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replied the topic Time limited after defrag ?? created by woodland1954

What 'Shut down after Defrag' means is that once the defragmenting process has completed the computer will shut down. Depending on how defragmented your disk is (and that is determined by the number of programs you install and uninstall), i.e. if your disk is badly defragmented it will take longer. The computer doesn't turn off until the defragmenting process is completed. Then the computer turns off. it's totally automatic, so once you set the defragmenting process going you can forget it. If you come to your computer later and it is still on, that means the defragmenting process is still going on. Most defragmenting processes now run in the background so you can still carry out work while the defragmenting process is going on, but if you are creating something (e.g. a word document, excel sheet or art work) ensure you save regularly just in case the computer does turn off at the end of the defragmenting process. Not sure whether you get a warning message as I never use the turn off option as I leave my computer on sometimes for days.

Reading your question seems to imply that you think the defrag process goes on while the computer is turned off. If this is what you think, it is wrong. The defragmenting process is not carried out when the computer is turned off, it can only work when the computer is turned on. Once the computer turns off it means the process is completed.

I hope I have explained myself adequately?

694 days ago
replied the topic What can I eat that will reduce calories in my body. created by selcinor


If you are trying to lose weight, the only really effective way is to eat exactly the same things you normally do, but eat less of them. If you cut out more of the carbohydrates such as any starchy foods (eg potatoes, rice, pasta and bread) you can lose weight quicker. I've been eating virtually the same things as I always eat apart from bread and I've cut down on things like chips and rice, but I still eat them, just in moderation and I've lost almost two and a half stones (approx. 16Kg) since late June just by eating less of everything. Though a couple of times a week I treat myself excessively to something I really like such as a large tub of sorbet, or ice cream. I found the first three or four days of my self inflicted diet the hardest as I almost always felt hungry, though drinking flavoured water took the edge off that. After those days I got used to eating less and now if I try to eat what I used to it makes me feel bloated and sick.

If I do get hungry now, which considering I'm eating at least half of what I used to is actually rare unless I'm really active (compared to my usual activity) I have a bag of dried fruit and nuts that I make up myself by buying each item separately and mixing them together. A small handful of those helps to get over any hunger pangs, plus they are full of essential minerals, fats and also give an energy boost.

Trying to eat things you are not used may initially give you an obvious weight loss, but it's rare that anyone can keep up such diets.

With respect to exercise, I am disabled and unable to do any form of exercise because if I try , I end up in agony (I was hit from behind by a speeding car travelling at over 60 mph while cycling to work 11 years ago - I used to cycle 40 miles every day - to keep myself fit and save money on transport. I was sent home from the hospital a few hours after arriving after being told all that was wrong with me was a sprain and bruising, but in reality I had a serious head injury that left me brain damaged and four broken vertebrae, 2 of which were serious. I lost almost 4 inches in height and now suffer from chronic pain because of the lack of treatment. So, exercise isn't actually necessary to lose weigh, but it can really help if you have the time and inclination to do it. In fact exercise can increase your metabolic rate and help lose weight much faster. I reckon I'd have lost at least double what I have if I'd been able to do some proper workouts as well.

In the same period I've been dieting, my wife has been doing the same, but not as strictly, plus she had gone for a 4 mile run every day plus two swimming sessions each week with some gym work and has gone down two dress sizes and looks fabulous. I can't tell you how much weight she has lost because she won't weigh herself.

Good luck whatever you do to lose weight. I hope you are successful.


You won't lose fat by eating less fat, in fact, generally cutting down on fats (unless you eat excessive amounts can be bad for you because the compounds found in fats such as essential fatty acids are essential for body growth and repair as well as for virtually every thing else such as hormone production etc. Most of the fat stored in the body is actually derived from the carbohydrates you eat. Basically what happens is any excess carbohydrate you've eaten is firstly converted to glucose then converted to something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is used by the body to carry out virtually every process in your body, it drives chemical processes. Excess ATP is then converted via various biochemical pathways back to tri glycerides and thence to fats and stored as Adipose tissue under the epidermis (skin) and within the abdominal cavity. It has been shown that cutting out carbohydrates for a couple of weeks and only eating proteins and fats actually increases the metabolism of fats because fats are the next in line after carbohydrates in the production of energy. Once the body has started to metabolise fats easier, you can then start to eat carbohydrates again, but in smaller amount. This keeps the fat burring metabolism working effectively and fats will burn off a lot quicker than previously. A doctor caller Dr Atkins first proposed this type of diet and it famously became known as the Atkins diet. One side effect of the Atkins diet is however a lack of energy for the fist few weeks, which if you are a busy person and say have to drive long distances to work, could have catastrophic effects, i.e. falling asleep at the wheel, or if operating dangerous machinery, you'd be more prone to accidents. however, the Atkins diet can be an excellent tool to lose weight and increase your metabolism.


