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replied the topic Do you believe in love at first sight? created by Lisaly

Yes ! It has happened to me twice. I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 20. We dated 3 years ( while I was still in school) then we were married for almost 30 years. He passed away almost 3 years again. I am now dating someone that I fell in love with the first time I saw him.

809 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong


Go with the last one.

827 days ago
replied the topic Do you think breakfast in the morning is good or bad? Why? What type of food maintains good blood sugar levels? created by vanya


High fat low carb is the best way to go. My morning breakfast usually consist of eggs ( as many as I want and how ever I want them) and turkey bacon or sausage keeps me going for several hours. I have lots of energy and don't get hungry or want to snack.

840 days ago
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