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replied the topic Virtualization issue Windows 10 Insider build. created by cmickler

That is very strange it must be a software problem then, could be anything. Since hardware Virtualization uses the CPU HyperVisor layer, this slows down the CPU a little, so if things go faster if you turn it on, you computer might be configured for using the layer some-how, there is millions of possibilities for different configuration. 1 thing is SURE Virtualization makes the CPU a bit slower, keep that in mind while you try fix the problem!

378 days ago
replied the topic Win 10 boot problem created by bbooker

Every BLUE screen is the same it indicates a hardware error, hardware might be overheated, or something like the video cart is not connecting properly, even a broken USB device could cause it, (IT IS HIGHLY UNIKELY IT's a driver problem since they have a digital signature nowadays, so it's a hardware problem) maybe the copper contacts on the bus have oxidized, the easiest way to fix it is check the heat and contacts, if that doesn't work turn everything off and try squirting Spiritus in the slot (whenn all power is off and battery not connected) it will dry quickly and now the slot is clean, if slot and but are clean, your video card should connect as new. A BLUE SCREEN ALWAYS IS AN HARDWARE-ERROR, so check temperature, cooling and connections, that will fix it for sure! Time to clean up that system!

378 days ago
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