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World War 2 is often remembered in simple terms, as the struggle and ultimate victory against the fascist nations of Europe, especially Nazi Germany. The conflict is frequently painted in terms of good vs. evil – the war being dubbed the ‘Good War’ – because at its heart there was a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship bent on conquest and extermination, and on the other side an alliance of non-fascist nations. However, this alliance also included its own brutal dictatorship in the form of the Soviet Union.
Considering the ‘Eastern Front’ - the area of Europe where the back of the German army was broken in conflict with a Russian army supplied with democratic aid - invites some unsettling conclusions about the war. It forces you to reconsider who actually ‘won’ the war, and how far it was ultimately successful. It was, as Eastern European historian Norman Stone subtitled his account of the war, “No Simple Victory.” if you want more information to see custom essay writing service it will give us the best choice of writing service.

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