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replied the topic The best way to treat depression? created by only_god

Best way to deal with depression is not to wallow in it. Tolerating it and coping is nice but keep yourself occupied with things you enjoy to do, or things that'll benefit you in some way. Also, surround yourself in positivity.

1775 days ago
replied the topic Informative question created by ali_qadri

Much informing here. Must be in S N E K mode

1775 days ago
replied the topic Which better to listen ? Man singer or Woman Singer?? created by only_god

I love listening to a man who can sing. I mean, women are nice and all but there's so many well-known female singers and overall I think it's generic for someone to say they prefer a woman over a male singer. I enjoy male singers because not only do I find it unoriginal but I can listen to his voice and actually take the words he sings to heart, especially if it's a love song. It makes me feel so warm and tingly inside

1775 days ago
replied the topic How long do we stay in love? created by shashirath

It's never the same for us all. Finding love is a tedious process, now staying in love is even more tedious.

1775 days ago
replied the topic How to enjoy life? created by buddy205

Simple. Be a do-er. Life is too short to just hang around doing absolutely nothing. Always, always experiment and try new things with an upbeat attitude, or act like a crazy bitch.. I dunno how you get down

1776 days ago
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