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What are the 10 best games for Windows PC? What are the 10 best games for MAC OSX?√ answeredREWARD $15
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How to make shortcut of Network Connections on desktop?√ answeredREWARD $420
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replied the topic How to Automate Startup Of Specified Services (Not Programs) created by effortlessperformer

@ effortless performer,

Firstly, you have to run the System Configuration Utility using 'Msconfig.exe'

Then, go to 'services' and make sure to ENABLE ALL services.

You can see which services are started and stopped.

Also open services.msc and go to general, startup type and select AUTOMATIC

Then go to recoveries, restart all services and select all three boxes

If this doesn't help, please see this article on

'RunServices' and 'RunServicesOnce' keys As the names suggest, these rarely used keys can control automatic startup of services. They can be assigned to a specific user account or to a computer.

There you can maybe find Information about

Good luck!


295 days ago
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