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replied the topic How did you meet your best friend? created by bootup

My husband bought him for me.

818 days ago
replied the topic How can i remove the unwanted hair from my face forever? created by anjumskt77

Try this. It has good reviews.

842 days ago
replied the topic Man and women,I noticed in a lot of cases, that handsome men are ugly wife how these women managed to win such a man? created by veki649

Men are attracted to women who make them feel good. Whereas women are more analytical when choosing a mate. We want the makings of a good provider. Men just want to feel good. It's a myth that men are visually oriented. In reality it's women that are all about looks. We like to surround ourselves with beauty. While men would just as soon live in a garage and have us in sweat pants and tee shirts and unkempt hair. No. It's we women who insist on everything looking just right. One needn't be a trophy to please a man. One need only feed his ego.

842 days ago
replied the topic Which do you think look better out of bushy eyebrows and tamed eyebrows? created by iMikky

Bushy eyebrows aren't attractive on any girl. Perhaps what you mean is fuller brows. If you have fuller brows and like the look, just thin out the stray hairs underneath which grow closer to your eyelid. Then trim your brows without changing the fullness or natural the shape. To do this use an eyebrow comb to hold up the eyebrow hairs then carefully trim them with a tiny pair of scissors. After that you can brush them into their natural contour and you will have beautiful, youthful, full eyebrows without looking like a neanderthal.

842 days ago
replied the topic What is the best way to make your Early Morning 30mins exerciser fun-full? created by Aravi

Listen to 80s dance music.

845 days ago
replied the topic What are your best memories of summer? created by daybyday

I am reminded of the smell of pool chlorine, swimsuits and inflatable toys.

845 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite Asian country? created by ohayo

Israel is my favourite Asian country. After 1400 years of Mohammedan crusades only two countries held out against the Islamic Apartheid which swallowed up the region. They were Christian Lebanon and Jewish Israel. Since then Lebanon has fallen but Israel continues to be the area's steadfast bastion of Infidel resistance. Israel is a testament and an encouragement to native peoples everywhere who stand against Muslim colonialism.

846 days ago
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