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math question for everyoneeeeeREWARD $25
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replied the topic What is the best thing in life created by zizou

a beautiful peaceful death. trust me. you dun wanna die gettin shot at, shredded by car or fell from a cliff n splattered your brain or riding a roller coaster and have it malfunction and have your head cracks to a railing. accidents. painful diseases. murdered. a lot of things can end your life whenever and however so.

a peaceful death is the rarest thing.

1765 days ago
replied the topic How to hack a wifi pasword? created by adnan_faisal1

dont be an a-hole man or karma gonna get ya.

get a linux or a vmware with linux. all in all, not worth it.

1832 days ago
replied the topic How to understand fast spoken English? created by carlasss

play English games with dictionary next to you. Listen to a story-like hip hop songs like Eminem lyrics video (this is how i first started to understand fast spoken english).

well this is how i learnt english. school didnt do nothing to help lol. games.. games and music lyrics. I refer eminem or tupac or similar artist because their rap song are really long and detailed with a bit of streets casual foundation (meaning you wont sound stuck-up formal english like they taught you at school and people are more comfortable with a casual english).

finally you gotta have a.. passion for learning the language (not giving up attitude) . i meant i really wanted to learn english because i knew english is kinda the world mediator in terms of communication, also cuz games. good games are in english lol.

1834 days ago
replied the topic How the terrorism can be removed from the world? created by adnan_faisal1

terrorism is just one. there's criminals like rapists, smugglers, white collars criminals, in-government bribery, corporate capitalism, gap between riches & poor, people who are obselete of evil happening around them (see no evil, hear no evil, speaks no evil), the extinction of righteous men & women, extinction of self-dignity, extinction of being shameful.

i mean look around. what is the DIFFERENCE between our age and the medieval? we still have people who acts like bandits, still have corrupt governments.

the only major difference is evil is being celebrated while good is being labelled as self-righteous and shunned away as "racist".

if you ask me. Humanity is begging for a reset button. an apocalypse. an all-out war. something that will reduce our numbers to the thousands.

you dont even understand how terrorism works. it has something to do with the rich shunning away the poor out of "not noticing them". i mean look at these "terrorists" they live in the desert, poor, have family just like you. not a bit modern to say the least and being bombarded with advanced weaponry. The US can clearly wipe them off if they wanted to so its safe to conclude that there is SOMETHING made them resort to it and whatever it is. it is sinister and it is manipulating you because you are asking this stupid question.

but yes. a global war would cure human. there is no civilization on earth that doesn't cure itself without destroying itself. we are no different than those civilizations. we will fall and once again resurrect. return to zero.

1834 days ago
replied the topic Riddle of life :)!!!!!!!!!! created by wizzarD1

Hen. because:
1. Everything is too organized to be a coincidence
2. Somebody out there is rewriting history to own the world
3. This question is a way to create conflicts

here's another 0.02$:
people who doesn't take sides are called the "half-arse" . they're the epidemic of the New World Order. like a donkey that doesn't know where to go.

well food for thoughts!. pick your side.

1871 days ago
replied the topic i am addict to cigarettes? created by azzromyo

hahaha im 24 and i became chain smoker since i was in college due to ass loads of stress.

HERE's my tip.. turn to vaping and roll-up cigarettes :). switch back and forth to cigs.
it will minimize your smoking counts and roll-up cigarettes is an art and takes time. so it slows you down.
keep a packet of cigarette for emergency craving and put it far away or hard to reach places.

im down to 1-2 sticks per day and no longer waking up feeling like i just got strangled by someone.

theres tobacco flavor for vaping btw. dont pick the fruity one, the fruity ones just gonna make you smoke a real cig. plus vaping takes maintenance on the device which you can find in youtube. so again it will take your minds off cigs and focus on maintaining your vaping device, perfecting your roll-up cigs and before you know it. you're smoking lesser & lesser.

1933 days ago
replied the topic Why does nodding of the head created by abcman

i dont believe in charles darwin first of all.

its because when you nod you lower your head to the thing that is implied to you.

