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1. Remove and install the hardware-compatible driver
Before uninstalling and installing the hardware driver, you must start the Windows computer in Safe Mode.

See also: Boot problems in Safe Mode

After accessing the computer through Safe Mode, open Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Device Manager.

You can also open Device Manager by right-clicking the My Computer icon, selecting P roperties => Device Manager.

On the Device Manager window, find any driver that has a yellow icon and proceed to uninstall that driver. Then download the new driver and install.

Finally proceed to restart your computer and return to normal mode.

2. Scans and fixes system files
In some cases, the system files may be the cause of the error BSOD (blue screen death error). To fix this you need to do a scan and repair of Windows system files.

You can usually use the sfc / scannow command to scan and fix corrupted system files.

3. Remove incompatible programs or hardware
Let's say that you have recently installed some new software or hardware and a BSOD error has occurred. In this case, the software or hardware that you are installing is not compatible with the Windows operating system.

To fix this you can remove the software, or the hardware incompatible with the Windows operating system is done.

4. Uninstall the Windows Update KB2778344 package
The Windows Update package can be one of the causes of System Service Exception. In this case, you must uninstall the Windows Update package on Windows.

To completely remove the Update package, first restart your computer and access Safe Mode.

Go to Control Panel => Program and Features.

In the Program and Features interface, click Installed Updates in the left pane list.

On the Installed Updates window, right-click Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2778344) and then select Uninstall.

After the uninstall process is complete, restart your computer is complete.

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