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replied the topic How can we stop being jealous? created by zone

You will stop being jealous when you realise that everyone is unique in giftings and attributes and that you are the best in whatever you do and you are to the extent that you will be convinced that no one else can ever be like you...That what the other person has is best for him and that what you have is best for you and there can not be another you.Finally,when you are grateful to your Creator for the opportunity to be who and what you are,you'll see the tendency to be jealous ebbing away ...

847 days ago
replied the topic Who is your idol? created by seven

@seven I don't have an Idol .I only have those I admire ...and that person is HILLARY CLINTON for her doggedness in competing for the highest post in American politics despite all odds and impediments.

874 days ago
replied the topic What do you do when you feel sleepy in office? created by seven

In addition to a cup of coffee,do some office exercises like stretching and walking around for some minutes.If you have some stairs in your office ,a quick hop up and down will send the sleepiness to "bed"

879 days ago
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