Other ways to reduce your weigh is to count your calories. Me and my wife tried this several years ago, and managed to lose about a stone over 4 weeks, but it was just before Christmas and we ended up putting all the weight back on. Still, if you find out the calorific values of each food per 100g, you can make sure you are eating around or below the recommended amount of calories for your weight and height and lose weight that way.


I suggest Googling the key word's phrases such as ''how to increasing metabolic rate'' or ''calorific values of essential foods (or just foods)', ''essential foods for good health'' or combinations of those. You'll get loads of information that should help in your quest.


695 days ago
replied the topic It is true that the Gulf Stream stopped? created by Yuri

No the Gulf Stream which runs from the inter-tropical zone towards the coast of Europe hasn't stopped. It does however move slightly. If the Gulf Stream had stopped we would be faced with massive weather changes in the Northern hemisphere. Its what gives Europe it's mild winters and temperate summers. If the gulf stream stopped we would see much more extremes of weather. Winters would be much colder on the coasts of Europe and the summers much hotter. It could even lead to an Ice Age.

715 days ago
replied the topic How to make money in your spare time? created by heaven

It's also easy to lose money in stocks.

Set up a web site with something that will interest people, for example a hobbyist site such as gaming. Reviewing games can be a pleasant aside and can draw in lots of users. What you then do is approach businesses that are related to the theme you've created on your web site, for example, if you chose Games, you could approach Game UK or other digital gaming sellers who will allow you to sell their games via your site and you get a cut of the profits. Also advertising on your site can bring in a decent amount of cash, especially those that earn you money whenever someone visits your web site rather than the ones where you have to click on them.

Other ways to make money in your spare time would be to let out a spare room in your home to a lodger. I know that one could be a little daunting, but can earn you loads of money in the long term. You just have to make sure you get the right person.

Take up an online working from home job that requires you to sit at your computer. Or take up other part time jobs, for example a friend of mine needed a new car, but with having just purchased his home he was short of cash, so he contacted one of those companies that delivers fliers/ telephone directories/yellow pages etc. and now earns a decent amount. He managed to save for a decent second hand car in just over six weeks. The earnings from delivering were so good he left his old job and now delivers full time. Such jobs pay you on the number of deliveries you make. You can work as long as you like and deliver what you like as and when you have the time.

Finally you could take a risk and get a second mortgage and buy a second home which you can then rent out. I have done this and now earn more from the rental than the pension I can expect when I retire. Of course initially you may require some capital for a deposit on the house and some spare cash just in case the house needed repairs. Doing it without an agent is better because their fees are ridiculously high for what they do.

755 days ago
replied the topic How to delete a question in this site created by kessili_rachid

I presume you are talking about your other question 'How To Keep Your Marriage Fresh'?

As I've not posted a question I cannot be sure, but, when posting do you have the ability to edit the question? If so, maybe you could change the question, or just edit it to nothing (i.e. remove every word and leave it blank). If you can edit ,but can't remove everything, think of something else to replace the original question.

Of course if that is possible, some of the answers that have already been posted may seem a little odd to outside observers. You could message anyone who has replied and ask them to edit their answers as well. Of course that will depend on whether you can edit the original question. I hope you can.



756 days ago
replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi

There are various tactics that yo can use. I used to be very similar but finally followed my troop officers recommendations. He said to me (after giving me a short lecture on how I was always trying to please everyone around me). Firstly, be assertive. No one is going to think less of you if you choose to say no to something, in fact you're more likely to gain respect. It's too easy to say yes to everything. Secondly, never justify why you made your choice unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. you are going for a job interview, or someone is pointing a gun at you). Always stay true to yourself. Don't let anyone sway you with rewards/ backhanders etc.

Speak out when you think something is wrong and don't agree to anything until you've though things through. sometimes what is on offer is like a Trojan horse, with hidden depth that you may regret later. If someone expects an answer right away, there's usually some catch to it, so I'd always say no, or at least say I really need to think about it.

