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replied the topic When he will most probably be unhappy? created by khurm

If I had the gift to foresee the future, I would be millionaire? Unfortunately, I don't.
The word-choice, used to phrase your question, shape its tone and meaning. I think that during a pregnancy parents shoud have the right to decide based on the fetus health conditions, on their personal strength and believes, but also on the awareness of the difficulties the family will encounter, whether to complete the pregnancy of to have an abortion. On the other hand, if we talk about children and parents rights, then the answer is definetly no. Children with disabilities will encounter more difficulties during their lives, but how do you establish and measure their level of happiness? Here's a question I'd like you to think about: Should't we focus on educating and changing our perception and way we look at them? Rob

1843 days ago
replied the topic How to change user name in Windows 10? created by fancylili

Ay I step in? I've red your questions and all the answers and I get the impression that the initial question is changing its connotation the more the chat develops...
First you were looking to change user name, but which kind of user name or ID? Are you taling about your windows local account ID, your microsoft account ID, the computer name/description? Unless you figure out which user name you are refrring too, every one will keep on guessing, and if the guess isn't accurate none of the solutions will work.
I recomment to double check exactly what is it you want to change. Once you think to know precicely what that id refers to, simply go the control panel. Then select system (choose small icons so it is easier to select the appropriate "system" option. From this windows you get plenty of information (computer name, description .... and the option to change those settings. But you can also select from control panal windows or web credentials. There you find a list of all the ids and psw. Plus if you still can't find the id you are trying to channge, on the bottom left corner you click on users accounts and you have the complete picture. Still no luck, say two "Ave Maria", Meditate and sleep on it. Tomorrow will bring new advise! :-)

1851 days ago
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