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Why college education doesn't teach how to make money but work for corporates?5
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replied the topic Need To Move Folders & Files From OneDrive 2 GoogleDrive! created by Wise_EPL


If you've got files all over the cloud across a range of services, and want to be able to access, download and share them easily from one place, Otixo is just the app for you. In addition to bringing together several well-known cloud services including Bitcasa, Huddle, CloudMe, Cubby, SugarSync and even Facebook for photos, Otixo also lets you search across your connected apps, preview and launch files, and copy files between services just by dragging and dropping.

Transferring Files Between Services with Otixo
Sign up for a plan, and on the Welcome screen, click Connect Your First Cloud Service, select an app and log in with your details. You'll then be able to view your files from that service. Add another service (or several) the same way, by clicking the + next to My Cloud Services in the left column. Now, to copy files from one service to another, simply right-click a file or folder in one service, and click Copy in the context menu. Next, click on your destination service in the left column, and click Paste. You can also navigate into a folder and then click Paste.
You can also drag and drop files, just like you would in your desktop file browser. To select multiple files, Ctrl/Cmd + click on the files you want, or Shift + click two files to select the range of files between them. You can then right-click or drag these to copy them across to another service.

Otixo also lets you manage your files like you would with individual apps, using the toolbar at the top of the screen. Simply click a file to preview (works with images, documents and audio), launch or download it, rename or delete it, or even share a link to the file via email from within the app with the ability to cause the link to expire or password-protect the file.

835 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

INSECTS. They are not very visible like those big ones. But they are twice more danger than big ones. I had very bad experience and seen lots of people die from it. If you live in a tropical country like me, just watch out.

835 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best OS for my old laptop created by HatsuneMiku

Please do not buy window XP what so ever even if its free. First of all, Microsoft stops supporting. Secondly, it is too old and will not be compatible with some of the software you might install.
The last thing is, XP window very generous to accept virus if you are online. Stay away if you are getting online.

835 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best OS for my old laptop created by HatsuneMiku

Like everyone says window 7 but I disagree. If you install the free version of Window 10 like I did on my OS system, you will get the exact ram. Just check your system info and make sure 32 or 64.
I wouldn't advise to you buy OS laptop or notebook. Their charger overheats and breaks very easily compare to window operating laptops.
I thought I was the only one having this problem, but Googling online, I wasn't the only one at all. There are thousand of people around the world with the same problem. The sad thing is, Big company and Brand Apple did nothing about the fix the problem. I end up buying chargers more than 5 times in 4 yrs. That would buy me a brand new window operating Laptop.

835 days ago
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