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replied the topic Microsoft Wireles Adapter created by Surfer 226 days ago

The adapter can be a very handy tool for many businesses, as it makes presentations much easier, since there's no need for a very expensive projector, you can connect to a huge TV without cables. Also, when you want to show your holiday pictures, the Wireless Display Adapter is a great choice: thanks to the HDMI connection, you can also display your videos, as sound is mirrored as well.

I've tried gaming as well but, unfortunately, the adapter is not very good at this: the minor lag is no problem when viewing pictures or videos, but it is just enough to ruin your gaming experience. I was driving for a couple of minutes in the Android game Fast Racing and, although it was really fun to play on a much larger screen with great 5.1 surround sound, the lag basically makes the whole thing unplayable, as you can't react in time.

replied the topic How to download Opera Web Browser on your Laptop created by DivyaJ1 240 days ago

Just click

That's all!

replied the topic Best Recovery Application created by a454545 240 days ago

I use two applications. The results are almost the same, but the interfaces are different, so try both:

replied the topic Is Defragging even needed? created by bmadore 293 days ago

The defragmentation depends on the free space remained on HDD. If you have enough space then don't worry about the defragmentation, but if you need to have extra space then you should do. If your PC is too slow the defragmentation will not help you, the best choice is to copy all data to outer HDD and make long formatting for the internal HDD, after that you can return all data back. It'll speed up your PC or laptop.

replied the topic Hdd error solve it get it created by irfanhakim 293 days ago

Use MHDD. It works in DOS. It's the best programm to cut the badsectors.

replied the topic Cеверный Мост материнской платы created by MarkusTwaine 293 days ago


На нем радиатор стоит? Пассивное охлаждение или активное? Чтобы сделал я:
- разобрал бы всё;
- почистил всё от пыли, особенно слоты под ОЗУ
- заменил бы везде термопасту
- смазал кулеры
- собрал бы обратно и обновил BIOS, обновил бы все дрова.

replied the topic How many points do you have on Euask? created by sunrise 351 days ago

Well, I've 136 points now. I made cash once for $10 and that's all. It's unbelievable that someone would be able to collect so much points for iPad.

replied the topic Is investing in bitcoin safe? created by Teresita 375 days ago


If you have some extra money, you can risk, but today nobody can be sure that it's safe.

replied the topic Can I open more than one account on Facebook? created by Teresita 381 days ago

Sure! Forget about violation. Who cares about it?

replied the topic Having trouble with using external storage on USB port created by ab1936 382 days ago

First of all, try to change your data-cable, if not then try to plug in different PC, just to check it out what the problem is. Usually, these are main problems.

replied the topic Do i have to place a logo on every page of my site? created by Teresita 382 days ago

Yeah, you'd better do!

replied the topic Looking for recommendation on how to calm your dog before entering into a dog park? created by ericthaddeus 382 days ago

First of all, try to change its food or reduce it. It seems to be overloaded with extra energy. The dogs need to spend their energy, that's why your dog is very hyper active.

replied the topic Is there any way to run MySQL on phpdesktop-chrome? created by pleaseAnswerMe 383 days ago

The best choice is

I use it for PHP+MySQL+Apache.

replied the topic Electronic citizenship created by ChessKing 383 days ago

Just forget about Russia for these purposes. As I know the best place for your aims is Cyprus.

replied the topic Cannot uninstall wise care 365 on windows 10 created by pdw1975 383 days ago

For removing Wise Care 365, please use Wise Program Uninstaller. It's a really good and freeware stuff. I used to install a Revo Uninstaller but I use Wise Program Uninstaller now. It's good.

replied the topic How and where to check if my site ranks in the search engine when using a particular keyword? created by Teresita 383 days ago

Well, try this one

replied the topic Flickering screen created by mares 383 days ago

The problem is wiithin capacitors of your LCD. They're broken or dried out. You need to go the special services that are able to change them. I've changed this stuff at my LCD.

replied the topic Who is your most trusted person? created by Beebekkarki 889 days ago

My wife only.

replied the topic What are the must installed programs in your computer? created by CUPs 891 days ago

- Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security;
- Browser: Opera;
- Download Manager: DownloadMaster;
- Microsoft Office;
- MP3-player: AIMP;
- Video: Light Alloy;
- PDF-reader: PDF-X Viewer;
- Torrent;
- Winrar;

replied the topic How to make hair shiny and silky? created by momoko 891 days ago

Use some beer for washing your hair.

replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected 891 days ago

Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Nirvana.

replied the topic How to be stronger? created by larry2 891 days ago

Start to fight. Just do it.

replied the topic Which electronic device have you used for the longest time? created by BTW 940 days ago

Only laptop Dell. I've been using it for 6 years. It's quite OK ))

replied the topic If you want your children to learn a skill, what will you choose? created by bluemoon 976 days ago

I teach my son to be strong ))

replied the topic Learning Hacking is legal or not? created by thiyagarajan56 976 days ago

Studying isn't illegal, but practicing is illegal

replied the topic What are the appropriate ways to get rid of fatigue created by nino2018 976 days ago

Take a trip, especially for a different country. It will change your life routine and you will get rest.

replied the topic Do you want to go back to childhood? created by nollore 976 days ago

No, I don't want to go back to my childhood. My mistakes are made me more wise, there's no big point to change something in past. There is a big chance to be highly motivated to change your life at the moment. You won't change your past, don't waste time thinking of it, concentrate on that what you want and do it. Just try )) I did and I've succeeded.

replied the topic What's your feeling when turning 30? created by sunrise 976 days ago

When you're 30, it's time to hurry up because the half of your life has passed ))

replied the topic Do you use the same password on all sites? created by hanabi 976 days ago

I use simple passwords for non-important sites but for the email I use a complex password and I don't let to save it in a browser for an autocomplete. It's the best way not to be hacked.

replied the topic How to prevent flu? created by kimi 990 days ago

Just go outside for a walk at least 1-2 hours each day )) As I do, my son doesn't have a flu

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