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replied the topic Who was the most important leader /person in human history? created by Aravi

The most important leader/person in everyone's history is the mother.. Mother Earth is suffering, like many mothers today, because of those important leaders/persons who often forget about the meaning of a simple word - Humanity. We are all here to learn and to love, not to compete our prides..

846 days ago
replied the topic Which present-day country boasts the birthplace of Jesus? created by bhatti

Theory published by prof . Albu Gr. Gral. Iisus was born 4-5000 years B.C.! in Dacia. Also well known later as Apollo, a Thraco-Getian god. Vatican keep the silence on the dacian history, religion and culture.. Digg this and you'll know the truth..not from other's books.

846 days ago
replied the topic Riddle of life :)!!!!!!!!!! created by wizzarD1

The egg(s)! The hen (without a rooster) can make eggs but cannot inseminate them.. The embrion(s) evolution is determined by various factors, in terms of freqvency.. forget about the timeline of the such thing (for me). Also observe the image I've shared. If you think outside the box or ouside the Earth you'll get the answer to everything you are ready to comprehend.

846 days ago
replied the topic How can we stop being jealous? created by zone

Unconditional Love! So give away and to receive it. So rare those days.. If there's jealousy, there is no trust - no love. Just pride and hormons and/or other material/social focus behind empty words, never enough.

846 days ago
replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi

First, you must accept and reflect deep into your own definition of "the little things".
Some of those "little things" I believe are not outside (as ..your health). Your feelings, emotions, also your thoughts are created inside.
I think that the hyper-sensible people have the most beautiful hearts but are also victims, most manipulated and exploited by those around them or by mass-media, tv, even if they are great in hidding this adjective.
My recommendation is to try to change your attitude and learn to know yourself better, reflect every evening on the situations that you allowed, durring the day, to bring inside you negative energy. Spend some time alone reflecting on what you really want (or like) in your life. You'll find by youself the real cause of your emotional disorder but need to practice this exercise. Than try to make a change by accepting your life and your mission here and now, than look upon your "challenges"and try to respond different, in a positive way. Imagine your face expression in a mirror, smile, the reflection will also smile :).
And another thing, trust yourself, be carefull with your own thoughts (to be your own thoughts!) and follow your dreams and passions! Everything is possible, start with .."the little things"...
Rise and shine!

846 days ago
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