Sometimes you really have to grit your teeth and just get on with what you believe to be right. If someone is trying to persuade you to do something that you are not comfortable with, tell them. if they continue to insist, just walk away. It really isn't worth your health. Stress is a killer. You must stop stressing over these issues and just get on with what you believe in.

Sorry if the above is a little scattered brained, I'm full of morphine after nearly being killed by a speeding car and because of the opiates I'm half asleep. If I have time (or remember) I'll try to put things a little more logically over the next couple of days.



775 days ago
replied the topic Hidden files appwise created by gsol3

You can make all hidden files visible by going into folder/file explorer options (called slightly different things depending on which operating system you are using), which is found in the Control Panel.. There are three tabs in Folder options General, View and Search. Click on the View tab and from the list that you see, select the circle labelled Show hidden files, folders and drives. It's about the sixth or seventh in the list. This will make all hidden files visible in windows. You can still tell the difference between a normal visible folder/file/drives and those that are usually hidden because all hidden folder, files and drives that you've made to appear look slightly faded.

it's called file options in Win 10

777 days ago
replied the topic ANY FREE SOLID INTERNET PROTECTION created by bbrady104

Hi, At the moment you can get both of the following 'commercial' products for free from Shareware-on-Sale ( ); you'll also find loads of other deals that come up regularly on S-O-S. I've seen several security suites that usually cost upwards of $40 or more recently. Of course you can't run them all as some conflict with each other, though I've found running them manually does allow you to install more than one (for extra security). Not all suites allow you to install manually, but I recommend it as it stops the programs being added to your start up folder. The more you have in that, the slower your computer boots up and the slower it will run due to all of the background programs running. If you do opt to install them manually, you must remeber to turn at least one on once the computer has booted up.
a shortcut on the desktop enables you to do this quickly.

1) ... Zemana Antilogger Premium 1 year license that usually costs $30. The deal ends Saturday morning 8am. You can get it for free until then from the following link:

2) ... Bit Defender Internet Security 6 month license that usually costs $30. This deal ends Friday 2nd Sept morning at 9pm (UK time). You can get it via the following link:

If you miss either or both of the above, keep checking Shareware-On-Sale as they do have regular giveaways. I'd also check two other free software sites called BitsDuJour, which also give away security software as well as other software regularly. You can find BitsDuJour via the following link. (There's no security software at the moment, but I recommend that you keep checking. They usually have around 4 free software apps each week):

Finally there's also The giveawayoftheday site (up and running since Oct 2006) that gives away software every day. You do have to install whatever's on offer on the day of the giveaway. They also give away usually paid for security regularly, so are worth checking out every day. at the weekends they also give away games. All three of these sites, i.e. SharwareOnSale, BitsDuJour and TheGiveawayoftheDay sites are excellent and safe sites to download software from. there's no adware and all downloads are clean. The giveawayoftheday site does use a Themida based wrapper to protect the executables from hackers. Themida sometimes sets of anti-malware programs because Themida can also be used to hide malware, but I assure you the programs downloaded from the giveaway site are totally safe.

Only just seen your question, otherwise would have given you more notice. I hope you see this in time to get the free commercial anti-malware suites as both are highly recommended by others.

Other totally free (always) security suites include the following:

1) ... Malwarebytes -

2) ... Avast! Free -

3) ... Avira Free -

4) ... Microsoft Security Essentials -

5) ... AVG Free -

6) ... Avast Free Antivirus -

7) ... Clamwin -

8) ... ComboFix -

9) ... Panda Cloud AntiVirus -

10) ... 360 Total Security Essentials -

11) ... Comodo Firewall + Antivirus -

12) ... Outpost Security Suite -

14) ... Norton Power Eraser -

There are others, but the ones I've listed I've used previously and have not had any problems running them. I have five computers running here at home, so like to use the free stuff otherwise it would cost me a fortune each year updating commercial anti-malware suites. (I missed out number thirteen as I'm superstitious, lol) I often wonder whether the security developers are sometimes responsible for the virus's, so as to perpetuate their products?

Oh yeah, one more has just come to mind. It's an anti adware program called Adaware by Lavasoft. There is a free version that works extremely well, and which has been around for over a decade. I highly recommend it. You can get that one via the following link:

I recommend you Google the products I've listed to see what others think of them. Generally all of the above get good responses from the community, but not everyone is happy.

