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replied the topic Why do people eat so much food but still remain slim? created by christine

do excercise and keep a good mood

1005 days ago
replied the topic Which SNS do you use to keep in touch with your friend? created by WalterWhite

Yes. They are popular.

1008 days ago
replied the topic Which kind of music is suitable for introvert kids? created by Warwick

Respect for his hobby.
Music is not harmful.

1008 days ago
replied the topic What game should I buy? created by Nelson1962

Tough choice! I played all three & would have to say that for its' massive amount of content alone, Skyrim is the best choice. I'm 100 hours into the game & haven't been to half the locations. 
FO:NV has slightly less content but is also massive and a ton of fun especially if you take the "Wild Wasteland" Perk at Character Creation. The Evil within is creepier than it is scary. It's weird and has some challenging parts, but it's going to go down in price for lower than whatever they're selling it for right now. So...yeah Skyrim, New Vegas, and a hold off on The Evil Within in that order in my opinion.

1169 days ago
replied the topic Windows 8 File Explorer crashes often created by PaulSharon

Did you install any new software that may have created a right-click context menu handler?

By your description of the issue that software may have been software to view photos.

If so, uninstall that software or disable the software's context menu handler(s).

If you are unsure of the software the following link has some info and a download to ShellExView which you can use to selectively disable third party context menu handlers to find out a problematic one:

You could try disabling all non-Microsoft context menu handlers and then, if the problem resolves, re-enable them one at a time to see which one was the problem.

1414 days ago
replied the topic Touch screen not working created by PaulSharon


I ain't no techie, maybe you can try to use the troubleshooter and see if it works, follow the next steps:

1. Go to the Control Panel.
2. Go to Troubleshooting (you may have to search for it)
3. Click Hardware and Sound
4. In the Device section, click Hardware and Devices
5. Have the wizard scan your computer for hardware issues.
6. Let the computer fix whatever issues you had.

Please let me know if it works.

1420 days ago
replied the topic Brightness control does not work created by Leehom

Try the next steps, maybe it works

1. Go to Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0001
3. Next, go find the KMD_EnableBrightnesslf2 & KMD_EnableBrightnessInterface2 key
4. Set both to 0.
5. Reboot.

Let me know if it works on your HP laptop.

1421 days ago
replied the topic Bluetooth device not working created by Nelson1962

Hi, I had the same problem last year, try the following steps:

 First, try updating the device’s driver:
1.      Check Windows Update for driver updates.
a.      Swipe in from the right to bring up the charms, and select Settings.
b.      Tap or click Change PC Settings.
c.      Select Update and recovery, then select Windows Update.
d.      Select Check for updates. Make sure to look at the Optional updates in the results.
2.      Check the device manufacturer’s site for updated drivers.
3.      Check the radio manufacturer’s site for updates. To determine what make and model of Bluetooth radio you have:
a.      Swipe in from the right to bring up the charms and select Search, and search for device manager. Open Device Manager from the search results.
b.      In Device Manager, expand Bluetooth, and look for a device with a name starting with Broadcom, Intel, or Qualcomm Atheros (these are the major radio manufacturers). Check the website of your radio manufacturer for driver updates.
c.      If you don’t see one of these manufacturers, but instead see Generic Bluetooth Adapter:
 i.     Press-and-hold or right-click on Generic Bluetooth Adapter, and select Properties
ii.     Select the Advanced tab.
iii.     Note the number next to Manufacturer ID.
iv.     Find that manufacturer ID on this page:  (Common ones will be 2 = Intel, 15 = Broadcom, 69 = Atheros)
4.      Once you have updated your Bluetooth drivers, please try using your device again. In many cases, updating to the latest drivers will resolve the issue. In some instances, you may need to un-pair and re-pair the device from the Bluetooth settings (from the Settings charm, select Change PC Settings, and then select Bluetooth) to completely fix the issue.

1421 days ago
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