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Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow?REWARD $210
1345 days ago, last commented by FixitJorge

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replied the topic Internet speed worst in the WORLD created by wiilli2

as you already mentioned , your internet speed is 1mbps.....then nothing can be done to get faster speed than that.....but if you are getting below 1mbps then there are several reasons:
1. You may have been using a low end device with insufficient storage and low CPU if so u need a capable device
2. Have you ever thought of changing channels mode in wifi.......have a look :
3.Since 1mbps is not sufficient speed , more than 1 user using wifi simultaneously affects the performance
4. The damaged cables or wires may also cause a worst speed
5. Good positoning of router is required to get a good signal and speed's how to place router correctly :
6. If background process of apps and programs are affecting your speed... you must know how to turn off them for better results
7. May be time for replacing router
8. Not all sites are equally capable to handle the heavy network traffics site like youtube or social media sites like twitter , facebook or search engine likegoogle and so on can only mange huge network traffics.So don't expect all sites to give you same speed unless you have internet of high bandwidth

Best and ultimate solution for getting good speed is using fiber internet of at least 5 Mbps ....then you don't have to worry for anything

1342 days ago
replied the topic Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? created by Ujjwal619

No...either I use data or wifi ....the internet works fine for other apps such as youtube , vidmate ,chrome and all apps that uses internet except palystore and I have tried using data in 3G as well ......and my phone is not in airplane mode.....and I don't know why should this create a problem?

1344 days ago
replied the topic Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? created by Ujjwal619

HI @Dipto
I have been using alternative mobile markets like you said , from very long time .......but when it is about purchasing a genuine app I use play store I can't have all apps I want , unless I use play store problem is there...and of course 1 mobile market is good enough but play store has lots of app because it is the default app market and has more app developers first priority will be google market

1344 days ago
replied the topic Is it me am I just stupid? created by markallen

At first you need to know about is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.So when you are actually tapping the option "Keep me signed in" you are accepting to store the cookies of the particular website ,"Facebook" for example, for future use.So when you close your browser or applications and later go through same websites ,the browser uses your cookies and keeps you logged in.But if you have habit of clearing data or cookies , you won't be logged in since browser doesn't have the information as cookies no more.

See ,you might have been clearing cookies from browser like this way or you might have been using programs such as CCleaner ,Wise Cleaner ,Iobit Advanced System Care or similar programs which does the same function.So only way to have you kept logged in is to exclude or unselect cookies in the option when you are clearing browser data or using such programs.

1345 days ago
replied the topic Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? created by Ujjwal619

It is not my issue.....only the issue is , app download speed in play store is slow despite the high speed internet bandwidth . I have tried them as well : such as clearing cache or data of play store and google services...restarting well but app download is still slow.

1345 days ago
replied the topic Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? created by Ujjwal619

sorry i am using it probably doesn't make difference ....but thanks for your answer...

1345 days ago
replied the topic What is the most precise antivirus program for Windows? created by Chris_is_Praise

I would say that if you want to go for paid version and all you need is real time protection then I'd list them in priority order:
1.Bitddefender Total Security
2. Kaspersky Internet Security
3. Malwarebytes Antimalware
These 3 antivirus are superb in detecting most of the threats and you need not to worry about virus after installing these paid softwares(only one antivirus should be used)
But for free version there is always some flaw . For example : If antivirus is good at its protection then there you wont get the features of gaming mode and ,high use of CPU and ultimately loss in computer performances.
Since you are using avast I'd love to say these things:
1. Avast Free Antivirus : Installation process was ridiculously fast .Its first time full scan took about 25 minutes.Whenever I accidentally go through malicious websites it has blocked them.I have no virus problem in my pc when I used avast and my computer performance was not that affected.But when I tried to download legitimate softwares like Torch Browser , it has blocked from downloading the file.But if you intentionally allow the threat and install them then some threats may remain in your computer.It may also miss some threats but thanks to its behavior shield and updates the no of threats it misses are very less.

And if you prefer to use AVG or Avira or Bitdfender free edition there are some flaws:
1.AVG will take lot of time to install and is heavy on your system.....So I don't use it.
2. Avira detects lots of threat and can compete with paid software in threat detection but it doesn't have good UI and scan time takes horribly a lots of can have visit and go for shopping and return to find still the incomplete scan.Not only this after each threat detection it scans your system for virus which is very annoying and during scan it uses lots of memory.So if you don't want any flaw in performance and disturvance while working on your computer ...don't use it
3. Bitdefender free edition can't be trusted since it has not been updated from long bye ..
So.....avast is a good freeware antivirus and if you are using it and not going through dangerous websites and non legitimate softwares most of the time or everytime .......go for it and forget other things .
Hope it will be helpful to you.