Good luck. I hope you manage to get one or both of the deals I mention at the top of my comment. I highly recommend Zemana Antilogger but can't say about Bit Defender yet as I've only just installed it for the first time. Neither seem to conflict with each other, though I'd install Bit Defender first as it does say during installation that other anti-malware suites should be deleted first. (Most of the big companies say this, but it's not always necessary as some will run concurrently). I have installed one with start up privileges, the other gives you the option during installation to use it manually, which I chose (Zemana) as it seems to stop conflicts as I can run it when I want to scan otherwise it's not running all of the time.

Edit ....... Tue 5th Sept - Shareware-On-Sale have several commercial anti-malware programs available at this time totally free (these are not the free versions):

Panda Global Protection -

Panda Internet Security 2016 -

Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 -

McAfee Antivirus Plus 2016-

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 -

AVG Internet Security 2016 -

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 2015 -

p.s. you'll need to copy and paste the links I've added above as the hyperlinks have not included the whole of the address. Clicking on any one of the Shareware on sale links will take you to the home page instead of the actual deal. If you copy and paste the whole address it will take you to the correct page.

780 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite weather? created by finefin

It really depends on my moood. Sometimes I love crisp, mornings with hoar frost coating everything. There's nothing like going for a brisk walk early morning as the sun is rising, with a light coating of hoar frost on everything. The light you get feels pure and unadulterated. At other times I've loved the dark clouds of a rain storm, especially when I'm out on the moors. Sheltering behind a dry stone wall watching the squalls of rain fall from the heavens, feeling safe fron the battering wind and rain. It's such a beautiful sight. Even better is when the clouds break to let shafts of sunlight through, creating fantastic rainbows. I used to be a motorcyclist and loved mixed weather. One of the most beautiful sights I ever saw while travelling from Liverpool to Manchester while working for Pony Express (a courier service) was a myriad of rainbows, created by the splahes of cars while they sped through pools of water running off the carriageway, literally thousands of them, with a massive rainbow curving across the sky in front of me. I've only ever seen the sight once but I live in hope to see it again.

I also like walking in the countryside after a snowfall. Everything looks so beautiful and clean. The sun, reflecting off the snowflakes, creating thousands of glittering sparkles while I'm walking to my destinations and the crunch of the fresh snow as you stride through the snow drifts. They remind me of my childhood when I imagined a fairy like world exisiting amongst those scintillating reflections. The luminous quality of the light was like a million diamonds reflecting the lights from the stark white of mercury lamps or the garish yellow of sodium lights that I used to pass on my way to my grandmothers, while being carried on the shoulders of my grandfather. I love those days also because during the day the atmosphere is bright and crisp, with views seemingly extending for many miles compared to the hazy days of summer, with no heat reflections to contend with, everything, even 50 miles away, can clearly be seen (I refer to looking at the peaks of the lake district from my favorite hill - called Pendle hill, where you can also spot the famous tower at Blackpool). Finally there's nothing like a good thunderstorm. Watching the forked lightning shoot across the sky lighting up nearby trees briefly and outlighning the clouds in searing blues, purples, pinks and reds.

854 days ago
replied the topic OPTIMAL POWER SUPPLY FOR PC created by maren

If you know the ratings for each piece of hardware, it should be easy enough to work out how much your computer requires when it is idle. The problem comes when you start to use the computer. Power consumption will increase depending on what applications you are using, and the number of background programs running on your system; for example, a graphically intensive program such as a video or photo editing program, or an art program or a graphically intensive game may use a lot more energy than say a word document would. That said, from the description you give of your computer integrated graphics cards are not noted for their power, so I presume you don't use the computer to play games? If you did you'd be limited to games with low power requirements such as older arcade games.

The first modern computer I owned, and one of only two I've ever purchased for myself (not counting laptops and pads) was a single core 1.8GHz cpu with integrated graphics and audio, with one HDD and 1 GB of RAM and only one exhaust fan; (the first I purchased was a 368 back in 1990) That computer had a 250W cpu and was purchased summer 2001. The next computer I owned was self built about a year later and had a 400W psu and was similar to what you describe with respect to hardware, that said I was only using a low speed i.e. 2.0GHz dual core cpu at the time. If your computer is relatively new, it's more than likely got a quad core cpu with faster clock speeds so will definitely have higher power requirements.