"hey man wanna go hang out at the usual place tonight?"

you're nodding means you agree or submit to that idea or proposition like if you lowering your head to anything that you respect, its a submission at a degree. while shaking put your eye-sight in a straight line. and moving your head from the source of the proposition over and over, gesturing that you don't like it or you disagree or refusal of submission.

why why why? because humans can think and reads from signs. not cuz we used to be baboons lol.

animals does this too however, like cats, dogs and monkeys. cats and dogs lower their head signifying submission or fear. monkeys however, ever heard the phrase "monkey see monkey do."
if they been taken care by humans for a long time. obviously they will try to mimic us.

its like a parrot who can repeat what you just said. so does that mean... our ancestors is actually a PARROT. food for thought.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Is it bad to have supper 1-2 hours before going to bed? created by Yvon

nope, 1-2 hours? i think minimum to wait is 2 hour or 1 hour & 30 minutes. so you're pretty all right.

the one that is not okay is if you eat and go right into bed :V.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Do I need AVG Antivirus? created by Monitor

yes all antivirus eats up resources. AVG.. is probably one out there that is pretty sloppy but does it job. just be careful not to click "next next" in the installation menu.

you should use Bitdefender from malwarebyte instead of AVG if you have to though.

personally i dont use anti virus because i dont open up weird softwares or download weird stuff. even if i do which is from torrent sites. i just scan my computer with eset online virus scanner, rkill from bleeping computers, and adwarescan from i forgot where but supposedly its a website for computer techs, geek troopers? i forgot. and check my process & services for unfamiliar .exe or .dll and such.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Your summer vacation created by moniter

i hibernated.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Advice on buying a gaming laptop? created by Arther

Alienware or ASUS. i highly recommend either these 2.

number 1 is Alienware no doubt. did you see their commercial? "Portable Powerhouse." . it says it all.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Which season do you like best? Why? created by Ann

autumn, cuz dead leaves and that breeze of trees goes into hibernation just drills in your nose.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Can I install Mac OS on a Windows computer? created by MichaleBurrows

yeah you can but.. like SetupComputers mentioned earlier, driver supports different, as in, the experience will be slightly different than using a real MAC machine. as long as you know what you're doing. it will run smoothly.

hopefully these answers can help you with your decision.

1955 days ago
replied the topic what is the best time to eat fruit in a day? created by Tim

when you feel low on energy. or sleepy.

1956 days ago
replied the topic what is the most important thing in your life? created by claire

My family used to be from noble status. rich, got lots of lands and owns a lot of real estates.

stuff happened and we got to average commoner class.

the most important thing in my life is redemption. i want my lineage rights back.

1956 days ago
replied the topic organic evolution? ? ? created by doll1

i dont see any talking monkeys so far.

1956 days ago
replied the topic ideas about a womens created by zubair

these days?

anything but a virgin.

1956 days ago
replied the topic IQ is miraculous, can it be improved? created by nicole

i believe righteousness is more miraculous these days.
you can have a 1000 IQ level but still act like an animal.

like that girl who's a genius but ends up selling her rear for a living.

its like so you got 1500 IQ so what? do you earn money? you got job? do you know your passion? do you know what to do for the rest of your life?

you can have an IQ of 50 and below yet still achieve success for as far as i'm concern and seen around me.

1956 days ago
replied the topic A mother's love...... created by alvindgreat

im an action kinda person, less talk more walking . i give money to my mum and take her shopping or an expensive spa treatment to prove it.
cuz i seen a lot of people say they love their mum but they end up doing stuff that makes her sad.

action speaks louder than words.

1957 days ago
replied the topic How to tell my friend to pay attention to her table manners? created by hellen

wow look at all these complicated answers.

lol real answer is just straight up tell her what you feel but not too harsh.

sure she's gonna be sore about it at first but SHES NOT YOUR BABY. shes like you, she can make her own decisions, choose her own friends, be what she wants to be. people are like "ohhh you can change her totally by doing this this that." and post .. lroflmao.. freaking anime picture of a BABY LOL XD.

lol thats bullshit if i ever heard one. you have to tell her, thats your role as a good friend. and whether she wants to take your suggestion or not is completely up to her as a human being who can make their own decision. on your part. you should accept her as what she chose to be.

1957 days ago
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