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replied the topic Which kind of medicine do you think is safer? created by yoyoyo

of course I will choose herb medicine.

It's saver than cheMical medicine (that will be a weird thing in our body if we consume it too much)

God already give us Much blessing in this world,
if your throat is hurt, driNk a cup of hot leMon+honey
if you want to warm your body in a cold weather, just driNk a cup of hot ginger or hot chocolate.

btw, if you want to make your face(of acne) better, give lemon juice/tomato.
you also can make your skin look bright with leMon. just put it on the skin are that you want, leave it for 10 miNutes and after that, apply a cream/handbody.

1873 days ago
replied the topic The best way to give up smoking? created by Yvon

make Him reaLize that many people are love him. so maybe he will try to keep his body healty as long as possible in this world.

every time he's smoking, give him a candy. tell Him and make him eat that candy first. my uncle did that and it was work till now! Now , everytime he want to smoke, he eat candy and the mood (to do smoking ->somehow will be gone!)

1873 days ago
replied the topic how can i prevent my son from playing gamesoncomputer and playstation games? created by azzromyo

make a family date~ like go to camping/picnic/ aMusement park/ watch a movie/ swimming together every weekend.
also, if possible, invite cousin and the others(that close to your son), I am sure he will be interested to join that plan!

and if you want, you can Buy a special book just for your son, try to make Him make a diary every day. at least 1sentences a day. (if he lazy, just give him a reward every time he fiNish a diary), I am sure he will realized thay every he's doing is only playing and games......

when the mood it's already like that, try to speak with your son, maybe like... make him realize that every he just doing that. ask him "what so you want to be and what do you want to do in the future? everything is okay, just write it on a paper." (don't make it look sarcastic, I am afraid that your son will be angry with you and it would be hard to make him listen to you annymore.)
after asked that, make him write the answer in a paper like :
-i want to be a xxx
-i want to travel to around the world!
-i want to xxx
-blablabla etc

Personally, I think the point / solution is to make your son to reaLize about him self.

1873 days ago
replied the topic Good and a Bad question, who said? created by richkid

i think.. the good question is if the question have a (secret) "purpose". like... you want to know where's the toilet, you ask a security guard and
"they will answer"/guide you.

other example, a teacher is asking students in his class(even if the teacher's already knows about the answer), the teacher did that because s/he just want the students to think and make their brain work.

well it's Just my opinion. sorry if you don't like it. hehee.

1873 days ago
replied the topic How to make your PC runs faster? created by Danny

use wisecare 365.

do defragment

uninstall unneeded file

1873 days ago
replied the topic Is it OK if a teacher can't answer the students' questions? created by wency

I think... it's okay even if the teacher can't answer it, because... beside that question, I am sure, he/she has more kNowledges other than that question / the students. like... maybe s/he don't know about A thing, but s/he's know all of B-Z tHings.

1873 days ago
replied the topic what will you do when you have a throat pain? created by Ann

Usually, I will drink hot lemon water (+honey)

1873 days ago
replied the topic How to relax my mind before sleeping? created by hellen

listen music.

1873 days ago
replied the topic Christmas snow queen/santa clause gift delivering service in hong kong created by Deepblue and

1873 days ago
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