I remember the first time my 400W computer wouldn't turn on after upgrading my graphic card, I initially couldn't figure out what the problem was. As the graphic card was the only change, I thought it must be faulty so removed it and the computer booted up okay again. I was going to return the graphic card, but reasoned that even if it was broken, the computer should still have turned on because the graphic card was not part of the main circuitry (I used to work as an electromechanical engineer, so knew enough about electronics to figure that out). I phoned the tech department of the shop I purchased the card from and they asked me what the power rating of my PSU was as well as details of other hardware. When I told him, he suggested the PSU was the most likely culprit. I was intending adding more RAM and a new sound card (as well as the new graphic card I'd already purchased), to replace the integrated chip, so reasoned buying a new PSU would be a good investment; so I bought a higher rated power supply. At the time anything over 500W was very expensive. Each extra 100W added an enormous amount of cash to the purchase price, but I figured I'd be wanting to upgrade most of the hardware and add more hard drives and fans, so figured that I should go for more than a 500W psu . The retailer pointed out that if I went over the 500W after upgrading everything I'd only have to buy yet another psu. I did want a 600W but they didn't have any in stock at the time and I was keen to get my computer up and running, so opted for the next rating up, which they did have in stock, a 700W psu. I reckoned that would be okay for a total upgrade in future.

It would be easier to give a more informed answer to your question if we knew the CPU model you have installed and the size of your RAM sticks to know whether a 400W or 500W PSU was needed. If you have a quad core cpu more energy is required so the 500W would be a safer choice. 400W may still work, but if power requirements spiked above 400W the power suppy may cut out and there would be a danger of damage to either components on your motherboard or the cpu itself.

I've still got one of my older computers running with a 500W PSU, that has a 2.4GHz dual core AMD CPU, four 1GB sticks, four hard drives (all older ones with the older IDE 40 pin connectors), an older NVidia (AGP connector) graphics card with only 256MB of gRAM , a older Sound Blaster Audigy X2 card and four exhaust fans, one RAM fan enclosure that has two mini fans installed and rests above the four RAM sticks to help cool them down, plus a hard drive fan for the main hard drive. The computer still runs perfectly with all of that hardware and the 500W psu, though i no longer paly graphically intensive game son it becasue the graphics card is too underpowered to play anything newer than about 8 years. I did a calculation when i was upgrading and the power consumption came to about 450W, so reckoned the 500W PSU was fine. I actually got the PSU included with another case I'd purchased for another build, otherwise I'd probably have purchased a higher rated PSU to be sure there would be no problems if power spiked above the limit of the psu plus also to add some more upgradability to the computer. Thankfully I have no need of that particular computer since I've built several more computers for my children and wife plus more for LAN parties with friends and family since that build, so have never needed to upgrade it further. It's now stored in the attic and the only time I've had cause to use it for the past few years has been when I've been upgrading our main computers, been spring cleaning them (I tend to strip all of them together to clean out the accumulated dust and fluff), or I've had breakdowns. When it has been used, it's only to play some of my older games that I've not bothered to install on my newer computers and for access to the internet and word processing.

859 days ago
replied the topic Crysis and Far Cry 3 created by HatsuneMiku

Crysis is still one of my all time favorite shooters. It's nothing like Far Cry 1, 2, 3 or 4. Despite it's age (almost 8 years old now) it still got amazing graphics and in my opinion is the best of the three Crysis games available (not counting Crysis Warhead). You have some excellent weapons and most of the environments are destructible, for example, you can destroy most buildings. Drive all vehicles including tanks and Humvee's as well as local cars. And use the assault crafts. All military vehicles are equipped with 50 cal machine guns that are very useful at destroying the op-for. What makes this game stand out from most other shooters is the suit you wear, which gives you certain powers such as extra strength, or defense against bullets or an invisibility shield, though these powers are limited as they drain energy that needs to be recharged before you can use it again. The invisibility shield is very useful when you want to by-pass op-for without a fire fight, or for sneaking up on them. The extra strength enables you to make giant leaps to gain access to higher ground etc, or you can use it to throw your enemy tens of meters etc. The game has day and night cycles and looks amazing when the sun is setting.

I've played the game over several times. I also used to beta test custom made maps made by one of the modder's of the game called Hayabusa.. I even had a map named after me. There are loads of custom content available for the game, plus of course the add-on Crysis Warhead.

At the moment Crysis costs £9.99 or with Warhead £14.99, but the best time to pick Crysis up will be at the end of this month (June) when the Steam Summer sale starts. You're likely to get it with at least 75% off or more. You can find it on Steam HERE.

