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Wanting to pick up a new instrument.√ answeredREWARD $15
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replied the topic Are there any good apps for sending and receiving SMS? created by nanna

I use "TextNow" Not only can you text, but you can also receive calls for free, and get free minutes by watching ads, which I use a macro to do for me. However the add layout changes every now and then so you need to reconfigure the macro.l
Only problem is MMS is rather unreliable.

1836 days ago
replied the topic How can I learn a new foreign language quickly? created by Yvon

I personally recommend
They take a different approach to teaching you a different language, its not all memorization. It ingrains it in your brain. But yeah a dictionary in the language you are learning.

1854 days ago
replied the topic Why do people eat so much food but still remain slim? created by christine

Seeing as I am one of those people. I can tell you exactly why, if you are fit and active you may have what is a high metabolism, by having a high metabolism you break down food and convert it into energy much faster than the average person.

There is also a medical condition called Hyperthyroidism, in which the Thyroid gland breaks food down way too fast which causes frequent sweating.

1860 days ago
replied the topic Any suggestions of changing a new title for Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

Euask - An Environment where help meets knowledge

1864 days ago
replied the topic problem in my computer created by azzromyo

You're welcome!

1864 days ago
replied the topic How to get rid of a dead body created by g1000A

Buy Wisecare 365! :D

1864 days ago
replied the topic problem in my computer created by azzromyo

My guess would have to be the hardrive. However, they are known for a "thud thud thud thud* sound when they are failing.

1866 days ago
replied the topic Who is the inventor of the Internet created by zizou

The Internets origins are straight from ARPANET in the early 60's. LAN(Local Area Network) were used on site, this eventually evolved into WAN (Wide Area Networks) by connecting all the smaller networks.
Tim Berners Lee is also the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation.

1870 days ago
replied the topic Is it useless to buy an apple watch if I I am an android user? created by DjangoUnchained

The Android OS is incompatible with the Apple Watch, due to the differences in each respective OS, What those differences are I wont go into detail.
However, Android OS is compatible with Android wear. In fact I'll recommend you products. is one of them
There is also a side by side comparison of various Smartwatches+The Apple watch.,2817,2456595,00.asp

1877 days ago
replied the topic $1,000,000 to leave the country created by kings60

Eh, I mean yeah, I guess I would.

1898 days ago
replied the topic Is energy drink good for stay up late created by Nuttela

Depending on the brand yes. I drink NOS when I need to pull an all-nighter. Although with all energy drinks there is that inevitable crash later on. 5Hour energy is good too. I take half a bottle of that to wake up in the morning.

1898 days ago
replied the topic life is so short...? what? created by beatrix

Life really is short, sad as it may be. If I were to die now, my three wishes would be none, I would leave this world without regret.

1899 days ago
replied the topic Did it fall from the Death Star? created by rfe4585

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.

1899 days ago
replied the topic who knows. What is an artichoke and how to cook it? created by faisal21

While I do not know how to cook and Artichoke. I found this great guide on how to cook them!

1899 days ago
replied the topic how do you know when speghetti is done created by mckaylisa

Generally, When I cook pasta, I boil the noodles on Very high heat for 20-30 minutes or until soft, Make sure the water has come to a rolling boil first. I also add a cap of vegetable oil to the water.

1899 days ago
replied the topic Which sport to do when free? created by nut

Fencing, Kendo, and martial art I would guess.

1899 days ago
replied the topic How Can a Battery be Dead Even Though it was Fully Charged the Day Before? created by Sanakmaster

Depending on the type and size of a battery, there is a limit to how long it can hold a charge. There is a phenomenon is known as "Internal Self-discharge". As the name implies, it is a result of chemical reactions within the battery. However, this is supposed to occur over the course of a few years, depending on the battery.
Disposable batteries lose 8-20% of their charge per year when stored at room temperature.

To tell you more I would need to know the following:
Is the battery in question placed in a circuit?
Is it a AAA,AA or any other tpe of battery?
What is the batteries composition?

This page should tell you a bit however. (Although it is from Wikipedia) This information seems to be correct, from my knowledge of electrical engineering.

1899 days ago
replied the topic Can I make the RAM combination 4gb + 8gb? created by Link

You can do that, but the motherboard will only transfer data in and out of the RAM buses, at the rate of the slowest RAM. So you need to make sure they are of the same clockspeed. You should also stick to using the same brand of RAM, and make sure they are from the same batch.

1899 days ago
replied the topic He says he has lost his wallet created by metab

I would give him a dollar, invite him to my home, and ask if he would like to stay til he gets back on his feet. I would also give him the means to find a job.
I read stories when I was a lad about weary travelers being allowed to stay in a strangers home. Kindness is one thing that we all must show to those in need.

1899 days ago
replied the topic Money is everything... created by richkid

Money can buy a lot of things, it can buy love and happiness, but once the money is gone, the things the emotions they bought will soon disappear.

1899 days ago
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