1345 days ago
replied the topic How to keep video playing with screen off on Android? created by Gaia

Very simple .....install MX Player .. then open any video then tap option>play>background play

After you have enabled background play it will play in background and even after you lock the screen off.
Hope it is helpful.

1345 days ago
replied the topic Windows Updates (Win. 7) created by Tredd

Hi There!
If you want windows 7 update to work quickly then , all you need to do is update your internet explorer manually:
Download from here : for 64 bits windows for 32 or 86 bits windows
It will take time though , but after you finished the installation of internet explorer...and reboot the computer updates
begins to work.
If still not then you need to manually enable it from services.msc. Here is how:
1. Type services.msc in star menu and press enter
2. windows will appear as below:

3. There you search for windows update by scrolling down....and you will see such things:

4. So your windows update was disabled by default or you might have disabled go to properties....

5. There you change startup type to automatic or automatic delayed start as per your preferences........and you will see

6. There you see service status : click on start ... and small windows will appear and start the service....then close all programs and reboot ...the windows update must work by now.

1345 days ago
replied the topic Which do you use of music player in windows? created by AAA1992

VirtualDJ from Atomix Productions ....obviously.Just try it once you will not be unsatisfied.
Download it from here :

1346 days ago
replied the topic My Laptop Can't Connect With Any Of The Wifi Available created by Nur_iffah

Hi ,there!
1. If it is a simple issue such as wifi password/encryption type/security type is changed then all you need to do is to go for forget SSID by simply clicking right on your wifi(to be connected)Then connect it again and provide a correct password.

2.If it is drive issue then fix using this tool Driver Booster.
Download it from here :
Then update your driver using this.
Even after this it doesn't fix your issue you should uninstall your wireless driver from device manager because your driver package may be can open device manager by searching it in start menu.Then expand network adapters. You will see your wireless driver there.It may be named as "Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless N-" or "Atheros Wireless Driver" or "Realtek Wireless.."I can't be sure because it varies within devices and even in same brand HP it may be different. So be careful and uninstall only wireless driver and not LAN driver otherwise you wont be able to surf internet by connecting ethernet cable.Search wireless driver for your brand HP in google and download....install....and restart computer.Then you may also try a windows update. I hope one of these mentioned steps will surely solve your problem but I recommend to go stepwise as I mentioned.

1346 days ago
replied the topic Windows Installer dosn't run - Windows Vista created by mauriziocolleoni

There may be 6 reasons for this.Check it out:
1.You may not have administrative rights to install new programs on the computer.So at first ,have a look .Are you logged in as Administrator or Guest?
2.You may be running incompatible version of that software.May be it is for 64 bits and you are running 32 bits windows and vice-versa.
3.The software you are trying to install is latest and doesn't support installing from your version of windows installer.So go through this link : Then download latest vesrsion of windows installer from here and install it.This may solve a your my opinion.
4.Your windows installer components are corrupted.To fix that install and replace current operating system.
5. Your antivirus program might have blocked the software from installing by mistaking your software as malware and you have disabled notifications in your antivirus previously.
6. Virus problem on your windows computer?Then use Avast or other reputed antivirus program for that.

Hope this may solve your problem.

1346 days ago
replied the topic Cleaning computer created by bebhelms

You can use the system builtin Disk Cleaner Manager to clean computer.For that:
1. Open "Run" or simply use combination of Windows + R to open run.
2.Type cleanmgr and press enter
3.Now you can select disk drive .Select C: drive as it is where different temporary files and caches are stored.
4.Wait till it scans your computer and shows you different junk files as in the attached image.

5.Select the files you want to delete. Uncheck downloaded program files if you want to retain it in space.Then tap OK
6.It will ask your confirmation and confirm it by tapping " Delete Files".You are done.
Note:You have to go for "clear browsing data" manually if you have any browsers .
So to simplify these steps download free safe and lightweight software like CCleaner. You can download it from its official websites:

1346 days ago
replied the topic What format would you save a video file in order to be able to play it on a DVD player? created by gcletis

VOB format will be highly preferred if you want to play your video in a DVD Player b'coz it is supported even in old DVD Players.There are lots of software available in market to convert videos into any format. Morever , if you use VOB format , you can use DVD player to play video from USB drive

1346 days ago
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