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replied the topic What's your fave game? created by anhot

I usually tend to absolutely adore one game at a time, only to completely abandon it for other games (that sounded better in my head - now I feel like a heartbreaker).

Currently, I'm spending all my time on Star Wars: The Old Republic, which rocks my socks. Before that it had been Dragon Age: Inquisition (even if the whole trilogy so far had been very enjoyable). And before that, it had been Mass Effect.

Looking at it now, I feel as if I have a bit of a saviour of all the known universe complex O.o

1073 days ago
replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi

Once, there had been a time when I was generally miserable, and melancholic; it had been a very difficult time to overcome. But surprisingly, my school was what helped me most at that time. You see, every year we had a few days off the school, where we would discuss a certain topic - and for that year the topic had been "happiness starts inside".

Many things were said during those few days, some I agreed with whole heartedly, some I couldn't truly put my head around, but one thougt stuck in my mind. It had been a suggestion to put a piece of paper next my mirror, with "you are looking into the face of someone who is responsible of their own happiness". Seemed like a trifle at the time, but then I actually did it - put that damn piece of paper with that quote next to my mirror. Sure, there had been some teasing, almost too much of it at times, but slowly, it began to take a root.

I am the one responsible for my own happiness. No one else can do that job for me. Being influenced by the others is something that happens to everyone. But does that make you happy? Most likely, it does not. Let's try to tell them "no" once. And then again. Slowly, step by step, their influence over you will not be so significant, and you'll slowly work your way to your own happiness.

1265 days ago
replied the topic Why do people prefer scanners for scanning books and not photograph them? created by daxhj

Have you ever tried to photograph a whole book? It's much harder than one would have thought - first, you need a well-lit place where the photo taking will take place. Then, you actually need something that would keep the book open, so it won't close when you are in the middle of taking picture. Then, you also need a good camera, or at least a phone with a good camera in it, otherwise the letters will be blurry and you will lose loads of time by re-taking every picture because you can't read it. And last but not least - editing pictures is a pain, especially if there is (for example) a hundred of them.

While scanner? Whoosh, scanning a really thick but is actually a cakewalk, compared to taking photos of it. You need a scanner and the book. You open the book, place it on the scanner, push a button, poof! The page is scanned, without needing light and extra set of hands. Not to mention that there are programs around that allow you to scan the page into a text document, which is a great help, if you need to further work with the text. I once scanned a book of 500 pages in about an hour (with breaks, of course, other people needed the scanner, too) - I do not even want to think how long it would take, if I were photographing it O.o

1274 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp

"Reach" by S Club 7.

I was listening to the song for ages oer the company I work at radio, and when I finally searched for the lyrics, it became the ultimate song for me. "When the world leaves you feeling blue, you can count on me, I will be there for you" - there is someone who has your back, like, always, and "reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher" - never give up on your dreams, and ambitions, because you can make it, and will, if you follow up on what you want... I really need to follow what the song is about, but at this time, when the day is rough, this song will always pick me up. Because it can happen, if should i try hard enough, it will.

1275 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite game when you were a kid? created by colin

Sometimes I wonder how easy to entertain me and my friends used to be when we were kids - as others before me mentioned, hide-and-seek had been especially popular with us; we would be able to play it for hours at time, and only our parents calling us home would stop us. My moment of pride had been that particular game of hide-and-seek where the "seeker" walked or stood right next to me, like, three times, and wouldn't see me. Only when they couldn't find me and called for me to get out of my hiding place and me calling back that I won't, they found me. I miss those times xD

And later, when me and my brother got our very first console - Mario! Oh my gosh, that game had been awesome; we would spend hours playing it, too. That was about the only time when our parents didn't need to worry over us being too quiet :D

1300 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite movie? created by martinlemmy

First Wives Club. When that movie was released, I wasn't even 8, but when I've actually had seen it, and unerstood it some years later, I couldn't help but love it.

Three friends, who see each other again at the funeral of their friend, and later decide to take revenge on their husbands, who left them for younger women... the premise sounds a bit like a cliché, but there are so many funny or dramatic moments in the movie that who the hell cares about clichés. Everything they did had been for Cynthia, their deceased friend, and for women who are in the same situation. Simply. Marvelous.

