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Who are your Real Life Super Heroes ?REWARD $2
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replied the topic Why people like hacking? created by Aravi

I learned hacking due to security reasons now i help to secure networks around me.

@yanka457 It's not like anyone would be statisfied with the things they have but that doesnt mean there use skills they aquire for there own benefit.

Just because you can hack doesnt mean you crack.

1461 days ago
replied the topic How to repair micro-sd card created by rai533

If it still shown in the explorer use the tool RECUVA on it if not you can format it over Windows tools and then use recuva

1462 days ago
replied the topic How to start a conversation with a stranger? created by walker16

It depends:

1 If you want to talk about a specific topic you can start "Excuse me do you know something about....?"

2. If you just want to get to now him try the normal topics like the weather etc. for example "today is quite cold isn't it"

it depends on other reasons too your mood,the mood of the stranger ,the enviroment.

I know it's old but JUST BE YOURSELF

PS: try to invade a ongoing conversation if you have something to say about the topic they talk about.

1462 days ago
replied the topic Wifi Password Hacking created by raza49712

Reaver is pretty good and easy to handle

1462 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite dessert? created by July

Vanilla Ice cream

1465 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best android game? created by gau_123

Undertale from Toby Fox

1465 days ago
replied the topic How to create a rpg game on your smartphones? created by MaxRubin

You can use GameMaker and then port it to Android it worked out for Toby fox the creator of Undertale

(Yes you can play Undertale on Android)

1465 days ago
replied the topic How to get alot of followers and friend request on Facebook and Google plus without adding anyone? created by MaxRubin

Let's be honest you can manipulate peple very easy so first you take one thing that is viral at the moment

For example (Keemstar,Youtube drama,Naziz,Refugees) if you have picked youre topic write in every corner of the social plattform something about it

the problem is you get a lot of haters too.

ALternate you can slowly generate followers by stray here and there and give a smart comment that others ake "hmm thats intresing lets take look on this guys profile"

In fact I generated many views on my G+ profile but only many few followers in mistake why did this happened well italked about topics like refugees and politics to tell the people the truth what happens right now.

So many people took a look at my profile.

PS: I know it sounds silly but write a short fiction load it up (even when you are not good in writing) and you my get a few reviews that will make you more intresting (it worked for me) that will only work on G+ (Facebookers are mostly stupid as hell,not all of course)

1465 days ago
replied the topic How to clean other accounts' junk files on my computer? created by EGG

If you are Admin you can simply use a tool like CCleaner for all accounts should work.

Alternate just log in to the other accounts and Use CCleaner.

If youre are not Admin why would you want to do that?

1465 days ago
replied the topic How many time i must learn some programming language like c# created by paul422

What do you mean by How many time ?

It depends on many things
If you are a fast learner and already have expierience in programming it goes faster than if you have no experience.

Also it depends wat kind of games do you want to make 2D or 3D games First-person or Third-Person.

So I give you an Example let's say you want to create a game similar to Space Invaders and you don't use a Gaming Engine like Unity or CryEngine but you Code everything alone.

Than you have to learn about 1/2 to 1 Year in my opinion if you have no knowledge but it can be faster or slower it depends on you.

I hope that helped you.

PS: You can create TIC TAC TOE in about 1 Hour even with no Programming experience if you are a fast learner
If you want to create a game like Undertale well Toby Fox needed 2.7 years or so.

1465 days ago
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