There's also a couple of videos worth watching to see the various suit enhancements and the look of the environment:

860 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about game zombie fallout? created by rahman115

If you like shoot 'Em Ups you'll love this. It's similar to most shmups in that it has various weapon upgrades and boss battles. Whats cool about this game is the 3D aspect and various environments you visit. Whereas most shoot em ups are either vertical or side scrolling shooters. Also you have an anime character who you control. There's also interactions with other NPC's when you end a level and stats tables that show your progress. As you progress through the game you are rewarded with various items such as rare gear, for example combat armor that helps to protect you from taking hits. You can also pick up other weapons as you move through a level and gold. As you level up your attribute points are improved for example hit points that can be taken, defense attack, critical hit chances and accuracy are also improved. You are also awarded skill points which can be exchanged at the end of a level for skills and talents.

I'd say go for it. I found it a lot of fun to play and I'm 60 years old.

860 days ago
replied the topic NVIDIA Control Panel Crash on Windows 10. Can anyone help? created by jeriel0205

I'd totally delete the software then reinstall it. Make sure all of the entries are removed from your registry by opening up the registry editor (type regedit into the search field, then click on the registry icon). Once opened type in key words associated with the software you want deleting. Though don't delete the actual NVidia driver references, only those that reference the control panel . Once you've deleted an entry press f3 to go to the next entry. Be careful when deleting entries though. I'd advise backing up your registry first just in case you accidentally delete something that you weren't supposed to.

Alternatively, as someone else has already mentioned reinstall Windows, or preferably do a repair of the operating system.

I'd also consider whether another program you have installed that is running in the background is causing the program to crash. It could be your anti-malware software or a non system software that you have running. The way to test this theory is to individually turn off each back ground program that is non essential then try to run the NVidia control panel. Actually turn all of the non essential programs off first to see if it is at least one of them, then turn them back on until you find the culprit. You can either use a proprietary freeware start up program or use the task manager to turn off background programs.

I've used Nvidia graphics cards for years and have rarely had problems. Since installing Win 10 I've not had any problems with anything related to the Nvidia control panel.

860 days ago
replied the topic Which is your favorite record cover? created by MyWay

I don't remember there being any people on the sleeve, though I did think the album sleeve that was consider before they chose the white design was pretty cool. I'd much rather have preferred that to what they actually released sleeve design wise. That said, the White Albums music is still one of my favorite Beatles albums.

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replied the topic Which is your favorite record cover? created by MyWay


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replied the topic Which is your favorite record cover? created by MyWay

I have several; however if I had to choose one it would be the amazing album Sleeve of Greenslades Pentateuch of the Cosmogony,

The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony is a concept album and multimedia project by Patrick Woodroffe and Dave Greenslade, released in 1979. The project combines a hardback book (conceived, written and illustrated by Woodroffe) and a double vinyl album of music (written and performed by Greenslade). The inside of the cover includes about 30 pages covered with art similar to that on the back cover of the album sleve. The title means, approximately, 'the first five books (pentateuch) of the creation (cosmogony)'.

The story and artwork within 'Pentateuch' concerns the discovery of an abandoned spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter, and the project to decipher the ideograms in the pentateuch 'document' discovered within. Most of the book is a retelling of the document, in much the same way as a modern translator might retell the contents of a Babylonian tablet or Egyptian papyrus scroll. Particularly remarkable is the combinatorial ideographic script created by Woodroffe and used throughout the artwork.

I don't know whether you'd accept a second choice as well. That would be one of my favourite cult bands of the late 60's early 70's who are still performing today called Hawkwind. They created some excellent album sleeves, and usually the first pressings were special to the later re-releases, for example the 'Warriors on the Edge of Time' album sleeve unfolded to a large shield with a chaos symbol emblazoned on the front. Their Levitation album s first pressings were Blue vinyl, Though they weren't my favourite Hawkwind album sleeves. That accolade goes to 'In Search of Space' an album that was originally released with the Spaceship Hawkwind Log (another limited edition that was only included in the original release). The album sleeve opened up from the front and had a simplistic geometric and colourful pattern with a central image of a stylized side portrait with rainbow hair in the centre. I created an embroidered patch over 18 inches in diameter of this album sleeves front cover which was sewn onto my Levi jacket. I had it stolen at a Hawkwind concert while drinking in the bar at the Apollo theatre in Manchester when Hawkwind played there back in the mid 80's. Was gutted as the patch took me weeks of sewing and also ages to get the correct colours of embroidery yarn.

