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When i plug in charger automaticly on and black screenREWARD $15
499 days ago, last commented by voineaadi
How to control cpu activity√ answered5
507 days ago, last commented by YourBrow

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replied the topic Cant format Removable Disk created by ab1936

Hello this problem maybe because your removable disk got problem in chipset or on chipset setting on disk , you can use command prompt to setting up back your removeable disk . How to use command prompt , you can search this thing at google and youtube . ok have a nice day

499 days ago
replied the topic Can't answer posts here created by galaxor

Hi my freind thanks about this questions. OK first you can't reply someone post because that person get the answer or maybe before this to much reply from another. If you want to sent a question you just click at I Have a question at the top website and just fill up that form question. Ok have a nice day.

503 days ago
replied the topic Asus Laptop or Acer Laptop??? created by ab1936

Hello my freind ,

This is my opinion , if you want to buy gaming laptop , i suggest you buy acer predator because this aspect

1. Processor same performance an asus
2. Mainboard and graphic both is same an asus
3. Ram same an asus but acer can be upgrade up to 64 gb
4. Battery asus just 78 min and acer predator is 113min

and as a gamers i choose acer predator for my gaming laptop.

506 days ago
replied the topic Exchange Paypal to PM created by ab1936

Hi my freind

i think you have to ask that question to paypal admin . or maybe you can transfer that fund using bank wired . ok my freind have a nice day

507 days ago
replied the topic What'S wrong with it? created by luochao

HI my freind

it's maybe your software got the problem , maybe internal software problem , ok just try to FORCED REEBOOT if can't fix this issued you have sent to centre to fix this prroblem . ok freind have a nice day

507 days ago
replied the topic Have used your product and cleaned registry,why is it i keep getting options for re-image repair ? created by jerrytheman62


1. maybe something problems with your registry or got some wired registry
2. maybe got some mdification on your registry and they have to backup if anything happen to your pc you can get back that registry
3. just for backup if anything happen .

507 days ago
replied the topic Recovering gmail password created by koroleva

Hello ,

Maybe you can use this for the basic recovering gmail. First are you remember your phone numbers your register at , then are you remembers your recovering email , if you remember that it's so easy to recovering your password back.

1) you have use laptop / pc / mobile phone to open web browser
2 ) go to
3) enter your email then click forgot my password under button next
4) you just answer that gmail bring to you
5) then changes your password

that so simple , just you have to remember your pass and you can log in anywhere laptop/pc/smartphone.

507 days ago
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