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Should Nintendo stop shiny locking legendary Pokemon?√ answeredREWARD $1
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replied the topic Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently? created by tuthuan

Pokemon in all their games is basically Japanese culture and we've grown to like it a lot. It's also a classic turn based RPG style game that most people adult and kids alike play. It's also the most friendliest of all RPGs and you not only defeat the creatures but you capture them and use them in competition against others. And being able to trade and participate in events is one of the key features of Pokemon as well as other features that make it stand out from other games. There's Pokemon that range from adorable to nasty to ugly to super strong to legendary and even mythical. This diversity feature makes it a great time killer to try and catch them all. One thing to also note is that you don't have to stick with in game challenges either, you can make yourself a new one by doing something like I did, try to play for 1,000 hours and keep going on one single save file. I like to challenge myself to do seemingly impossible things so that others would have to try harder to break my record. But yeah, Pokemon is the most popular turn based RPG you can find, and I believe that you should give it a try if you haven't played it yet. May I recommend you try the emerald version for the gameboy advance? Start early and work your way up to the latest Omega ruby and alpha sapphire versions. That way you'll be able to transfer all your Pokemon from the gameboy advance series to the 3ds series.

1655 days ago
replied the topic How to fall asleep fast? created by nanna

Put on earphones (Not headphones) and turn on your small MP3 player and listen to new age music. (You know, the ocean sounds and piano and mellow country guitar and synthesizers.) This is what I do all the time and I fall asleep to such wondrous music and have such pleasant dreams. While listening to your music, think about walking around in nature or something that you can picture yourself enjoying blissfully... I do this and slowly slip away into a deep sleep state where I just won't wake up to anyone or anything making sounds. You should really give it a try, I think you'll enjoy the peace and feeling the warm sense of calm and solace.

Try these albums:

-Solace, by Reflections
-Tranquil Moments, by Reflections
-Spirit Earth, by Reflections
-Chi, by Reflections
-Reiki, by Reflections
-Rest And Relaxation, by Reflections
-Peaceful Evening, by Reflections
-Dreamtime, by Reflections
-And many more new age albums

Try this: If there's songs you don't seem to like but others you do, then try making a playlist of your most favorite songs.

1666 days ago
replied the topic Who will you think of when you feel sad? created by daybyday

I have disorders so I'm unable to feel true sorrow. I just feel indifferent on just about anything that normally makes people sad. I don't even remember what it feels like to bawl my eyes out, but when sh*t happens to someone and it's a saddening situation, I want to bawl my eyes out but I can't because a feeling inside me just prevents me from feeling sad, I can only get depressed, angry, hyperactive and the other sort, but I can't feel true sorrow no matte how hard I try... And I deeply regret being born and raised this way.

1666 days ago
replied the topic What is the most sensitive organ in human body? created by akhil_raj001

@handymandmore I think you may be right, you seem to use more logic than I do, I believe you have the best answer because it is true that without our brains we would feel nothing and not be able to even live without it! Kudos to you for such a great answer! I try to think outside the box but boy, I concede defeat on this one!

1666 days ago
replied the topic What is the craziest thing you've ever done? created by hanabi

Killed a cat without reason, and now I regret it emotionally... My sin is a heavy burden on my back and just gets far more heavier by killing baby pidgeons without reason... What's next? I've become a glutton, I've assaulted someone about 8 times in my life, I watch X-rated videos and graphic movies and blow off steam to them... I'm a complete mess and don't even know how or if I will ever be forgiven by god for my lifetime of sin and hatred but I fear of going to a church fearing I would be kicked out once more due to my sins... *Sigh* I think god hates me the most... (I do feel sorrow for the things I did and I want to bawl my eyes out, but having so many of these disabilities I am unable to feel emotion for things I do and I feel even worse for myself. All I can do now is be alone to myself, living in constant fear of god going to burn me in hell... Any replies to this..?)

