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Many users are now wondering: whether to use the power to charge the laptop without using the battery or not. Do I remove the battery and use the power source directly?

The answer is yes, but that will not be optimal. Due to the following reasons:

If you are less likely to move and fix your computer , you can use this option. However, if you regularly unplug and plug the battery, the contact area of ​​the battery with the laptop body is the copper dust will be dirty, long exposure will be exposed to the battery and lead to rapid battery drain. More serious can damage your battery and laptop . If your battery needs to be disassembled, it is important to clean it frequently.

Use a laptop battery or power source

Also, if you use a genuine charger, then no problem. But if you use the adapter purchased on the market and do not guarantee then you can not verify that the power supply provided by Adapter is stable. In addition, it should be noted that the grid factor where you live is also not stable. This will cause your computer to quickly crash components such as chips, motherboards.

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