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If Charles Green and Craig Whyte are found guilty of a crime, will the Rangers fans continue to blame Celtic for their situation?√ answered5
1907 days ago, last commented by azzromyo
What does the 5 knuckle shuffle mean?5
1907 days ago
Who's your favorite WWE tag team right now and why?√ answeredREWARD $315
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Who is better: Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj?√ answeredREWARD $5
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replied the topic I need Guide to Meal Planning created by tubomix


check this site you will find all you need there Your Best Body Meal Plan Week 1
Meal Plans | Muscle & Fitness

this a PDF file open it with any PDF reader such adobe reader


1770 days ago
replied the topic I need a cute name for my puppy! created by DjangoUnchained

reks or reksy are buetiful names for a puppy :P

1770 days ago
replied the topic Which iOS or Android APP had improved your life? created by carlasss

brain games had done something to me like refresh my brain or something i suggest you go widem

1770 days ago
replied the topic Will you buy VR devices? created by Svp2000

I advice you to no use dem :O

1770 days ago
replied the topic Which is best diet strategy you follow created by shazunn

even i don't understand what you did you say but i m agree wid you :P

1770 days ago
replied the topic How do you think about Android and iPhone? created by speed

i guess the image you had post resume all what i want to say

1770 days ago
replied the topic How to make pancake without baking powder created by tallazzp

hi tallazzp .

In a big bowl, mix flour,milk powder, salt and sugar together. Add the egg mixture GRADUALLY into the flour mixture, "whisking" to just a smooth batter. Since there is no baking powder added, we are depending on the beating process to incorporate air and fluffiness to the pancakes. Then fold in the melted butter.

full guide with photos : How to Make Plain Pancake ( Without Baking Powder) Recipe

bon apetit

1770 days ago
replied the topic Poll:Why do white girls havs nice & tight boobs? created by Lucknow

Nice boobs? You call anthills attractive? White women pale in comparison to black women. Black women have it all. They've got those signature luscious lips, curvy hips, silky smooth skin, and of course them amazing buttocks'. There isn't an amount of money in this world that is as valuable as a black woman's behind, it's the stuff of God's. White women wish they possessed the kinds of curves that black women have.

1907 days ago
replied the topic Is Hulk Hogan going into depression? created by Jiraiya

He is not a victim of anything but stupidity it is depression but more of depression due to milestone changes and not being invested think of the songs cat's in the cradle and If I was your man. it sums up his relationship with his ex and kids

1907 days ago
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