1667 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite game when you were a kid? created by colin

All of you guys! Nobody can forget about Pokémon Red and Blue Versions! Gold and Silver Versions and as well as Crystal Version were all just so much fun during my childhood, I also loved Game and Watch Gallery, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Kirby's Dreamland, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins... Ahh the sweet memories of the chunky Gameboy! I loved it because it had such great games for such an old system! I would always play it at night and get into trouble when mom saw me quickly hide it under my pillow when she came in, ohh sweet memories! And the crazy times me and my brother would go on a glitch hunt in Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, we glitched the game so badly with the map warp trick and we would discover things like how to get to the final boss in level 8, or the really complex one I did was an impossibly level 3 sword! But that's not all the fun we had... We even went as far as finding the now classic MissingNo glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue Versions, this was like the beginning of a revolution for the classic glitch hunting we gamers do. Soon after MissingNo we found things like .09 glitch Pokémon and others that did crazy things. Then came the Game Shark, this was fun to mess with because we immediately tried it on Pokémon Red Version and it got us 99 rare candies, then we made up our own code with a random hex coding and just used it, talked to the Jigglypuff in the Pokecenter... It sang but would not stop spinning! It then unbelievably started singing the Mt. Moon music theme in its own voice! We were laughing so hard!.. Good times man... Good times!

1667 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best android game? created by gau_123

Pokémon go is by far the most popular you can find since Nintendo merged with the mobile company, so I would recommend you get Pokémon Go since it really does keep you in shape and Pokémon go is eventually going to expand, so I strongly believe it's worth a try if you want to... If you haven't played Pokémon then get Pokémon Go or play the core series Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire.

1673 days ago
replied the topic I am a Repairer and I need softwares that works on flashing ,Decoding,unlocking (Sp flash tool,Odin and LGUP are not working). created by Dellaco

This all depends on what you are trying to unlock, because I do the rooting of devices and if I'm not mistaking flashing has a lot to do with rooting a device. I should tell you there are a ton of software out there that may look useful but don't download them unless you know which ones are safe. One way to find out is to look at forums like XDA is a good one to start out with, this has everything about rooting but may not support all devices because there are more than 30,000+ devices to figure out and not all of them are going to get rooted. Another good site I found was Android Authority, they are similar to XDA but a bit smaller of a site. As for flashing a custom rom of android you should try CyanogenMod which supports few devices but that's the only honest site I've seen so far. As for rooting you do have to be careful as Kingo Root got some nasty rating due to identity theft, but that only came from using the APK version of Kingo Root, I used the PC version and it worked great to root my ZTE Prestige. There is also Cydia Impactor which I thought was cool since during the SU Push process you can view the log to see what it's doing. But like I said try to go look at forums like XDA and Android Authority, people do this everywhere on the internet and just to let you know that all android devices have their own specific way of being unlocked, so if you're trying to unlock your device, don't give up as there's always a way to do it. And as for windows and Ios, 1: I hate apple and their affiliates, I don't use apple products so I don't know about Iphones or Ipods and 2: Windows is by far the easiest to hack because you almost always have administrator access right away on both phones and PCs, but I don't have a windows phone so I don't know about those either. Try these links to see if any of this helps you:

Like I said your phones always have a way to unlock them, you just have to take the time to research them carefully and figure out what there is out there for trusted sites (Meaning go to the ones I specify and you won't get any viruses as these sites are trustworthy, just remember that Kingo's APK file is a really bad choice while the PC download is safe, so be sure to get the PC version and not use the APK.

1673 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite weather? created by finefin


1678 days ago
replied the topic What are some rules you've made for yourself? created by BTW

For hacking purposes I go by the golden rule: if you own it you can hack it, if you don't own it you can't hack it. I also go by the golden rule when buying computers: You get what you pay for (Meaning the more you pay, the better the computer), The rest I just pretty much live carefree and try to be a bright and cheerful big guy, I'm quite adorable to a fault but I love making people smile, that's one thing I always have to do is get someone to smile for me. (I love it when people are happy so I can be happy too!)

1678 days ago
replied the topic Do you know how to downgrade from Windows 10 to an older version created by WiseCleaner_admin

You need to back everything up and have a restore disk prepared for an earlier version of windows set to your PC, back up everything and then have the system wiped and reinstall an older version of windows so that this way non of the other windows files will conflict with what you do on your PC! This also allows you to gain the option of fully cleaning the drive making it harder to recover lost fragments that are unwanted and take up space. To Really secure erase the disk use at your own risk! Have a D-BAN disk prepare and destroy the data like mad, then its truly impossible to get the files back but you risk permanently damaging the drive's memory and have less to work with! So be careful!

