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replied the topic I had money on here and its not in my paypal account... created by Silveringot

(To all)
Don't worry guys my mother said she got the money today. I was freaking out a little bit! XD but after setting down for a few days, I decided that this websites not for me anymore...
Well sure it is basically free money but I fell like I could be doing more with my time. Right now I'm 14 years old and in April I will be 15. I'm now looking for a summer job (Next year obliviously) so that I may earn more cash in the same amount of time (2-3 months) as it takes for me to earn $10USD using this site. Don't consider this as a complete farewell since I will come on once and a while now, Just not everyday. But yeah I think that covered it. I'm still going to be using Wise Care 365 though (Love that thing!)

Happy Hoildays!

1911 days ago
replied the topic How to prevent my girlfriend from being crazy about handsome movie stars? created by colin

If you say yes to any question on this checklist you will need a new girl.

Does she buy excessive cloths/shoes?
Does she often take money/items from you without knowing?
Does she talk to you in a sassy/stuck up tone?
Does she like Handsome Rich/Famous rich guys more then you?
Has she ever cheated on you?
Does she break your items if she gets mad?

1926 days ago
replied the topic How to Use a Cellphone Without Any Service? created by azeemaseer

I don't think you can unless you found a way to "Jury Rig" it some how. Also your question seems... Confusing. Do you mean that how to use a cellphone without service or a phone provider?

This is as best of what I can find to what your talking about.

1926 days ago
replied the topic wins a $1 million of scratch cards at odds of 3,669,120,000,000 created by shahid

Yeah I get the unfairness here but listen,
She will get mad with the money, She won't be smart with it and she will blow the cash away!
Also if you get alot of money like she did... your gonna have to pay taxes for it. The bigger amount of cash, The more taxes.
So If I was you I wouldn't get mad over it. Sooner or later she will find herself without any cash.

1927 days ago
replied the topic Where is the safest place to stand outside in a thunderstorm? created by rio1

Here are some suggestions.

Never stand under a tree. It could fall over!
Inside of a car is not perfect but better then outside.
A bus stop usually has glass, Glass can break.
This link has some information.

1929 days ago
replied the topic how does the sim card work?? created by azzromyo

Oh gosh, My mom has this old phone and it EATS sim cards. (Every 1.5 years get a new sim card)

Sim cards is basically a part of your phones brain without it your phone can't make calls, texts, receive calls, ETC.

1929 days ago
replied the topic The New Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Which is Right For You? created by Chandkhan

Apple ripped google bro. Just sayin. (I actually saw Apple maps I know what I'm sayin.)

So in short, you can use which one you like.

1929 days ago
replied the topic Can someone hack into my computer if it is not connected to the Internet? created by abidderl2

Yes and No,
Your 100% safe from hackers on the internet but not physical hackers, Which mean they are in your house, typing at your computer even though your internet is not connected. I also liked the Bluetooth answer SetupComputer made, That is also a possibility.

1929 days ago
replied the topic Would it be possible to make real Star Wars lightsabers? created by asif21

Yeah I think so but it wouldn't be deadly,

What I'm saying is that sure we can project the light, Its just we can't make it deadly since our technology is not that advanced yet.
(Can't find the article now but let me recite some of its lines.)

Japan made a laser like weapon but it was too weak to do anything, and that it would take the energy that Tokyo uses in 3 days to have the laser do anything damaging, As it stands it does as much damage as a microwave.

Heres something to cheer you up! :)

1929 days ago
replied the topic WHAT'S THE BEST SMARTPHOE TO BUY created by BOURGEOIS

Really all the phones are the same, look at this chart (I made)

Samsung S6 IPhone 6 LG G4
Camera Yes Yes Yes
Text Yes Yes Yes
Gold Ver. Yes Yes Yes
Leather Ver. No No Yes

So really there all the same phone (except for the cow skin LG G4 what where they thinking?!) and it relies on your personal preference. Like the curved display of a Samsung Galaxy S6? or the fame of Apple products, or do you like leather and want it on your phone?

Apples site.

Samsung's site.

LG's site.

1929 days ago
replied the topic Do Linux users need antivirus software? created by Jones

I would say a Linux computer would need a antivirus, Any computer can get a virus its just that since mac-OS and Linux are less used, less people will target them, Unlike Windows.

1930 days ago
replied the topic Why do videos run slow on my computer? created by Rana

It could be your internet. Dial-up and DSL will take ages to do anything. Or could be your Adobe Flash Player (If you have it installed.) Its best to keep that program atleast 1-2 months in date if not they may start acting weird.

Here is a link for an update of Adobe Flash Player:

1930 days ago
replied the topic Does the string-and-slammed-door tooth extraction method work? created by warrior

Possibly may work... I personally haven't tried it. If the tooth is big enough it might pull out some of the jaw/skull bone. I would try grip locking pliers (Just clean it before use) before that method or just go to the dentists.

1931 days ago
replied the topic My neighbour is stealing my wifi, what am I to do? created by Monitor

Contact your Wi-Fi provider and state the issue, If this doesn't help you can always turn off the Wi-Fi, Watch through the window and see the neighbors screaming like crazy!

or you can fallow any other suggestion on this post.

1935 days ago
replied the topic Where put all my money? created by richkid

You can the money in a bank
if you don't trust banks you can always try a *Safe* but safes so make tempting targets for robbers so be cautious when using one.

1935 days ago
replied the topic Rich vs Poor. Who wins? created by richkid

I think Poor people are better, They find ways to squeeze the amount of money they have to pay bills without buying 24 Ferrari's like the rich do.

No they can't be equal, if the rich donated to a family's and charity's then they would be equal (Sharing the wealth.) Sure some rich people do that already but there needs to be more of them doing it.
There should also be a way to help get poor people of there feet and find a job for them, Have the rich donate some money to a poor family or a group of poor family's so that they can pay there debts and buy needed items then have a program or community help find those poor people jobs then the poor people would be at least low to middle classed.

Sadly though most rich people are... Celebrity's. Most of them do not care about any family's or charity's sure they might make one donation but that's not enough! If this idea of mine where to actually happen I think the world would be a much better place.

1940 days ago
replied the topic Which planet is known as The Red Planet? created by expert102

Ah I see... Well I do know that the romans call the sun 'Sol' (Now anyway) but I heard from the freaking Science channel that the sun was called a Red Giant. So I guess that channel is wrong then. Sorry if I got information wrong.

1942 days ago
replied the topic My touchscreen isn’t accurate anymore? created by azeemaseer

Steps to fix the problem (Hopefully)

1. Clean the screen.
2. Go into your settings and see if a update or something messed up your presets.
3. It might be a older device.
4. Find out if the product has been known for issues like the ones your having. (Recalls, Unreliability, ETC)

Thats all I can think of now hope this helps.

1944 days ago
replied the topic $1,000,000 to leave the country created by kings60

No it would have to be much more,
it was the end of the world and I wanted to leave ASAP.
Other then that @noor1391 explained it very well.

1944 days ago
replied the topic Which planet is known as The Red Planet? created by expert102

Mars is the Red planet,

The Sun is called the red giant.

1944 days ago
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