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Doing Nothing and Nothing to do?REWARD $2
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replied the topic Slow shockwave solution created by sanfranciscan

Hi @sanfranciscan
Clever name. Have you been to San Francisco?
I thought the internet is faster there than we have in here. We got a turtle-speed internet her.
What I can say is that speeding up shockwave player in Mozilla is synonymous to having a faster internet speed. Speed up your internet connection and notice that your shockwave player problem is fixed. Otherwise, reinstall the program an look for a better update.

Hope it helps.
Cheers and a high five!

901 days ago
replied the topic How would you describe Lions? created by byebye

Hi @byebye
Do you know the praise "The Lions always pays their debts"?
Yeah right. Lions though are dubbed as being violent and cruel, but somewhat somehow, they are loyal and honest deep in their very hearts.
That is what almost all of us miss about the truth of lions. Lions are not only limited and connected to greed, power and superiority. It also can be tagged to mercy, leadership and trustworthiness. It also implies intelligence, pride and wealth.

Now, here is to you.
I give you:

Hope it keeps you informed and entertained.
Cheers and a high five.

901 days ago
replied the topic Facebook,twitter created by aman123

Hi @aman123
Yes and a No.
Lets go to the Yes first.
1. It fastens communications as we social beings used it more often.
2. It is the modern way of striking out a conversation to someone who aint got the balls or the guts to strike it out in person.
3. It keeps us updated and on-the-roll. Social media is the gateway to latest information and buzz.
4. It kind of a medium one can use for expressing out everyone's opinion and comments.

No because:
1. It tends to make us forget the importance of "true" friends rather than the digital friends.
2. It creates digital pollution and the evolution of modern crimes starting from being a poser and hacking of identities, which is wrong. Very wrong.
3. It can be used to stalk someone, then maybe used to blackmail you. Be ware of posting that may harm you later. Think before you click as they say.

The good and the bad side of social media is dependent on the user of social media itself. If you do it badly and too much/too less, that is critical. Remember that anything that is too much and too less is so bad. Social media when used in moderation and with the good breed of discipline, the very purpose of it will be served. Now pick the poison. Control the outcome of your use of social media stuffs.

Hope it very much helped your cause.
Cheers and a high five!

901 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best perfume for male? created by akhil_raj001

Hi @akhil_raj001
To me the best perfume for male is sweat.
Too be natural is the best. Girls want that natural odor, it means being hot and sexy and all that.

Hope it helps.
Cheers and a high five.

901 days ago
replied the topic Who wants to be a millionaire? why? created by zch098

Hi @zch098
Me. I wanna be a millionaire, so F#$%%^g Bad. Buy all of the things I ever had.
I wanna be on a cover of Forbes magazine. Sitting next to Oprah and the King ((James)). LOL

Cheers and a high five

901 days ago
replied the topic How to reduce violence in the world? created by braz68

Hi @braz68
Well, bipolar is contagious. I have a very bipolar and aggressive boss. What to do with it?
Valar morghulis!

But all jokes aside, change starts within oneself. Taking of violence, is violence itself. So change the way you look about things. Control the emotions. Let the worries took care of itself. Be optimist and cheerful as always; and dont ever forget to smile.
That to me is the winning formula against the disastrous violence of the world. It is a step by step battle, but cannot be conquered unless each and everyone of us steps in for the challenge.

901 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite drink ? created by icecream

Hi @icecream
What a suggestive name you have had?
Have you ever tried sipping an ice cold float of soda and ice cream?
Well that was heaven. I just had an orgasm trying that lately. To me that is satisfaction. It sets my appetite. It keeps me cool and relaxed.
Trying that is up to you.

Here's to you to keep you salivating out for it:

Try it out for some cool how to:

That was one hell of a drink.
I hope I had helped you one way or another and made you tried it our.
Cheers and a high five.

901 days ago
replied the topic Who is your favorite female rapper? created by sunrise

Hello there @sunrise You know what, it is gon be sunset in here as of typing.
How yah goin pal?

Basing solely on your profile picture here, you look like somewhat of a cool Valentine's Day rapper. But hey, it's cool eh?
To me, the best rapper we never got was Kobe Bryant. You may not have heard of the unreleased Kobe RAP Album; but that was purely insane though.
Who may have forget K.O.B.E I love You.
That was insane to his very standards.

And it goes like this:
K-O-B-E, I L-O-V-E you
I believe you are very fine
If you give me one chance, I promise to love you
And be with you forever more.

Check it out mate.

Hope I have had you satisfied and enlightened.
Cheers and a high five.

901 days ago
replied the topic Doing Nothing and Nothing to do? created by The_PyroMania

Hi @deathrow015
I know who you are. I know where you live.

Kiss kiss bang bang!

902 days ago
replied the topic What is the most important historical movement in your country. created by Aravi

Hi @Aravi
I'm from King's Landing, the Capital of the Seven Kingdoms.
The most important historical movement in my country is the fall of Bran Stark from a tower.
This incident ignites the war against the Starks and the Lannisters, and a series of kilings here and there.
That war between the two Power Houses of Westeros leads into the war in the Seven Kingdoms itself. The death of King Robert Baratheon would then strike the beginning of the game of thrones for the Iron throne.

The Iron Throne:Image from Google

Hope this would be of great help to you at any cost.
Cheers and a high five!

902 days ago
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