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USB Mass Storage DeviceREWARD $2
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replied the topic Most hilarious sitcom. created by pustoi11

sitcoms made today are not funny. they are insulting and a bunch more words i don't want to type here.
you want funny, check out this link...

you can find season 1 but that person destroys the video then posts it. I'll be posting perfect copies sooh on YouTube.

1284 days ago
replied the topic How do you manage your Windows desktop? created by timeis

My desktop?
2 Nvidia video cards, 3 dvi screens two 27 inch wing screens and 32 inch in center

1284 days ago
replied the topic Does it hurt to get a tattoo? created by kidcrowd

Are you nuts?
you have a needle piercing your skin 300 times a minute.
of course it freaking HURTS!

1284 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp

You never heard of it. Although with talents such as Jackie Evanco, Connie Talbot, Lexi Walker, Reese Olivia I would not be surprised to find a male voice that, once the Tooth Fairy let's him grow his front teeth back, can do it. The song is, Cara Mia by Jay And The Americans.

Same song, same singer, 50 YEARS APART

1284 days ago
replied the topic Where is the safest place to store important files? created by moonlight

I am older then your Grandfather. Keep that in mind.
Files and programs including ISO I DO NOT want to loose I burn to DVD.
Music {2,000 individual songs}, radio plays {2,200 + individual plays}, audio books {Past 3,000 individual books}, tv shows {Maybe 1,200 individual shows} and movies {Surprised to find 100} go on three 3T drives. Three internal in a case, 3 external in a Samsonite briefcase in a closet. The closet has 2 double key deadlocks and some weapons.
I have had more then one system catch on fire and I've not lost a file in many years.

1284 days ago
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