1326 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite weather? created by finefin

Personally absolutely adore the crisp spring weather - the sun already shining bright, but with cooler temperatures, comfortable for walking around without ten layers of clothing, but not hot enough for being willing to take even my skin off to cool myself off a bit.

1330 days ago
replied the topic Which celebrity's death shocked you the most? created by Cheetos

I have to say that Robin Williams. I mean, have you seen any of his comedies? Those used to have me in stitches, and to hear and read that Robin had been suffering from depression... that was something I never realized, but after seeing the last few pictures of him taken in public, you can see the signs, how his smiles seem not to be quite there, how old his eyes look.

He was a rare person, those who knew him say, and not just because of the (often misleading) speak-about-the-dead-only-in-a-good-way kind of way. He was a rare person, who knew how to bring smile upon faces of others, who needed it. He was a rare person - who gave away all his laughs and smiles, so he had none left for himself. I sincerely hope that he's in a better place now, and I find it awful that some idiot of a reporter called him a coward.

1333 days ago
replied the topic Which fictional character do you like most, and why? created by snoopy

I wish I could pick just one, but I can't D:

When I just learned to read, I absolutely adored Cyrus Smith from The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. Verne's books are very popular here in Czech, so it was very easy to look up to this fictional, sort-of McGiver character. I wanted to be like him - which is an ambiton long left, since I never really had the brains for that, but his impression left me with eagerness to read and soak in as much knowledge and facts as I can.

And Leonard McCoy, from Star Trek. He was often pushed aside, so that Spock and Kirk could shine, with their combined genius, but he would be the one who would have to put them back together, and pick the pieces. Genius of his own, he was still so very much human it was impossible for me not to like him (not to mention that his 'dammit Jim!' is one of my most favourite quotes, tehee).

1452 days ago
replied the topic How to become smarter? created by Cheetos

Reading books is never wron way how to work on your memory, but it's not something that would be like "read ten books = 10 points of IQ increase" or something.

Reading in general enhances your ability to understand written text and analyze it, as well as enhances your vocabulary, which in turn gives you a boost in understanding of various things and broadens the amount of knowledge you are able to understand. It also helps your imagination - if you are able to picture people or places, you are also better equipped to imagine how various other, study related things, would look like or the way they could develop.

Of course, it depends on what exactly you are reading - i do not want to disrespect nowadays authors, and boast over "classics", but I think the best way how to broaden your knowledge horizons is to read variety of genres, as each has different things to offer.

1462 days ago
replied the topic What is true love ? created by aqeel23304

I think that true lve is something we have the concept of, but it still means something different to different people.

For me, the greatest example of true love had been the relationship of my great-grandparents. True love - that is always to stay side by side. True love - that is when you are always able to smile at the other one. True love - how you never get tired of reaching for the other one, and they return the embrace just as tightly. True love - that is weathering the storm that is bad days, and come out victorious. True love - that is the world that lost its luster, once the other one is not there anymore. True love - that is meeting a peaceful end with a smile, for it means you will be together again.

1470 days ago
replied the topic Which song do you often listen to recently? created by hellen

There are two songs I listen over and over the last few days:

"Reach" by S Club 7 - it's a joyful song of your friends always being there, so one shouldn't abandon their dreams, and instead, try for more, because it's possile.


"Umbrella" by The Baseballs - I'm not very fondn of the original by Rihanna, but this cover is absolutely perfect, made for dancing, or walking quickly, when you are running late xD

1480 days ago
replied the topic Best game you ever played? created by peiresimon

Dragon Age: Origins - absolutely grand fantasy RPG. The second game left a lot to be desired, but had at least one great DLC that made the whole game a bit better. And the third game - that definitely made me wish the fourth game was already finished, because the story line just got so much more interesting.

Mass Effect trilogy. Those are absolutely amazing games, in a fantastic sci-fi settings, that made me adore the genre and the whole fandom more than I probably should. Worth the money spent of this series.

1484 days ago
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