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Is this place a freedom land for free thinkers ?5
1851 days ago, last commented by Aravi

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replied the topic How to chat without Internet? created by listen


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Judge chakramed.
Take your sits, please!!!
Clap Clap Clap

1842 days ago
replied the topic How to chat without Internet? created by listen


Firstly, I ever respect others because I do not use to insult or offend them !

Simply, I evaluate the quality of the answers. Sometimes, I do not vote anything. Unfortunately, more rarely, I appreciate the content of the answer and I show it with my thumbs up. But, most of times, I find poor quality in them. And, when I do not like other's answers, I freely show my opinion with a downvote. Indeed, if their answers are, in my point of view, not properly developed and/or not exhaustive, I downvote them. That's it.

Actually, this is the meaning of the "downvote", and everyone is free to vote or downvote other's answers without any fear of blame.
This is the system, and I use it as it is. Or, maybe, freedom of speech (and of downvoting) is only a chimera, here ?

Secondly, let's talk about the behavior of someone else, Administrator. YOURS !

Try to look at it from outside of yourself.

Are you respecting me saying "it is not a good behavior" ?
Who are you for saying this to me ? You are not my father or my mother !!!
This is an abuse of power, Administrator.

Remember: you can reproach people here only if they insult or offend others.
For the rest, keep calm and go on

1851 days ago
replied the topic How to chat without Internet? created by listen

go to a pub and start talking with a stranger while you two are drinking... if he/she reacts to your verbal stimuli using understandable sounds, then you will chat without internet

1854 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite section of Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

I prefer the "Latest Topics" because, looking at the questions listed at the right bottom, I have more chance to be the first one that provides an answer and in this case I am free to write anything without pay attention to what others have written before me (it is not this case because here I'm the second one)

1856 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most healthy food ? created by SaphyreGod

The most healthy food: Apples

Apples are an excellent source of antioxidants, which combat free radicals. Free radicals are damaging substances generated in the body that cause undesirable changes and are involved in the aging process and some diseases.

Some animal studies have found that an antioxidant found in apples (polyphenols) might extend lifespans.

Researchers at The Florida State University said that apples are a "miracle fruit".

In their study, the investigators found that older women who starting a regime of eating apples daily experienced a 23 percent drop in levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and a 4% increase in good cholesterol (HDL) after just six months.


Finally, according to a famous proverb: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

1856 days ago
replied the topic Paradox about movement created by Elroath

the journey from A to B can be short, long or full of obstacles such as the points directly in between starting point and end point.
All you need to do is start moving or you will not be able to go anywhere

1856 days ago
replied the topic How can i gain best answer on this site? created by komola1961

The best answer has to be correct, exhaustive, elegant, strictly related to the topic of the question, properly presented with juxtaposed terms and at least an appropriate example.

Would you like to read an excellent example?

This mine!

Indeed, it is:
- correct (there are no doubt on this)
- exhaustive (you do not need anything else)
- elegant (it means that the answer comprises the right number of clearly used terms)
- strictly related to the topic of the question (absence of superfluous digressions)
- properly presented (the use of paragraphs fosters the reader) with juxtaposed terms (the use of words here is correct and the choose of the single term is effective) and at least an appropriate example (this one).

1856 days ago
replied the topic I want to take my mom to Europe on vacation, Where should we go? created by hellen

Hi @Hellen.
There is only an answer: Italy.
Why ?
Because every corner of Italy will present you amazing surprises:
- You will be welcomed with hospitality and warmth
- In spring, the weather is pleasant everywhere along the country
- You will enjoy wonderful natural landscapes, a multitude of historic sites and a wide choice of matchless culinary delights.
Enjoy your Italian trip!!!

1857 days ago
replied the topic How to train my baby to learn language faster? created by byebye

Regarding the language development in early childhood, the common knowledge is focused on the aspects of production, that is, on what the child says. In reality, what the child is capable of saying is strictly related to the development of other skills: cognitive and emotional development, listening and discrimination of sounds and words.

The language cannot develop in a harmonious and competent manner without the presence of the above mentioned skills.

For proper language stimulation, contrary to popular belief, it is more useful the encouragement of the listening of the language spoken by people around instead of the production of words of the child. To do this, it is good to talk with a slow pace and well articulated, but natural. The use of language by the adult who is with the child should be contextual, that is, with constant references to what happens around and verbalizing as possible what you are doing (for instance, playing together) or what will happen immediately after, at least up to 2 years and a half.

At 3 years, the child is able to use the language also referring to experiences distant in time and space.
On this topic , some useful tips by clips are available here:

1857 days ago
replied the topic How to make study enjoyable? created by beststar

As in the workplaces, where people needs to be engaged for performing well, students need to see that their requests of attention are well satisfied by their teachers.

So, the best answer to this question is strictly related to the teacher's ability of communicating knowledge properly. An excellent professor is the one that is able to inspire students. Indeed, when they are adequately stimulated, students change their own approach to the lesson from a moment in which they prefer to be elsewhere to the moment in which they are aware of living an interesting experience of life. At the end of this process, students do not think anymore that study is boring and they are happy to enlarge and enrich their knowledge beyond the boundaries of the lessons. Only when they achieve this outcome, any teacher has really completed the work with them.

A very good example is in the movie “Dead poetry society” (
Indeed, Robin Williams engages his students to the point of “Oh Captain, my Captain” (the ending clip is here:

Knowledge is a treasure to be discovered "carpe diem" (

1857 days ago
replied the topic Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture? created by moniter

- Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture?
Nowadays, unfortunately, we continue to put emphasis to the gender and related differences. For instance, in Recruiting and Selection of Managers, most of them are mainly selected for their gender because a woman could decide to have babies and she has to stay at home during the last period of her pregnancy and some months immediately after.
When in our culture we will put attention on the mind and not on the gender, all of us will receive a benefit of this cultural change.

- Have you ever wished you were of the opposite sex?
I am happy to be who and what I am and I have never desired to change my gender

1857 days ago
replied the topic Do you care about grammar while speaking? created by Donna

Nowadays, unfortunately, due to smartphones and chat rooms, we tend to put new words and acronyms that monopolize the text without pay attention to grammar.

Moving to the core of your question, I think that it depends on the context in which you are when you talk about anything. There are places where it is not well seen a grammatical error because people around are very attentive to the used language, not only from a grammatical point of view but also from the terms chosen by you

Of course, pay attention to the correct use of grammar is the best communications strategy in any context. Personally, I try to do it everywhere

1857 days ago
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