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replied the topic How to create a website in a simple way? created by DjangoUnchained

I would recommend using Wix. If you're a beginner, it will be the best option for you. It's very easy to use, plus it's got tons of helpful features and stylish templates. Here's a great source on it, just in case. Plus, check out the tutorial, it will give you a better understanding of how to make your website efficient.

601 days ago
replied the topic What are the best free website makers? created by Elderwand8

I think you should try either WordPress or Wix. They both are free (there are also paid packages in case you need more), and you can use your own template. Here's some info on them , hope it helps. Also, I think it's better to spend a little money than to search for a free but inefficient website builder. Just my opinion. Good luck to you!

634 days ago
replied the topic create website created by Osprey

Hi Osprey,

pick the website builder, and you're ready to go. I recommend either WordPress or Wix, but it's better to do a little research. So, check some web-builders out and decide for yourself which one you prefer. Here's a great list of the most popular website builders, plus some helpful tutorials for beginners - [url= Best of luck!

646 days ago
replied the topic Where can I create a simple website? created by Joaquin2001

Hi there,

you're trying to do a really good thing, so I'm gonna try and help you too. I would recommend either Wix or WordPress, as they are easy to handle, not that expensive (and offer free packages as well), and have some awesome templates. Here's more about both of them, if you're interested - [url= Good luck!

653 days ago
replied the topic Which website do you use to book hotels? created by bike

I use because they sort out only the coolest hotels.

697 days ago
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