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replied the topic How to keep video playing with screen off on Android? created by Gaia

Download Firefox for Android then go to , then find and play the video you want to play, then turn off the screen.
Voila, you are playing music, podcasts or whatever you are listening to with your screen turned off.

871 days ago
replied the topic Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack? created by timeis

You are probably talking about the iPhone 7, which I am waiting for, I'll buy the Plus version. I am not big on headphones, so I don't mind. The Lightning Earpods that will come in the box are okay for me. Or even better, they'll ship an adapter with it. The headphone jack doesn't make any major difference for me, as long as Bluetooth exists, I don't care. And if it is a stupid phone, with or without the headphone jack, I won't buy it. Good phone, with or without the headphone jack, I will still buy it.

871 days ago
replied the topic Locked out of a phone purchased off the internet created by mik1488

It seems that you bought a stolen phone, yes it happens. This is the reason the seller didn't unlock it for you. You can try to find its owner (if you are feeling like doing a good deed today), or you can hard reset it (format it). Search youtube for how to unlock your specific model. I would advise you to not buy off internet if it is suspiciously cheap, because 80% chance is that it's stolen.

I found some steps online to hard reset a phone, try this method.

Step 1. At first hold down the Power key in order to switch off the cell phone.

Step 2. In this step press and hold the Volume Down + Power button for a few seconds.

You should release held keys when the Recovery Mode starts.

Step 3. Press Volume Down a few times to highlight "wipe data/factory reset", and then push the Power button to confirm this option.Factory Reset


select "Yes--delete all user data". Use Volume buttons to scroll and Power rocker to select.

after that it will erase all of your data as well as your passwords to the phone you forgot

When the Recovery Menu appears once more on the screen, choose "reboot system now".
Success! The hard reset has just been performed.

Please give best answer. Thanks! :-)

871 days ago
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