races, law and equality. to see children unaffected by influence. Our kids to today or very tolerant to all people.

837 days ago
replied the topic Travel without pay? created by Peel

After I returned from long missions (military ), I would take a 3 day or 1 week outing by myself. I would pay $8.00 for my permit, and pack enough water and food, and off I went to live (camp) under the stars. I would hike up and down the Colorado national park enjoying all that there is to see. Anything that occupied my mind was no more. Stress and anger was gone. I often came to terms with why God created this place.

837 days ago
replied the topic I want to get rid of windows 10 created by sammi

set your computer back to and earlier date, preferably one day prior to you making the change to 10

838 days ago
replied the topic What is your favourites animate cartoon series,?? created by aira_2016

He-man, it was the best. It provide action for all the you boys and girls imagination. The action went on and on. I couldn't wait until Saturday mornings.

838 days ago
replied the topic Help need medical advice created by youngs6

We as patient complain of pain and wishes to have it go away. You must first explain the type of pain and it's cause. were you working out, are you exercising or lifting weights, were you sick recently, have you had a cough or felt achy do to fever or some other illness or have you lost you mate. I can't imagine why you would ache all over without first knowing a little more about your signs and however if its body aches due to extraneous work take a hot bath if it's because you were ill and you're not allergic to anything take Tylenol or Motrin and drink plenty of fluids and go to bed however if it's because of a significant other keep Communication open and hope for the best good luck

839 days ago
replied the topic Pro Evolution Soccer or fifa created by elsayed2019

the more experienced gamer seems to choose the more life like game versus those such as I, who are satisfied just playing. For the true soccer fan, you seem to select the reality of such a world only you can identify. Play on, for the best experience is best for those who truly love the game.

839 days ago
replied the topic Best ways to make money online? created by Elderwand8

selling coins or collectable
find what people want and sell it on ebay. I made over 1200 in 2 days selling pennies

842 days ago
replied the topic Where to invest money on the Internet? created by Yuri

I don't think you will do well, using on line investment with a small amounts of money. making a small profit, with penny stocks are better

842 days ago
replied the topic Home country or abroad? created by airyl

depends on the country and pay. I would love to work abroad to allow the different experience. Not many opportunities will come to those with the ability to travel

842 days ago
replied the topic Traditional or homeschool? created by airyl

Depending on each family situations, for example, the social skills kids will need by way of interaction, and influence receiving this from public school will offer better opportunity. Kids, who or bullied, odd, anti-social, or who lack social skills will benefit those a little better. Now not all parents are available to teach their kids. Involving them in activities with other kids early in life has proven to have positive outcome.

842 days ago
replied the topic In real life you have everything, if you not happy why created by yassinhm

What makes a person happy is to be able do, live and enjoy what they like. Are you concern with how the others feel, if so then you ha e your answer. If not then do what you like and reschedule with the other, but be truthful. Being happy is good, but enjoying and getting what you want, the guilt will only last for a few minutes.

843 days ago
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