1685 days ago
replied the topic How to cope with depression? created by hoppy1gf

Try to make some honest new friends, as well as try to find your true love. I get depressed since I don't have any true friends of my own, but I must press on and keep trying to find new friends. Things also might be bothering you, if it's something someone said, don't feel hurt about it! Fight it back properly with the power of ignorance or blare sarcasm or something that will make you smile and turn the other person angry, which puts you in a winning position. If you feel like you want to hurt yourself, stop and think this to yourself "Why would I want to do this? I have things I have to live for and I only have one life to live..." just start sorting out the thought in your head and take some time to yourself. Time is very important when you are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression as you need time alone when you sort things out. Whatever happens in your life, don't take it too harshly, find a way to become a tough person, build up your strength psychologically and find some knowledge to practice with like the sarcasm I mentioned, I mean I deal with the nasty things in life by being the tough guy, try forging your heart into a heart of steel, where you don't care about what anybody says to you, you worry only about yourself and focus on your life. Make it so nothing bothers you, nothing can penetrate a heart of steel, like mine!

1685 days ago
replied the topic A mother's love...... created by alvindgreat

Your mother is truly the most important thing in your life, she and your father both. They helped give you a life to live and you should be thankful for that as they worked hard to raise you and most of all mom raises you with utmost love and care. Even though my mom had abused me in the past I still love her since she did give me a life to live and experience, and she turned it around for me which is a blessing for me. Having a family of your own is important too since you too will learn to give a new life to a child and raise them with loving care! Ohhhhh it makes me so happy talking about this! I just love life!

1685 days ago
replied the topic What songs can make you cry? created by Rice

Try Enya: Watermark, the piano sounds and you think of someone who lost their life, someone precious to you... It brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like crap thinking about it! I never listened to it again because it was too unbearably sad to hear and think about someone close to you dying...

1685 days ago
replied the topic Deleting History of Viewed Pictures created by jlittle

Ah, I too had trouble on this but figured it out! Go to Control Panel and click on Internet Options, go to the Delete Browsing History and uncheck the top box but check all the rest, then hit delete. Go back to Wise Cleaner 360 and do another PC checkup to make sure the files were deleted. The instructions I gave you make it so you don't have to download other programs that just get in the way, just try out what I tell you and it will get rid of the junk files you don't need, which will give you a 10.0 rating. (I've done it plenty of times! :3)

1685 days ago
replied the topic Is it good to enable "unknown sources" on Android? created by bootup

Oh! That depends on what site you are on! The one's I know are safe are Google Play and, just switch that off only when installing something that came from a site you trust, the file it blocks when switched on is the .apk files, switch it off temporarily to install the software and turn it back on immediately. BUT, before you install anything I recommend you get an antivirus security suite like Avast antivirus before downloading anything. Was this helpful?

1685 days ago
replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected

My favorite band is not very known around the united states because he's from Canada and he is ultimately a metal rockstar, Devin Townsend has lots of albums that are just bloody kickass heavy metal music and he even has a softie side to him. The albums I have are Ghost and Ziltoid the Omniscient. Ziltoid the Omniscient is just hilarious because it's a story about journeying across the universe all for a good cup of coffee LOL! And the very mellow side to him is Ghost with very "New Age" like style music, this one surprisingly puts me to sleep! Give these two a try if you like either of metal or new age!

1685 days ago
replied the topic Good Anime movie or series created by BlackFoot

Bring out your inner child and watch pokemon! :3

1686 days ago
replied the topic Is there no way to decrypt the encrypted files with .locky extension? created by lizD

Hey, try ordering a restore disk thumbdrive from Microsoft if you have windows, the image for the repair tools is saved in that thumbdrive. It's the recovery partition and if you feel like starting your computer over again, try to use this to wipe the drive and reinstall windows. If you want to save your files though, use safe mode with command prompt booted off the recovery partition on the thumbdrive ordered from the Microsoft company! Was this information helpful?

1686 days ago
replied the topic Which electronic device have you used for the longest time? created by BTW

OOOOOH I use my New Nintendo 3DS XL all the fricking time! Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon it's fricking pokemon all the time with a hint of Terraria and spinoffs, damn I can't stop playing! I've gone nuts for pokemon, you could call me a pokemaniac or what I like to be called an ace trainer! Hah, and I also love hacking the living crap out of my Nintendo DS Lite with an Action Replay cartridge, I will get any pokemon I want whenever I want and Nintendo will never stop me! (LOL I even bypassed the legitimacy check on Poke Transporter and have more than 300 events shiny and non shiny, native and foreign countries too!)

1686 days ago
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