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replied the topic Help to choose the best idea for my party! created by saasshhhaa

I've got experience with doesn't crumble and block the fountain. You might want to be careful with some of those biscuity snacks!

Try arranging the fruit in an attractive way! What about a rainbow? Or a cascade of fruit?

Have fun!

1717 days ago
replied the topic Best food for people with iron deficiency anemia created by singforyou

Green, leafy vegetables are a great source of iron! Learn to prepare them in an easy, tasty way, and you'll never look back!

Good luck!

1717 days ago
replied the topic If you want to immigrate, which country would you like to choose? created by AF

As an Australian living in the Czech Republic, I'd definitely vote for Australia! HOWEVER, it's an incredibly expensive, complicated and time-consuming process to get there! For example, the Partner Visa has just gone up to over $6800AUS!!! Incredible. Australia isn't interested in the "ordinary" person moving there...they have a strict list of Skilled Jobs which are acceptable (doctor, engineer, etc). Not easy at all! :o(

So, the next best option would be New Zealand. Gorgeous country, relaxed lifestyle and not so difficult to migrate there!

Shelley :o)

1717 days ago
replied the topic How to train my baby to learn language faster? created by byebye

From personal experience, I really recommend both parents speaking to the child in a different language. Then the child grows up naturally in a language-rich environment, and subconsciously learns both languages simultaneously. It will come naturally to them, and they won't even realise that they know 2 languages - they'll just know that they speak THIS way to Mummy, and THAT way to Daddy.

It's the fastest, easiest, most pain-free method! Tried and tested!


1717 days ago
replied the topic Best method for learn English??? created by only_god

By full immersion!! Surround yourself with as much English as possible (friends, movies, books, magazines, games). Make it fun - nobody likes learning a language if it's boring.

Or do what my husband did...marry an English native speaker!! :o)

1717 days ago
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