861 days ago
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You need to contact the seller in NY and ask them for the shipping details. They should have details of the importers registration ID number. Make sure you ask for that specifically otherwise you may have problems getting it from your customs..

Personally I've only ever had two problems when importing from a different country. the first time was when I served in Germany back in the 1970's as a soldier. I sent home several boxes of King Edward cigars (we were only allowed one box), which I was going to give to my father who unbeknownst to me was selling them to his friends at 50 pence a go, making a large profit. I used to take one box home every leave, but at the end of my tour I was being posted elsewhere and my father asked if I could get more than one box. I remember working at the local post office following my discharge, this was abut a month after i'd posted the cigars. The postmaster called me into his office and told me he'd received a call from customs and excise and realized it was me. I was asked to pay the full duty on the cigars, which amounted to around £40 per box (the cigars sold for £1 each at the local tobacconists and each box had 50 cigars in them). I'd sent six boxes over with various other items all boxed up and labelled personal items. I would have left the cigars, but the box contained all of my negative files of photographs I'd taken over several years, so ended up having to pay a fine of £240, which back in the 1970's was a lot of money.. The other instance was more like the situation you find yourself in. I purchased a game controller called the when a game controller called The Novint Falcon ( a haptic controller with force feedback) It was shipped to my home several years ago before it was officially available in the UK. I received a note from my local post office asking me to bring proof and identity and details of the order. this was initially a problem because I'd asked an American friend to purchase it because the developer and manufacturer of the controller only sold it in the US at the time. So the original purchase was made by an American friend of mine to mainland America, then it was repackaged and posted to my UK address. Once I'd received details of the order from my friend and a hefty import duty (costing me over £50 extra on top of the original postage. The item originally cost about £140. I paid over £100 just in postage and duty. The following year it was freely available via a UK intermediary. Grrrr.

I do hope you get it sorted easily.


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Some programs cannot be disabled on start-up because they are essential for the PC to run properly. Trying to disable them will more than likely cause your computer to stop working or at the worst, make it crash *BSOD) while you are in the middle of important work. I've lost hours worth of work in the past because of not saving my work regularly and tampering with both the start up programs and the registry.

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The most obvious thing to do first is get a start up manager. you can find free ones, for example if you play a lot of games Razers free Game Booster is ideal as it has a small memory footprint and can be set to turn on automatically when you play games (it can also be used for general use, but you have to turn it on manually if not using it for games). What it does is turn off all unnecessary back ground system programs while you are playing your games. You can also configure it to turn off other non system programs. Other start up programs can be set so that you can make sure the bare minimum of background programs are running after start up.

If you don't own a start up program you can do it manually by opening up Task Manager (Ctrl - Alt - Del) and manually turning off programs. It's advisable to make a list of those programs that need to be kept running for the computer to work properly. Googling this will bring up several articles on what you shouldn't turn off.

The more background programs you turn off, the more RAM is freed up that will help to make your computer faster.

If you use start up programs, ensuring the bare minimum of programs are booted up when you first start you computer will speed up the boot up time significantly.

Using a Solid state drive (SSD) instead of a traditional mechanical hard drive will also help speed up boot up significantly. when I used a start up program on a SSD, using Win 8 my boot up time from restarting to the computer being fully functional again was 23 seconds. These sort of speeds are impossible with mechanical drives. also using Win 8 or 10 helps to speed up boot up.

All of the above will also reduce the load on your cpu. The more programs running in the background the higher the load and the longer it takes to process, which results in a sluggish computer.

Download links for free start up programs:

Game Booster:

Other Start up managers:

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Right click on the desktop and select display settings. On Win 10 click on advanced settings then click the downward facing arrow below where it says resolution. You will see a list of various display resolutions. Usually the highest one will be set for you automatically and will be highlighted with the words recommended. , but this does not mean it's the best resolution. It really depends on what you are doing at the time, or wish to do next. For example you may want to play a specific game. some games will not work at all resolutions of some monitors, and if you are wanting to work on editing photographs or watch videos again setting your resolution can be important. Basically, the higer the resolution, the more pixels are shown on screen and the sharper the image, so, for photo editing you want the higest resolution you have.

Win 8 is basically the same as Win 10. If you have win 7, you right click on the desk top and the first window will show you what resolutions are available and it will also indicate which resolution is the most suitable for the monitor you are using.

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